This course commences in first week of April every year and is meant for the students who have just entered XII-Class.
AIIMS: In the entrance test of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), 60 questions from each subject – Physics, Chemistry and Biology are asked along with 20 questions from General Knowledge.
Stay Connected with us on all of our social media avenues in order to get the latest happenings and updates! Most medical students think about medical PG entrance exam preparations in India near to their internship or when they are house surgeons.
When to start attending coaching classes for Medical PG entrance exam preparations in India? In the last two years there has been an exponential increase in medical students and Indian medical PG entrance aspirants resorting to learning online. It offers statistics, smart learning like Item Response & Allocation and amazing ability to filter subjects, keywords, topics and save your study. How to make use of MOBILE and TABLET APPS for Medical PG Entrance exam preparation in India? LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, asi como para ofrecer publicidad relevante. If you are searching for a no-fuss website builder that can produce a website that looks good and operates efficiently, you need to consider Wix Website Builder. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Los recortes son una forma practica de recopilar diapositivas importantes para volver a ellas mas tarde. There seems to be a lot of coaching institutions at the plus two science level in the Bhubaneswar-Cuttack area.
I found this site really helpful and it will help parents to have comparative study of different coaching centres.There should be price index for different programmes of different institutes.
Strong foundation is firmly built with a combination of highly professional faculty, comprising of a perfect blend of academic & subject experts. A huge pool of specialized, dynamic, dedicated, devoted, highly qualified & trained teachers for each subject. All professors have developed a charisma to impress students to achieve their goals with confidence. The faculty members are welcoming, accessible and approachable, giving guiding strength and making students winners now and ever.
The combination of a strong foundation in the subjects and decades of experience in teaching Boards as well competitive exams, makes our faculty team the best. With a thorough understanding of the content that they teach, our teachers know how to explain that content in a manner that their students understand. Customised courses consisting of a wide range of syllabus with utmost depth and breadth, considering the pattern of various councils, universities conducting Medical Entrance Exams. Many Mumbai’s Medical Aspirants choose MH CET,ASSO CET over AIPMT, AIIMS and other competitive exams because parents of Medical aspirants, if given a choice, prefer Medical colleges close to their home.
ASSO CET is a national level examination of management of unaided private Medical and Dental colleges, Maharashtra (AMUPMDC). All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) New delhi which is the best medical college in India, is an autonomous institution & conducts its own entrance at all India level. This is a national level entrance test conducted for the selection of suitable candidates in to undergraduate medical and dental courses. This is a national level entrance test conducted for the selection of suitable candidates in to undergraduate medical colleges.
ASSOCET is conducted for admission to various medical (MBBS seats) and dental courses (BDS seats) in unaided private medical and dental colleges in Maharashtra. Ensuring that our students are the biggest beneficiaries in the era of consistently and rapidly changing trends in education. Making students absolutely competent to give as many Medical Entrance Exams as possible, considering their choice of selected colleges at Mumbai level, Maharashtra level and India level. Scrupulously designed study material to make your fundamentals crystal clear so that you are able to think out of box.
Sinhal Medical provides topic wise booklets designed according to the entrance syllabus consisting of different exercises.Each exercise contains different types of conceptual, tricky and brain storming questions covering all the possible area of the problems which may be asked in the final exams including previous years questions. Sinhal Medical Notes play an important role in understanding the concepts because reference books don’t cover everything and are bulky. Sinhal Medical Notes have a lot of objective questions which is recommended for Medical aspirants to solve as many as possible. Adequate diagrams, pictures, tables, flowcharts according to the requirement are beneficial features to make the topic interesting. Teaching methodology streamlines the study process, students learn faster, retain knowledge for longer period and recall concepts with greater accuracy. The time tested teaching methodology involves topic-wise strategic guidance and the scrupulously designed study material that enriches the students to make it to top. An integrated teaching strategy is employed to prepare the students for competitive as well as the board exams in onego.

