Connecting people to what they want is a motivator for Lisa inside and outside of the workplace. In order to keep growing professionally, Lisa wants to bring her a€?Aa€? game to work every day. With what Lisa teaches, a person can use the tools to bring their best self to work and impact their team in a positive way.
Teresa Salhi is owner, certified empowerment coach and law of attraction trainer at Empower The Dream.A  She works with women in life transition and struggling with their relationships in business or personal life. Judy Garey, founder and creator of High Vibe Academy, is a Transformational Speaker, Trainer, Life Coach, and Co-Author of the book, Unlock the Power of You. For 24 years, Judy struggled with panic attacks that, over time, led to her being diagnosed with panic disorder, agoraphobia, PTSD, depression and ultimatelya€¦ feeling stuck in a life mess.
After committing herself to positive change, she quickly overcame her challenges and totally transformed her life by implementing the exact steps and strategies she now teaches in her seminars, workshops, and private coaching programs. Judy loves teaching others how to change their vibes, so that they too can change their lives.
Maxa€™s pragmatic, non-traditional approach to coaching and spirituality supports his clients as they uncover their authentic selves and reach the next level in their professional, personal and spiritual lives.
He has studied and worked closely with esteemed authors and teachers, including Marianne Williamson, Sonia Choquette, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Lisa Williams, Michael Losier, Sandy Forster and more. Chere Bork, RD MS, Certified Executive WellcoachA® and Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator inspires people to energize their lives and their businesses through professional speaking, coaching and media spokesperson work. Chere is known as the a€?positive energy wonder workera€? and has the reputation for being the a€?how-toa€? expert to energize your life and attract more purpose, energy, happiness, health and balance. As President and Founder of Savor Your Life Today, a coaching and seminar company, she is passionate about creating healthy lifestyle changes and turns hard-to-learn science into everyday, practical solutions that her audiences can implement the minute they walk out the door. Her life coaching cookbook, a€?Five Ingredients for Healthy Livinga€? breaks life down into five easy ingredients a€“ purpose, energy, happiness, health and balance. Sandra Longmore is a credentialed life coach, trainer of The-Law-Of-Attraction, multi-media artist, teacher, published author, and entrepreneur with vast life experience. Sandra is an award winning, acclaimed artist who has gained recognition in many books and articles for her creativity and high ethical work standards. Sandra lives a spirited life in the Northwest responding to the constant call of the beauty of the world.
With kindness, compassion, and the power of her intuition, Sandra supports and encourages her clients to experience new and exciting perspectives and find the spiritual grounding they need to move forward in their lives with positive energy.
Susan Friedmann, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), is an internationally recognized niche marketing expert, a€?how to” coach, and certified Law of Attraction facilitator who inspires small business owners with the confidence, and the information you need, together with specific step-by-step actions to identify your ideal clients, and then deliberately attract them to increase results, grow your dream business, and have fun. Many of Susana€™s books have been translated into several languages, and her training materials are used worldwide. One of only 200 women worldwide to hold the National Speakers Associationa€™s highest earned designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).
If youa€™re looking for a down-to-earth, practical, step-by-step coaching, or training experience, or just a guide on the side to help you grow your business out of a slump, to set yourself apart from your competition, and become a BIG fish in a small pond, Susan wants to work with you. Terrya€™s passion is working with entrepreneurs and career professionals to help them create Heart Centered Transformation and Success. He lives with his wife and Prosperity Teacher Carol on the island community of New Castle on the New Hampshire seacoast where they teach, coach and live the life of their dreams. Jim Alvino is a Business Success Coach and Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator and Trainer, accredited and mentored personally by Michael Losier. As both a personal success coach and business consultant, Jim has been incorporating Law of Attraction into his workshops, seminars, and training. In addition to running his own coaching company, Monetize Your NicheA®, Inc., Jim is one of the select business coaches for Top One Coaching, a division of the JT Foxx Organization. Elliea€™s passion and expertise is empowering others by guiding them to align with their own inner voice and guidance system.
In Elliea€™s words a€“ a€?You are a Blessed, Magnificent Beinga€¦ You have your own answersa€¦ I will guide you to your unique power-filled place a€¦ where you can align with what is True for You.
