This service is a starter coaching package with a minor investment of $750 to answer basis questions that most first time business owner's don't consider. If you complete these activities, you will be ahead of the game and if you experience great difficulty, then being a business owner may not be right for you. We identify people who are getting ready to start a business or people that have been thinking about it as new business owners, regardless of whether they have ever owned or started a business. Some perceive themselves as entrepreneurs, some as risk takers, yet many are really willing to do something differently: some also describe themselves as independent thinkers.
If you find yourself among the group of people we call "new business owners", this page will make a difference for you because you will learn a way and be given the methods of how to move forward - we suggest that you take the risk and turn your ideas into reality!!! New business owners are generally looking to do something else and are willing to prepare themselves for this next adventure. The major characteristic for new business owners is that they are not at all satisfied with their current lot in life because their needs are not being met, professionally, financially or otherwise.
In some cases, they are driven by the needs and demands of the current employer, and have little control over their destiny.
They may identify as an employee sometimes and be closely associated with the company they represent, a group of people within the firm, or the values and beliefs in which they are exposed to on a continual basis, or not.
Sometimes, whether employed or not, they are driven by the current economic conditions present and a hundred other reasons, usually dependent upon their particular circumstances.
Regardless of what category you may place yourself, you are at a point where you need some help in moving forward.
You must also realize your business requires marketing and sales efforts: you along with your connection circles will support each other as you grow. If you do want to proceed, we will help you by pointing to our colleagues who would help create your models, then test them against current market conditions, identify your prospect needs, and them make adjustments to ensure your product and service offerings meet their needs. Our primary focus is the front-end definition to bring awareness and understanding about your own motivations and convictions.
We have designed our service as a pre-definition activity to answer all the basic questions about what your business is all about. Our service provides you early business definition guidance to get all these things, accomplished with only six hours of coaching to be used over a period of six months: a scheduled first session to take place within 31 days of purchase.

If you do decide to go further than this initial service, we will help you map a plan, investment strategy and time-table to accomplish the follow-on phases. Creating the structures that allow for required daily, weekly and monthly actions - what must be done to get there (The What).
Activating your processes which will produce the results you want for your business (The What & How). View our two page Starter Coaching Agreement which lays out how to work with us in this pre-business definition phase. If you are sufficiently attuned to begin, please select the starter coaching program below and you'll be directed to Paypal to accept your payment, and you will then receive an email confirming your purchase, with the link to our landing page where you can download your coaching materials.
Look closely and review the information: click on the links to see the knowledge and wisdom designed to support you toward your developing your new business.
The Start-Up Practice Overview 23 page e-Booklet is a short document filled with highlight information about the Start-Up Practices for New Business Onwers (cover shown close-by). The Start-Up Practices Deeper Look e-Booklet is a thirty-plus page booklet filled with essential and prerequisite introductory information (cover shown close-by).
Once you have purchased our product, you will receive an email confirmation and a download link. If you find anything particularly compelling or insightful, or you are left with a sense of high energy, please feel free to send us your impressions and any comments you wish to make about these statements. North West Conference Against Trafficking with Daryl Hanna a strong advocate for the cause. Alexis Del Cid - Another great advocate - News anchor and reporter at CBS KOIN Local News in Portland. It’s human nature to want to follow something brilliant and be inspired, to somehow let that magnificent light touch us for even just a small second and bless us. More than 300 people registered to attend the 2013 Youth Summit sponsored by the Central California Family Crisis Center at the Porterville Church of the Nazarene, but the 500-seat worship center was filled almost to capacity. In our starter package, we will take you through our item 2 of our Start-Up Practices with a stopping point of Defining Your Business through item 5. If you can answer these for yourself effectively, then the basic plan will come automatically from creating a real business model.

Along with your promises and a real time-frame for getting something tangible accomplished. This is very helpful because you will gain a real understanding of the investment required to start your business. Page one sets the terms and conditions, while page two (shown close by) allows you to set up your goals, milestone outcomes and your promises. It is a quick read for the course and it contains materials from our Framework Foundation which will prove useful whether you take our course or not: please consider this one of our Gifts of Awareness.
For those of you that are readers, you'll get a lot of it and it will set the stage properly for our course. We also suggest that you click on the link at the bottom-of-the-page for the Contact Us, so that we can have a conversation about how to proceed. We look forward to getting your feedback, and please Contact Us with what you experienced from our services and products. This project management control document is essential to your process and allows you to view your progress. 10% of your purchase will be directly donated to help organize our third "Mirrors of Me" Girls Art, Writing and Mentoring Camp. Cory Booker, along with Giants two-time Pro Bowl selection Zak DeOssie, cohosted the Newark Mentoring Movement's Annual Charity Golf Outing at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City today. Most importantly, we will focus your attention to answering the fundamental questions that one must answer.
You will be required to create a number of work products which has you ponder deeply who you are and what your business is all about. We hope by checking in on this website and sharing thoughts and ideas, all community members (that’s you) will be able to broaden their understanding of the unique need of these teens and apply solid solutions to help.

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