Darren Brookfield provides a review of psychological skills training and the factors that can influence the benefits of such a program for an athlete. As part of his BSc Sports Science degree Darren Brookfield completed studies on Psychological Skills Training. NLP is a talking therapy that I love because it is constructive, to the point, gets results quickly, and leaves us feeling more resourced and in control. It can be very frustrating when you feel as though you are trying to help others and they are not responding or you are asserting your needs and no-one seems to care. Delivering the Message When we are not happy about something someone else is doing, it can often be frustrating and even futile to try and get the other person to change. These are some of the key areas we cover a€“ of course there is much more to be gained from embarking on this 25 hour course - an investment in yourself and your relationships. And when you do well, would you like to be able to bring back that feeling of being “in the zone” whenever you want to? Developing mental skills is increasingly recognised as an important part of improving sports performance. As a Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, I combine hypnosis and NLP for Sport with traditional sports psychology to assist with many common sporting psychological problems.

This article, based on Darren's final paper, has been produced here with his kind permission. The skills and techniques I bring to helping kids deal with what is going on, will allow them to let go of their anxiety and be free to be themselves - happy, confident, and in control. Sometimes old habits, beliefs and experiences get in the way of new and constructive ways of thinking. There is no way you can effectively influence someone to cooperate or change their behaviour when they do not feel as if they are in any way connected or understood. It can feel as if we are banging our head against a brick wall, and if we do bring it up we risk upsetting the other person and damaging our relationship.
This can just leave either or both parties feeling as if they gave up something and often leads to feelings of resentment and a breakdown in the relationship. Available as a complete course or in short blocks, enquire now for availability of dates and pricing. Hypnosis is based on the power of suggestion to create those positive mental habits that will create increased success, consistency and enjoyment in your sporting endeavours. Instead of leaving all this up to your sub-conscious, we can take control and utilise our consciousness to develop connections that serve us well and get the results we want.

In this course you can learn how to quickly build a connection that opens the door to constructive and meaningful engagement.
Enabling others to work through their own issues and come to useful and constructive solutions for themselves is empowering for both parties. In this session we will understand what it means to convey our message in a way that it can be received openly and without judgement.
In this session we determine what needs or values are involved and we learn a process to work through that enables both parties to have their needs met in a way that leaves them feeling satisfied with the outcome and open to their future relationship. You will learn how to listen and engage in a way that reflects back to the speaker, allowing them to hear and work through their own problems, building logical problem solving strategies, and building confidence and self-esteem. We will then go on to explore how we can maximise the chances of resolving the problem and preserving the relationship.
When we do this we not only create a good chance that our problem will resolve but we model useful ways for the other person to get their grievances solved as well.

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