Debbie is the first, and thus far, only Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator in New York State, accredited by Michael Losier personally. She has had her private practice in Syracuse, NY for over 25 years, utilizing all her talents as a Medium, hypnotist, teacher, coach and trainer to help her clients improve their lives in whatever way they need. Her abiding interest in the Law of Attraction, which began in the 1970’s and continues to be the foundation of her life and career, naturally comes forth in readings, lectures, coaching sessions and even casual conversation.
Chris has a passion for helping people to identify and successfully manage the self-imposed limitations that hold us back from pursuing and achieving our dreams, goals and ambitions.
As a five year student of the world renowned Law of Attraction author Michael Losier, Chris is Michigana€™s only Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, one of only 12 in the United States and 42 certified facilitators worldwide.
Chris Lee combines Law of Attraction and the philosophy of energy medicine to offer a very unique and powerful experience for those that attend his workshop and coaching sessions. As one of a select few Certified Facilitators and Trainers worldwide, Joyce is continuing to teach the a€?How Toa€? tools for creating success using Law of Attraction for both businesses and private clients.
Anita is an author, international speaker and a Certified Facilitator of the Law of Attraction.
Susan Reich is an expert in facilitating a€?Deliberate Law of Attraction Seminars,a€? a renowned training presentation devoted to helping individuals and organizations achieve greatness. For more then three decades, Susan has applied and studied the correlation between managing positive forces and bottom line results through attention, energy, and focus as it relates to the Universal Law of Attraction. As a student of Michael Losiera€™s Law of Attraction Certified Facilitator, she was accredited by Michael himself.
Many have conquered their inner power through Susana€™s high-content training seminars, classes, and tele-classes by delivering the message that every individual has the ability to deliberately create positive results and overcome perceived negative challenges. Susan is available for private companies, clubs, and organizations to speak on the subject of Deliberate Law of Attraction both locally in the Chicago, Illinois area and nationally.
Thomas Wakefield is an original NLP trainer, a very entertaining speaker, and certified law of attraction facilitator, certified by the man who wrote the book on law of attraction, The Law of Attraction, Michael Losier. Tom graduated from Brown Institute of Broadcasting in 1971, began his broadcast career in television and moved into radio as a morning man. Nancy Elyze Brier is an actress and a singer who eats, sleeps and breathes the Law Of Attraction. Cynthia Manner is an enthusiastic, inspiring, Certified Licensed Law of Attraction International facilitator, trainer, motivational speaker and coach. Cynthia continues traveling around the world taking this criterion to the local, national, and worldwide stage.
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They would get a product although examine it out by clicking the universe but ourselves that your subconsious sooner or later gets the vibrant desert the secret law of attraction healing destiny.
You are the opportunity to change the fact that you don’t find the consequence as membership or seat whatever meditation. If you sometimes forget what you know to be true regarding the Law of Attraction, or even if you've never even heard of the Law of Attraction, the teachings and practical examples in this book will clearly and simply remind you that you create your own reality through the power of your feelings.Michael Losier excels at presenting this Universal Law in a concise, straightforward, and highly effective manner that makes it easy for anyone (who's open-minded) to comprehend and more importantly, implement into their life. Book Description A book that focuses on the logic behind the concepts of statistics for psychology, using definitional formulas rather than emphasizing rote memorization. Book DescriptionNow ranked the #1 selling Marketing Research book, this edition returns with an abundance of new and updated exercises, coverage, and features. Book Description"This is not a book about how to collect qualitative data but rather what to do with qualitative data that have been collected. As an advisor of doctoral students, I keep several copies of this book on the shelf so I always have one on hand to loan to students. Book DescriptionThis volume is directed toward closing the gap between theory and empirical research and improving social scientists' capacities for generating theory that is relevant and useful to their research. Book DescriptionDavid Howell's practical approach focuses on the context of statistics in behavioral research, with an emphasis on looking at data before jumping into a test.
I have been using this text for Levels 1, 2, and 3 social sciences statistics teaching in Britain and abroad for over 8 years now. I've been using the 3rd edition for several years now, and I just think it's an extraordinarily clear, concise, and well-written book.
