The financial information systems area of focus within in the MS Finance program gives students the opportunity to increase their skills in both finance and data analytics.
Advanced topics in database theory and design, including hands-on development of a working database system. This course introduces data mining technologies that assist in discovery of reliable, understandable and useful patterns in structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.  Students will practice core data mining technologies, analyze cases, and explore real world applications and issues.
This course gives you a basic working knowledge of R, and it also helps you understand how critical business intelligence is to decision making in the corporate world. For many modern businesses, competencies and capabilities in digital (web) analytics are critical to achieving marketing and operational goals within increasingly competitive environments. This course focuses on tracking website activity through JavaScript web beacons and analyzing the resultant data to optimize a website. Whether you're a recent graduate or a professional, a master's degree will focus and enhance your business skills and improve your footing on the corporate ladder. Our internationally-ranked executive programs accommodate the schedules of working professionals and blend on-campus experiences with online resources. Improve your job prospects or enhance your graduate school application by exploring one of our business minors.
If you’re already a business major, you can declare a business minor by visiting your advisor in 147 Lowder Hall.
We strive to provide a superior student experience that produces highly sought after graduates.
The Office of Academic Advising guides you through your undergraduate academic schedule and helps you understand the University's policies and procedures. Want to know a little more about a specific course at Harbert?  Check out our example syllabi to learn more.
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Certificate in Policy StrategyWhich Program is Right for You?Compare the options that best fit your needs. The Quantitative Finance curriculum fuses mathematical tools with a strategic understanding of business decision-making. In the Quantitative Finance track, students take courses to develop a skill set similar to a Financial Engineering program while still including course work in corporate finance, investments and financial markets.
Students in this area of focus complete the core MSF courses and a series of electives within the information systems department. Topics covered include the relational database model, foundations in relational algebra, design techniques, SQL, distributed databases, multimedia databases, and knowledge bases.
It’s really interesting to find correlations between data sets and make recommendations based off your findings. This is where I learned to use Adobe SiteCatalyst – the industry standard for web analytics. Still, there are many things that you may have wanted to do with a spreadsheet but there was no built-in function or menu item to accomplish your goal. With a solid business education you'll have the practical skills to excel in a variety of positions in the industry of your choice. If you’re interested in exploring a master’s program, teaching at the college level or simply advancing within your organization, a certificate can open the door!
Harbert College of Business' online programs blend traditional instruction with modern technology to extend educational opportunities beyond campus. Strengthen your management skills and further your career by taking advantage of the up-to-date information and international experiences offered by our programs.
Experiencing new cultures and business practices firsthand through one of our internship, summer or semester abroad opportunities will build your resume and broaden your horizons. Our advisors will help you organize your undergraduate plan of action and provide information on educational options and professional development activities. Harbert College of Business's Office of Professional and Career Development (OPCD) helps assess your skills, focus your interests and leverage your capabilities to find the employment you seek.
When submitting a position announcement, please indicate the timetable for hiring and if you would prefer to interview on-campus, at your facilities, or via phone or video conference. The MSFQ track holds a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) designation. In great demand for a number of finance positions, skills in data, analytics and technology allow students in this focus to keep up with real-time data, make calculated decisions and enhance financial information exchanges. It helps to have a statistical knowledge base when entering this course, many of the concepts you cover build on stat concepts.
We were given real-world instances and projects and asked to create an analytics strategy, determine key performance indicators, and map our variables and metrics in Adobe SiteCatalyst. Similarly, you may have desired to automate routine tasks or create a user interface that simplifies tasks for others.

Students can improve their educational credentials from their home or work site while also balancing career or family obligations. A six-member Cabinet is appointed by the president, vice president and members of the previous year's Student Council. QUANTITATIVE FINANCE COURSESFoundation CoursesThis coursework is assigned as needed and is in addition to the required credits.
I was glad to have learned SQL in the course – I soon discovered that is one of the easiest subjects to test candidates on in an interview because it’s universal and highly relevant for a variety of jobs.
This course included analyzing real cases as well as investigating real-world applications for core data mining technologies.
The course begins by exploring foundational knowledge and best practices within the web analytics context, and extends into broader areas including but not limited to: testing and optimization, customer analytics, marketing and multi-channel analytics, and the digital analytics marketplace. To meet this need and create efficiencies, Excel can be programmed through Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The programs are fully accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International).
Students interested in serving on the Council should watch for application postings after the election of the president and vice president. The coursework in this class includes a good amount of hands-on learning, including development of a working database system.
This course was challenging and required my full focus in each class, but in the end I gained a hard skill that I can highlight in interviews and is sought-after for many jobs. Online students receive the same quality of instruction and assignments as campus participants.
I had no database knowledge prior to taking this course, but the instructor did a great job of starting with the basics.
Applications will range from simple tasks like automating formatting, to more complex tasks like creating an interface that will allow users to optimize with just a click of a button. Its distance programs have the same rigorous standards as its online counterparts and the courses are identical. Students in a particular class start the program together and move through the courses at the same time. It is one of the top 500 universities in the world, according to Academic Ranking of World Universities and held the No. This private, non-profit institution has a reputation for offering high-quality courses and flexible learning options.

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