Within FinTech, Exchanges, Clearing, and E-Trading, human capital is your competitive advantage.
As the post-financial crisis environment continues to sift into place, regulatory revisions are driving trading to be centrally cleared.
Korn Ferry is strategically positioned to meet the C-suite and functional talent needs of the FinTech, electronic trading and transaction services sector.
Thank you for the continued confidence you have placed in Korn Ferry, as your trusted competency partner. Built on best practices, learnings, and lessons from the industry’s most prominent competency providers, the new framework enables the most robust , yet simple-to-apply 21st century competency modeling available today. We also recognize the significant investment you’ve made in your current model and Korn Ferry will continue to offer the same level of support you are accustomed to receiving. Drive impactful talent practices by leveraging the newest Korn Ferry research, products and solutions.
Improve business performance by updating leadership competencies anytime there is a shift in business strategy. We cover the range of players within the broad capital markets as well as the payments space. Our experienced consultants are located in key financial centers around the globe, and work with leading companies to help them identify their C-suite and functional leader talent, drive their development, accelerate readiness, and reduce risk during executive transitions.

At Korn Ferry, we work as one team with a common purpose – to provide our clients with best-in-class talent solutions and products. We look forward to maintaining and supporting the investments you’ve made and are pleased to offer the most innovative solutions based on your unique talent needs. The challenges of the new economy demand highly innovative leaders who can lead through change, think outside the box and break down traditional trading models to gain market share and be out in front of market structure changes. We are the only firm who can help you both identify internal and external talent and develop them simultaneously through proven solutions that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.
To do this we must meet the demands of a constantly changing and complex global marketplace, therefore, we are excited to introduce the new Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Global Competency Framework. Our partners are expert in the evolving world of trading and transactions and are here to meet your evolving talent needs. This environment calls for leaders who can reinvent the trading structure, manage risk, drive more efficient trading execution with middle office and back office processing, and behave strategically.
These leaders must be highly learning agile and embody a diverse and rare combinations of skills, including high integrity, creativity, innovation, commitment to excellence, and entrepreneurialism. Hyter's earlier experience includes a wide range of human resources and leadership positions at the Dayton Hudson Corporation.
As competition to provide greater efficiency while leveraging technology increases, selecting and developing the best leaders must be an essential part of the business strategy.

In 1992, he became vice president of Community, Government Affairs and Public Relations for sixty-three Dayton's, Hudson's, and Marshall Field's stores.He marks his participation in a leadership development program delivered by J. He was attracted to the organization because of its mission of developing talent and helping organizations increase the yield of their employees.
In 1999, he was promoted to a managing director role and in 2001 was named President & CEO of J.
Hyter's work with executives in Fortune 1000 companies has resulted in organization-wide initiatives that have enhanced the business objectives of those organizations.
He has also helped them expand that work into their subsidiaries in Europe and Latin America. This work has been enhanced by the belief that one of the most effective ways to impact an organization's bottom line is by growing and developing the talent within the organization.Mr.
Hyter serves on the board of the Executive Leadership Council and the Citi Performing Arts Center (formerly the Wang Center) in Boston.LatestIN THE BLOGIntroducing Global NovationsUPDATESSign up with your email to learn what's new and receive site updates.

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