This may be the single best textbook I have ever used, or it may just seem that way because of the difficulty most stat textbooks have in explaining their concepts. This text is the most clearly written and useful of four different introductory statistics texts that I have examined. Book DescriptionThe second edition of this best-selling text continues to offer immensely practical advice and technical expertise to aid researchers in making sense of their collected data. Fourth in a series of books about grounded theory, this book describes in detail the procedures and techniques used in the grounded theory method of qualitative research. Excellent book to put in the hands of every student wishing to use qualitative methodology - in grounded theory - for a research project, especially at the graduate level. Book DescriptionAndy Field has written an up-to-date student-oriented textbook with the aim of making the learning of advanced statistics and using SPSS as painless as possible. Discovering Statistics Using SPSS for Windows uncovers simultaneously the functional foundations of basic statistic and how to work with SPSS statistical software.
One of the things I admire about people is their ability to recognize others who share similar interests and talents and to give credit where credit is due.
The advent of statistical software for the personal computer in the 1980s can be argued to be both a great advancement as well as a critical liability for the field of research.
Book Description It includes numerous social work practice examples, and discusses types of statistical analyses that are most likely to be encountered by social work practitioners and researchers, but assumes no prior experience with statistics. Book DescriptionA comprehensive, exceptionally well-written text that instructors find to be appropriate for students with varying levels of mathematical skill, ranging from those suffering from math phobia and anxiety to those adept at math.
The book covers most necessary areas of stats, but does it not in a brilliant way: 1)In persuit of making stats simple, the author seems to have left out crucial information in some places so that it leaves the reader confused - you understand HOW to make calculation, but not WHY you should do them. I have done poorly in statistics before but this book seems to be laid out with good clarity and is better than the first book I used.
I am about half way through this book and I actually understand, maybe even a bit excited about statistics.
OK, here it is: I am a math phobic, have been all my life, as long as I can remember myself! Book DescriptionIn a relatively short period of time Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) has grown into a powerful quantitative, analytical tool for measuring and evaluating performance. With 20+ years in the software industry, Lisa has always gravitated to start-ups or turn around projects where she can incubate great ideas. She believes so strongly in the Law of Attraction (attracting to your life whatever you give your attention, energy & focus to, whether positive or negative) and applies this principle to everything she either leads or participates in.
Teresa providesA  private and group coaching, teleseminars and more all to support others to reach their highest potential with confidence and spiritual evolvement. She is also a Certified Human Behavior Specialist through Insights Institute and a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer by Michael Losier.
She has 3 decades of experience helping others discover their purpose, energy and waistlines. Her educational background is extensive and incudes numerous honors and degrees in art, psychology, business, technology, and spirituality. As a dedicated coach and creative thinker, Sandra brings enthusiasm, energy, and expectancy to her clients, inspiring them to live the best life.
She is surrounded by the miracles of nature that serve as her inspiration for art, teaching, and fostering strong relationships with her clients. She has appeared on a variety of radio talk shows and as a guest expert on CNN’s Financial Network and Bloomberga€™s Small Business. As a certified coach, certified law of attraction trainer and business intuitive, she taps into her business background and experience to help them enhance and develop their work and passions so that they can create an outrageously awesome business, career and life!

Only Discoveries!”a„? Is the starting point to help others free themselves of past judgment and go on to create new stories in their lives. Guiding them out of the fog of auto-pilot and into the awareness of their own unique, power-filled, answers.
And her intuitive capabilities allow her to reach within the hearts of her audiences and clients. Chris is pursuing a degree in naturopathy and has several years of experience as a wholistic health practitioner. Through personal experience she found that using the a€?how toa€? techniques to learn how to attract more of what she wanted in her life helped her create more positive experiences, better results, and greater happiness in her relationships and in her business.
She uses NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and accelerated learning techniques, which means she truly trains you on what it takes to create lasting changes. She has worked with individuals as well as the corporate world using the principles of Law of Attraction.
Certified by renowned LOA expert and author, Michael Losier, Danielle’s expertise and passion is sharing practical strategies and tools for applying the principles of LOA to attract the life that you want.
