A UPS (uninterruptible power supply), sometimes called an online (or true) UPS or a line interactive UPS, provides power to a computer or other device for a limited amount of time when there is a power outage.
A UPS can be the best protection against adverse power conditions because it protects against overvoltage and undervoltage conditions, and it provides power so a system can be shut down properly. A UPS has a battery inside that is similar to a car battery (except that the UPS battery is sealed). Even though I’ve got photo editing software that puts this effect on any photo, the following are real, undoctored photos. I was hoping for a power blip or two as I finally broke down and bought a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) this week so the computer would work through power blinks and shut down properly during an extended outage with battery back-up. With Claire home only a few days between her summer at Wolf Ridge on the Superior coast and starting school, we thought we should try to get a few family photos. In the fifteen of so years we’ve been here, this is the sixth barn within two mile of our place to lose the turn of the century barn. We had a spectacular show Friday night as the second round of storms for the day passed by to the east.
I went out anticipating that the thunderheads to the east might have some interesting illumination from the setting sun to the west, but was very pleased to see these clouds and watch as the grew and developed. The following bit of information is condensed from Wikipedia: Mammatus are most often associated with the anvil cloud that extends from a cumulonimbus (thunderheads).
Mammatus may appear as smooth, ragged or lumpy lobes and may be opaque or semitransparent.
It was rather exhilarating to be outside walking under this strange meteorologic phenomenon under a wide open sky!
Looks like Claire managed to complete staining the east side of the barn.  There is not complete agreement as the window frames are left unpainted, but daughter claims that was not part of the instruction since no white paint was left in an obvious location. At any rate, the stain-splattered body tell me that she indeed make a good-faith effort before her looming trip to India!
The flurry of barn painting this summer is as complete as it is going to be until spring – 3 of the 4 sides stained.
The doors and trim on the back need replacement as well, but that’s probably a next year item as well. I neglected to take a picture of the south side of the barn before I started, so here is one after I couldn’t help myselfA  and got started.

When I started staining the north side of the barn a few weeks ago, I never imagined it would get done so quickly. We completed the west and north sides of the barn this summer (as long as we don’t look at the east and south sides, we can be happy). There were three windows that needed to be replaced in the barn and by far the most challenging one was the highest one on the south side of the barn.
Here he is with a toy barn and silo Nana gave him.  Linda a Claire went above and beyond the call of duty and took Martin and 4 other boys to the science center to see the dinosaur exhibit and IMAX dinosaur film! I got to stay home with a sick Martin today.  He had some extra TV time and watched animal life shows and played a game of dog-opoly with his Dad. The pastelly red sunrise wished it could be as red as the barn, but it only managed a deep pinkish hue.
The hoarfrost held on most of the day – the above freezing temperatures did not make it today.
It was a relatively small wind-free snowfall so it sat nicely upon the branches and landscape.
Not many days you can see a barn burn down AND hear Wendell Berry speak!  First, to the barn.  A few months ago, I wrote about a century farm (one that is honored to be owned by the same family for over 100 years) that was let slide into disrepair and intentionally burned). We are scheming to put up a hoophouse (actually GJ is scheming, but we’ll be happy to let her).
Ok, so “goat-proofing” may be too optimistic a term for what we did today, but it sure sounds hopeful! Others have a light indicator to indicate that it’s time to recharge or replace the battery.
Mammatus are often indicative of a particularly strong storm or maybe even a tornadic storm.
Because mammatus occur as a grouping of lobes, the way they clump together can vary from an isolated cluster to a field of mamma that spread over hundreds of kilometers to being organized along a line, and may be composed of unequal or similarly-sized lobes.
Two weekends ago we had 70 degrees and a north wind, so it allowed me to get up high and finish the south side. The raccoon scuttled a short distance away and I pulled up the window with a rope and got it installed.  I wish I had the agility of the raccoon at great heights. Some operating systems do not operate properly if power abruptly cuts off and the computer is not brought to a logical stopping place.

See the UPS manufacturer’s installation manual for the specific time it will take to charge.
Ensure that the outlet has power and that the circuit breaker for the outlet has not been tripped. These tend to form more often during warm months and are most common over the midwest and eastern portions of the United States.
The individual mammatus lobe average diameters of 1–3 km and lengths on average of 0.5 km. Years ago, I would painstakingly reglaze and repoint the window panes into rotting wood, then paint – all told a job over a few days time. I was fortunate in it wasn’t when Linda had the van and kids somewhere on a cold, windy day.
A lobe can last an average of 10 minutes, but a whole cluster of mamma can range from 15 minutes to a few hours. Then I got smarter and bought the pre-primed frames and just had a couple of coats of taping, painting, and scraping. When AC power from the outlet fails, the battery inside the UPS continues to supply power to the computer. Some UPSs have a connection for a cable and special software that automatically maintains voltages to the computer, quits all applications, and powers off the computer. The battery inside the UPS outputs DC power, and the computer accepts (and expects) AC power.
AC voltage looks like a sine wave when it is in its correct form, but cheaper UPSs produce a square wave (especially when power comes from the battery) that is not as effective. Some computer systems and peripherals do not work well on a 120VAC square wave, modified sine wave, or quasi-sine wave.

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