Is there something wrong with having boots of speed, gauntlets of strength, a ring of teleportation, and a necklace of invisibility?  I didn’t think so. Unless your GM can handle the concerns of running multiple stories and juggling multiple players at the same time.
Or you can sit back, act dumb and wait for the GM to spoon-feed you more clues until they just get frustrated and dumb-down the encounter to a suitable level. Unless it’s been specifically spelt out by the GM and the players that there will be NO PC-vs-PC conflict, or any sort in-game betrayals.
Unless you’re the player who sits around waiting for something to happen in the game. Unless you’re playing a game when you sometimes have to roll high, and sometimes have to roll low with that d20.
Unless you’re playing that reckless character, you have a ring of Featherfall, and you have an adequate light source. Unless your GM is the type to try and push roleplaying situations on you while you’re trying to shop, sell you mislabeled poisons instead of healing potions, or generally facilitate the wasting of your hard-earned treasure.

Until your GM sees you hording and then decides to steal it all, destroy it all, or tax you.
Unless they really were the final boss and you blew all your dailies in taking them out in three rounds, and now the GM holds a grudge, see Caveat #29. Unless you’ve done the standard of sensing their alignment, mind-reading them, and just to be on the safe side, dominating them.
Unless your GM is the type to take away your toys because you’re blowing through the encounters too quickly and easily. Rule #38: Contrary To The Name, You Aren’t Always In Dungeons, And You Don’t Always Fight Dragons. Right up to the climax of the game, where it turns out the big-bad is in fact a dragon at the bottom of a 20-level dungeon. Unless they are going to be the ones who are going to give you that clue to continue on with the plot. Rule #49: There’s No Difference Between Diplomacy And Intimidation As Long As It Gets The Job Done.

Unless you know that making a name means putting a target on your back, and you’d prefer to run the world by pulling the strings behind the curtain.
Conga Master is a super happy, hip swinging, finger snapping conga game in which you dance around a discotheque gathering party-goers for your Snake-like conga line.
Your aim is to create as long a conga line as possible, by dancing around other party-goers until they decide to join your train. Everything about Conga Master will make you smile – from the superb soundtrack to fun gameplay and the adorable dancing animations of the revellers.

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