After major market radio, theater, motion picture experience, and more television were added to the resume, a firewalk in 1979 changed Toma€™s career path to human potential and communication consulting. She is passionate about teaching you an easy-to-use 3 Step Success Formula to create the Life of Your Dreams. Because really that is what the secret law of attraction healing this grand for the next win-win-win here?? No wonder were hunted down for a minute and even younger and desires regular flights to Dubai whether you know at this meditation. Michael is an entertaining, dynamic, and honest speaker, and his teachings have changed my life. Not only is he a humorous speaker, he is fascinating to listen to on this subject (kept me spellbound for 3 hours) and I can say it's already changed a few things for me. Clearly written, each procedure is conveyed both numerically and verbally, with many visual examples to illustrate the text. The authors realise that not everyone feels comfortable with doing statistics and, indeed, actually dread it. The material is as relevant now the day it was published, making it an essential classic now for over 30 years. This handbook was designed to bridge the gap between textbooks and Stata's own documentation.
This provides students with an understanding of the logic behind the statistics: why and how certain methods are used rather than just doing techniques by rote. Although I have tried using other introductory texts, I have yet to find a text as comprehensive and as clearly written as this. Howell is better at presenting the basic statistical concepts (of ANOVA, for example) than any other author I've seen.
Unfortunately, I only discovered it after two semesters of incoherent text books and bad teaching; it was only later, through his book, that I got the entire picture.
Its emphasis on insight rather than rote learning of formulae makes the subject easily understood and retained.
Basics of Qualitative Research : Techniques and Procedures for Developing Grounded Theoryby Anselm Strauss, Juliet M.
Basics of Qualitative Research, Second Edition presents methods that enable researchers to analyze and interpret their data, and ultimately build theory from it. The first-time qualitative researcher will now be able to go through the process with a competent guide, while the experienced researcher will be able to find answers to unanswered questions. While other books either concentrate on statistical theory or on the functions of the popular computer program SPSS, Andy Field integrates the two to provide the student with a thorough grounding in statistics through learning to use SPSS. In addition, Andy Field transformed complex concepts into palatable words.Therefore, if you do not have much time and need to learn statistics in a short period, this is the best book avalailable. In the preface to his book Andy Field cites other authors who have written books about SPSS and stastical theory. Statistical software has certainly made difficult analytical tasks easier to accomplish, enabling more people to benefit from the use of quantitative techniques. This book has been the most helpful that I have found for detailing the numerous tests and variations of each test that SPSS has to offer, especially for someone who is statistics illiterate. The text provides students a first look at social statistics by illustrating the application of statistics to contemporary social issues. I didn't like the book at all - I was initially so excited to see the book, but when I finally did see it, I was very disappointed. In particular, you'll learn:- All about the tasteful use of color in the design of interfaces- How to maximize data visibility in interfaces, as opposed to the widgets, frames, and borders around the dataThe only bad side is that some of the chapters end just when you feel like they're about to wrap up in a statement of a best practice, leaving you to sit around and solve the puzzle yourself. Data Envelopment Analysis: A Comprehensive Text with Models, Applications, Referencesby William W.
It has been successfully applied to a host of different entities engaged in a wide variety of activities in many contexts worldwide.
If you want to learn the subject of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) get a copy of this book. Games SystemsRider Tarot, Waite Tarot, Waite-Smith TarotThe Rider-Waite Tarot is a classic Tarot deck, perhaps the most well-known in the Western world. By applying the Law of Attraction, creating a destination team, a destination organization and even a destination company is possible! Sandra is committed to sharing her vitality with others, guiding them towards remarkable personal evolution. He regularly speaks to companies, organizations and churches about the Law of Attraction and Goal Achievement. Contact Debbie through her website or at 315-247-9088 for sessions in person, via phone or Skype, or live chat. Anita teaches and empowers women entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in building six and seven figure incomes by creating on-line businesses using coaching, speaking and information products. An energetic and charismatic presenter, Danielle illustrates the Law of Attraction at work in our lives through relatable experiences and personal manifestations such as her perfect career and loving husband. Nancy is delighted to teach you the life changing methods her students have used to attract their cherished wishes and she’ll travel the world to give you the everyday, practical techniques of the Law Of Attraction.
As an upbeat and positive person, I was extremely surpised to learn how much of my daily self-talk was actually sabatoging my efforts to attract the type of relationships and things I wanted in life (and I've read hundreds of other personal development books by today's top gurus). If you've never heard of the Law of Attraction, it is something that would be very beneficial to look into.
Since I need to do a Statistics for Psychology course to continue in Psychology it has been a relief that the main text used has been written to aid the statistically impaired. Nearly every chapter includes coverage on how the Internet and new technologies are impacting research methods, for better and for worse.
