Mega Millions Lottery Drawing latest, recent, and past results with statistics and analysis of numbers, pairs, triads. Mega Millions New Jersey also Enter the Mega Millions Lottery online draw to experience some of the most Play your lucky numbers in one of the largest U.S. If you went and shelled out the cash for a pile of Mega Millions lottery tickets then you are probably anxious to see the numbers. Nearly 400 million Mega Millions tickets were sold at lottery registers in the last 48 hours with people standing in lines all around America.
According to an article at the Examiner you have better odds to have these things happen to you!

You are more likely to die playing high school or college football than winning this lottery. An asteroid impact is more likely to cause your death than your chances of holding a winning ticket. The likelihood of meeting your demise from a bee or hornet sting is much greater than winning tonight. To read the rest of other things you have better odds at getting instead of the winnings from tonights Mega Millions drawing go on over to Examiner to check them out. Lottos today to win one of nine Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Jump to: NEW YORK NEW JERSEY CONNECTICUT PENNSYLVANIA.

The actual amount you will end up with will vary from which state you reside on and will change depending on your different state tax rate.
With the record payout of the MegaMillions lottery people were putting down big sums to have a chance at the big win.

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