Barbie look-alikes are busy showing off their hair and makeup and how incredibly beautiful they are but not Charlotte Poole. Poole was so obsessed with looking like Barbie that she dyed her hair platinum blonde and even got breast implants and now flaunts a 34F size. While people might think that all Poole cared about is her looks, she is a classic example of how one should never judge a book by its cover.
But the living Barbie is neither vain nor sluttish as most people would expect her to be and lives with her parents in U.K.

This Barbie look-alike has a law degree and a first class master's degree in fashion marketing. She often dresses in tiny pink skirts, tight corsets and killer heels that accentuate her Barbie-like figure. I don't make a point in telling people but if they find out it's so funny to see their reaction," she told the paper. According to the Daily Mail, Poole, who is 22 years old, also has three A-levels, a job as social media coordinator for a fashion company and is even planning a PhD.

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