Readers of this book will be introduced into an entirely new paradigm for doing rigorous research based on a qualitative methodology. In this intermediary role, STATISTICS WITH STATA uses easy to follow tutorials to demonstrate how to use Stata to accomplish some of the most common statistical tasks.
Students move beyond number crunching to discover the meaning of statistical results and how they relate to the research questions being asked.
Highly accessible in their approach, authors Anselm Strauss (late of the University of San Francisco and co-creator of grounded theory) and Juliet Corbin provide a step-by-step guide to the research act-- from the formation of the research question through several approaches to coding and analysis, to reporting on the research. The book starts with an explanation of the theoretical and philosphical foundations of the grounded theory method in qualitative research. Caution, though, the book is NOT a step-by-step manual or a A-to-Z handbook for forging concepts, building categories and properties, etc. He provides a detailed, but highly accessible, guide to using SPSS for more complex statistical tests. I have bought those books and they are well worth the price.This book is an excellent introductionto both SPSS and statistics. But I always have had problems connecting the statistics with what to do, when to do it and what the results were telling me.
The ever-increasing speed of the personal computer allows researchers to conduct complex analysis in minutes that would have taken days to complete manually. I would recommend getting a copy of SPSS for windows Step by Step 11.0 Update by Darren George and Paul Mallery, it makes a good companion to this book. Examples aren't really well selected - some much more lucid and compelling ones could be brought up to illustrate the points made. Wallnau combine an intuitive, easy-to-understand writing style with a wide variety of built-in learning aids and real-world examples.
If you have hidden in fear from math but want to go to grad school, pick up a copy of this and you will not regret it.
While I'm all in favor of mental exercise, I would've liked to at least have a solution to double-check against. In many cases evaluations of these entities have been resistant to other approaches because complex, multiple levels of (often) poorly understood relations must be considered.
Both the text and the CD help focus the reader to understand and maximize the learning experience. It is often called the first modern Tarot deck, as the cards drawn by Pamela Colman-Smith and commissioned by Waite were the first to use detailed pictures on the minor arcana cards. Her interactive trainings are focused on using LOA deliberately to create your ideal personal and professional life. This could use the Law of Attraction you must hold this clarity not just selling it through a lot of people are a lovely way to show off the wish is constant because acting others are a joy to be around. And your life will shift into the most powerful, exciting, magical realms where you are the creator and you can create and bring anything your heart desires into your life, in this very instant, right here, right now! Particularly if you are only familiar with the traditional scientific method and experimentalism, this book open up a whole new world. While Stata's user documentation is over 4,000 pages, this tidy manual is just 400 pages, and introduces students and practitioners to both basic and advanced features of Stata. FUNDAMENTAL STATISTICS FOR THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES contains an abundance of real data and research studies as a base and moves through an analysis of data. Howell's book is crisp.And in case you're wondering about the title, statistical methods for the behavioral sciences are not different than statistical methods in any other quantitative discipline. I now tutor in statistics (really), and I just rely on Howell for the simplest and best method of explication. Full of definitions and illustrative examples, this highly accessible book concludes with chapters that present criteria for evaluating a study, as well as responses to common questions posed by students of qualitative research.
Later chapters explain the different techniques that can be used in this approach, with examples.
There are illustrations of dialogue boxes throughout, and each chapter concludes with a set of exercises and descriptions. Each chapter is complete with numerous practice exercises, problems, and demonstrations and applications of the latest SPSS statistical software package to reinforce chapter concepts, operations, and formulas.Students can also find demonstrations and applications using the MicroCase statistical package on the text's companion web site. Applications are integrated to ensure that even students with a weak background in mathematics can achieve mastery of basic statistical concepts.
This is a textbook that guides you, step by step, so you can understand all the basic concepts of statistics, without feeling you're making an effort.
Tufte presents a collection of some the best examples of information design ever invented, and some of the worst examples. This is a differently-coloured version to the Original Rider-Waite Tarot.Suomenkielinen Rider-Waite-pakka loytyy taalta. He works with coaching clients to help them become clear as to exactly what they want in their lives and in their business. His material is practical, easily learned, and although deceptively simple, it is extremely powerful.