Individual Attention Is Given To Each Student, Irrespective Of One’s Standing In The Merit, At Any Point Of Time.
Every student works hard but he is not able to out-perform or make it to top.To make them out-perform, individual attention is provided by Sinhal Medical. Our ultimate system of personal care and guidance helps us to get in touch with our students wanting to monitor their performance and activities which leads them to success.
This is important because we create a plan to turn his weaknesses intostrengths and ignore certain weaknesses if they are not important from exam point of view and improve the students strength. With sufficient revision time, doubt solving, enhancing knowledge, variety of questions, average students too perform like toppers. Interaction with the most ambitious students, make the students more career oriented and confident individuals.
Doubt solving session where students can discuss individual problems related to the topic covered in the class. Students can discuss with the subject teachers on any doubt they have about any topic and strengthen their concepts. Every aspirants needs to undergo the testing process to judge progress, speed and accuracy along with the much needed conceptual knowledge to crack the Medical exam. Persistence plays a very important role so Medical aspirants must repeatedly practice to apply their concepts and reasoning capacities within a fixed period of time. With the Sinhals Famous Prediction Papers, students take the elevator to success, not the stairs. The true aim of all Sinhals test is to find out how much you don’t know, not only how much you know.
DPP & DCT are conducted on what students have learned, so they know their strong and weak point, each day.
Go through topic wise Boards, NCERT, based Sinhal Medical notes for Biology, Physics, Chemistry. Must solve a lot of past objective questions as about 60% paper in AIPMT is based upon previous year questions. Must solve at least 15 years previous question papers (best questions given in Sinhal Medical notes).
Must solve each type of question because about 50% to 60% of paper contains questions based upon same applications. Focus on Physics, Chemistry, Biology which consist of 90%, for GK solve Last Year Papers and see major discoveries and events in science.
Daily Doubt removal sessions are conducted to strengthen concepts and give rigorous practice on them. Daily activity helps in improving student’s question answering speed and improves their scoring ability. Solving our unique DCTs will help you in developing exam confidence for the competitive exams. AUTOMATIC ABSENTEE SMS: Absenteeism is automatically sent to keep parents in a loop, regarding the child’s attendance. MONTHLY STUDENT REPORT: Attendance, marks in Sinhals Tests, Tutorials and general performance is monitored and a report is sent to the parents every single month. PAPER DISCUSSION SESSIONS: Students usually have a lot of difficulties after they give a test and thus there are special paper discussion sessions held regularly at Sinhal Classes. LOTS OF REVISION: After the portion is completed, students are made to do as many revisions as possible in the class itself which yields better marks. Lectures and tests are held as per a pre-planned schedule, so student can prepare themselves well in advance and have more time for self-study. Each Sinhal centre has well furnished classrooms and is equipped with technological features such as Swipe Card attendance machines with automatic absentee SMS. This course aims at laying down the fundamentals of Medical Entrance Examinations besides making the CBSE preparation more conceptual and comprehensive. Usually, the syllabus of the entrance test is based on the NCERT courses outline of class XI and XII. The candidates seeking admission to the institutions in these states, which were earlier admitting based on their State Level Examination, are also advised to fill in the AIPMT - 2015 application form online. Good medical PG entrance courses are like regional lottery in India, only a few centres have this facility. Candidates are moving away from forum participation towards structured medical PG learning portals.
It provides amazing flexibility if you are a working doctor, pregnant or other personal circumstances. You will be able to create all the websites that you want without any hassle by using this system.
With Pre Medical Coaching at Sinhal Medical, you are in the company of the best Medical Faculty who are self motivated to train the students opting for Medical Entrance.
They encourage aspirants, bringing out the best in them and instilling confidences in them to crack Medical entrance and Boards with ease. The second choice is extended to Maharashtra colleges and last in the list are colleges at India level.

Our Research & Development team has always been our spinal cord for providing our students with the best study material. This becomes more important in the context of competitive examinations where there is neck-to-neck competition.
Sinhal Medical notes save your time as the selection work is done by our experiencedprofessors.
Outstanding result in any exam lies in the holistic preparation that involves teaching methodology as well as the individual hard work put in by the students. One must remember that it is the sheer application of basic fundamentals that helps you on the eve of exams with speed and accuracy to achieve optimum score. Separate modules are prepared for competitive exams and Boards as per their different needs. There is use of brainstorming group discussions and doubt solving sessions where students can discuss individual problems related to the topic covered in the class. They interact with the most ambitious students which makes them more competitive and confident individuals. In the fast moving age, the student need not get stuck with doubts and can move on with doubts being clarified promptly.
Time-totime Doubt solving gives concept clarity where the students gain the benefit of services of our teachers and fill the lacunae. Students should try to have a clear cut concept resolving as many multiple choice questions as they can.
The system functions in a transparent manner and parents can easily track their ward’s attendance and overall performance and make sure they are using all the facilities Sinhal offers.
This is accomplished through motivating the students in regard to learning tools, mastering concepts, thinking critically, and solving problems within the specified time limit. In most of the entrance tests, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany cover major sections.
Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion. Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion. They don’t believe in “teaching” subjects, they “involve” the students in the respective subjects.
We, at Sinhal Medical think in favour of the parents and customise our teaching to help students to crack PMT at Mumbai level, Maharashtra level and India Level.
Most students are eligible for the medical entrance exam of their own state, many students try for other medical entrance exams of other states. The objective of the study material is to help students understand the basics of medical terminologies. Teaching approach in simple and straight which do helps the students to crack the premedical exams with confidence and also equip them with the knowledge required to get through their Boards successfully. Necessary edge and exposure to students is incorporated through interaction with each other, gradually acquiring excellence in solving problems of the highest competitive levels. Students are given an exposure to branch competition and further Inter Branch competition as a result of which the standard of competition is elevated and students are better prepared for their competitive exams.
We understand that especially before the examination day, several doubts and fears may erupt in the mind of students. This is a game of speed and accuracy & examination temperament so more practice leads to success. Over the years we have developed a system which has proved to be extremely beneficial to the students by imbibing them the habit of regular studies by solving thousands of questions in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
150,000 or more doctors preparing for exams and you have to find a rank in the first 1500 or so to have a seat of your choice. Lets hope that in the near future some of the top-notch national level coaching institutions such as FIIT JEE (43 in top 100 and 2467 overall in 2007), Bansal (1400 in BCPL Kota, 130 in BCPL Jaipur, etc.
Their philosophy is : Tell the child, he may forget, teach the child and he remembers, involve the child and he learns. State medical exam does not admit students to private medical colleges and deemed universities. A well planned time table with classroom, Practical and Doubt solving sessions make the fullest use of the valuable time devoted by the student at Sinhal Medical. Thus, at Sinhal Medical, we arrange Doubt solving sessions to raise students confidence level and ease their anxiety.
It is rightly said, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” Nobody can undermine the importance of planning when doing any important task and if it means preparing for PMT, you should be even more careful. That is only 1 in every 100 Indian doctor have a good chance of finding the specialities of their choice. The study plan that will be created, will be daily, weekly and monthly so that you able to complete your syllabus in time.

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