God loves to turn the tables and beat the odds makers by His miraculous power and He loves to surprise us by His grace and wisdom. The Pharisees were trained and schooled to recognize God, to hear His voice and to know what God was saying. The devil’s tactic was to try to tempt the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the wilderness, and the same is true with you and with me. Saul was jealous of David and all his successes, so he pursued him relentlessly for a long period of time. The odds makers think that, in the real world, God is somewhat irrelevant or non-existent, but the wisdom of God is real, unmatched and unparalleled. The devil’s bottom line to tempt you is to get you to feel dissatisfied with what you have.

David had his chances to kill Saul and claim the throne that God had promised him, but he refused.
When Jesus stepped onto the earth that He created, His parents were a poor couple that had just a donkey to get to Bethlehem. On Palm Sunday, Jesus had an appointment with Jerusalem, as He rode off from the Mount of Olives and through the gate called Beautiful. If he can get us to feel dissatisfied with what we have, when we are dissatisfied, we will play into his hands. God is saying to us that He put the treasure of dreams, hopes, vision and a potential for success in each one of us. God says that listening is a very commendable thing and He talks about it often in the Bible.

We live in an age where we want things instantaneously. As it is with our culture, we have the same expectation in our relationship with God.
The Eyes of Our Heart Listening is something really commendable and God speaks about invisible ears that we need to develop.

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