Mentoring programs can be great for development, but you shouldn’t build one just to have one.
This may seem like a no-brainer, but it requires more thought than you might imagine initially. Once you identify the mentees, you’ll need to identify which group would make the most effective mentors. This practice is less crucial than some of the others, but can go a long way in generating both involvement and awareness. Once the program is ready to go, it will need some type of communications campaign to let everyone know. Great point, Ranae – I had taken having a program manager for granted, but seeing you list all the roles, it is definitely worth including.
The Online Mentoring Program was designed to allow newer counseling professionals and counseling graduate students the opportunity to get in-depth exposure to topics that will give them a professional edge. Every month members get a new module that contains great information on topics you want and need to hear about. Connect with other members, pose questions for monthly calls or hangouts, support each other through the journey, and get support from Camille McDaniel, LPC. I wholeheartedly recommend Camille McDaniel, LPC, NCC to anyone who is pursuing the counseling profession.  I am in Oregon and I have enjoyed connecting with many professionals on the other side of the country. The online mentoring group and the book is a great addition to the information I have received in school.
Agile Helpline Community is offering all its agile members (Agilists) a community based mentoring program. This Mentoring Program is based on few fundamental principals -  self-organization, helping, and sharing.
Once mentee and mentor are paired, they are supposed to be self-organized to meet their objectives. Participants can contact mentoring program coordinators if their mentoring is not working fine. This is a great opportunity to begin to build your professional network and to gain valuable advice and tips for tackling the PR world!
There’s nothing worse than setting up a mentoring program (or any type of program) that no one wants, or that is so generic that no one gets any value from it.

Most people probably consider entry-level employees as having the highest needs for mentors, and by and large they are correct.
Mentors should have more experience and knowledge in order to maximize the value of their insight. Many mentors are happy and honored to agree to serve in that capacity, but without clear expectations, their mentoring duties can remain a low priority when competing with all their other responsibilities. Encourage them to provide insight, but also to help their mentee think about the best solutions themselves. There can be various ways to do this, from publishing a list of mentors that mentees can choose from, hosting a kick-off event to make assignments, building an online system so mentees can choose their mentors independently, having the program manager assign mentors, or a number of other ways. I have been able to get answers to questions that I would not have because I attended the online and I am reading the book. During my years with mentoring I have found that there are things you can, as a mentee, can do to get the most out of the mentoring sessions. It is important to prepare everything ahead of the mm-meeting (the meeting between mentee and mentor), f.ex.
At the mm-meeting it is important to get an overview of the current topic, what have the mentee done since the last meeting. All the various measures to achieve the goal will be discussed here and you will find the ones that is appropriate. Finally, it is important to summarize what you have agreed on and what the mentee has to do until the next mm-meeting. It is recommended that pairs maintain a list of prioritized backlog items and agree on weekly or monthly time commitments. We work to match PRSSA members with Columbus professionals based on career aspirations and personal interests. But additional groups could include new experienced hires, first time supervisors, first time executives, or employees who gain a new certification or join a new group. But they don’t need to be senior executives (in fact, for many mentoring programs, the tendency to recruit mentors from too high a level results in only mediocre results). Mentors should also be encouraged to reference other resources and share their own networks. Objective, budget, infrastructure, and preference for being hands on (or hands off) play major factors in choosing the most effective system for any given program.

You might consider an internal web page, a corporate email message, a newsletter article, or a memo encouraging supervisors to promote the program directly to their teams. Now that I am out of school and done with my internship class my plan is to use the information I get to obtain a job in the counseling field.
The general concept for matching is based on mentees Agile needs and mentors Agile experience.
As a courtesy, participants should keep Program Coordinators informed for their progress esp when they meet their objectives.
Remember, success of this program is largely depends on the commitment of the community members. Or it could be a group of high potential employees being groomed for additional leadership responsibilities down the road. A good rule of thumb is to match mentees with mentors who are 1-2 steps ahead of them in terms of career level, competency, certification, etc.
The biggest mistake is to not have one and to just assume that once the two groups are identified, they will make it happen on their own.
Let them speak publicly about the benefits and include their name and picture on communications. One effective method is to give a short in-person presentation at a town hall or community meeting to generate broad visibility. Your mentoring program will be most effective if it divides these populations into separate programs instead of one large program which accommodates everyone. Make sure to reference start dates and links to additional resources and points of contact. Also, Agile Helpline Community Leads recommendation will only be given after mentee and mentor agree that key learning objectives are met.

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