With every new edition, reviewers complement these authors for an approach that is innovative yet approachable and reliable.
For evaluators who work with qualitative data, this book provides a wealth of ideas on organizing, analyzing, and presenting such data. Glaser & Strauss show how theory emerges from the data, as an ever improving understanding of the signifiance of what is discovered. It's just that Howell draws his examples from psychology, sociology, etc., and may make mention of some of the conventions used by researchers in these fields. Significantly revised, Basics of Qualitative Research remains a landmark volume in the study of qualitative methods. Sections that give definitions of terms used in this research approach provide a clearer understanding of the discussion in each chapter.
Also, a complete newcomer to qualitative analysis may find chapters 5, 6 and 7 unclear until he gets to chapter 8 about open coding.This re-edition of a classic is nonetheless a must-read for every junior researcher pretending to work in the tradition of grounded theory. The book includes a CD-ROM with SPSS datasets and the author provides a website for further help and updates. The ease and speed of statistical software has encouraged some researchers to take a shotgun approach to analysis by running large numbers of analyses instead of strategically selecting analyses guided by theory.
4) The lay out of the book isn't bad, but this merit is outweighted by the mess in referencing. Students using the book go beyond thinking of statistics as just a part of a course they have to take, instead coming to appreciate it as a growing field that helps us make sense of data in our world. This is the book for you.I suppose I ought to update my copy ;-) mine is dog eared!Need stats? Tufte is obsessed with quality - the book is printed on 100% rag paper using old fashioned lead type because he believes this yields the highest quality results. Tufte has revised and extended his theory of graphical excellence with a handful of simple yet powerful techniques for improving our presentation graphics.
In addition to localized problems, DEA applications have been extended to performance evaluations of `larger entities' such as cities, regions, and countries.
Tom is now an author, speaker, consultant, life coach, and does training in communication and personal success. If you like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins or the like, then you'll like Michael Losier. Exercises and cases have been checked for accuracy, and the authors also recruited a Blue Ribbon Panel of marketing research professionals. This book really presents a robust way for a researcher in any field, but particularly in the human sciences, to approach day to day research. It is unfortunate, however, that he failed to mention the most powerful of these programs on the market today. It matched up SPSS and statistics so that you know what to do, why to do it, how to make SPSS do what you want, and how to interpret the results. Statistical packages also make it possible to run complex procedures that may be misapplied or misinterpreted by researchers without a solid understanding of statistical principles.No book can stop unscrupulous researchers from supporting their hypotheses by cherry picking favorable results from hundreds of analyses conducted. The authors skillfully demonstrate to students that having an understanding of a variety of statistical procedures will help them understand published findings, as well as become savvy consumers of information. This book also provides a solid foundation for the 1st half of an advanced, Stats II course.
This book will be really helpful to any web page designer, UI designers, statisticians, cartographers, scientists, or anyone concerned with presenting dense information in a clear way.There is a chapter on presenting multiple dimensional data on a flat, 2D paper that all by itself is worth the price of the book.
Anyone involved in graphics design or in the communication of complex information should have this book on his shelf---it is simply too valuable to keep having to borrow it from your public library.
These extensions have a wider scope than traditional analyses because they include `social' and `safety-net' expenditures as inputs and various `quality-of-life' dimensions as outputs.In other applications, DEA has been used to supply new insights into business activities and into the methods that have been used to evaluate these activities. Michael [Losier] would be proud!” Danielle invites you to share in the gift of Law of Attraction to attract the opportunities that you desire. After getting laid off, losing a close relationship, and suffering from a serious health condition, Jodi was forced to make a change.
It is the living method of creativity and innovation, presenting a system for understanding one's discoveries and framing them to producing meaningful knowledge.
Index indicates that info on t-distribution is on p.46 - there is not a single word about t-distribution there, whereas all the info is on pp.
But, the Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences text will be a permanent fixture on my shelf and I recommend it often. These include `benchmarking' studies of professional organizations including legal and accounting societies, as well as organizational forms--such as evaluating the relative efficiencies of the `mutual' vs. Everyone is approaching life this way, living out experiences and drawing conclusions from them, including the most mainstream of scientists.
It is very clear, very cogent, in English as opposed to stero instructions, and charming as well. But then there's the chapter on layering of information, so the key pieces of data appear first, and the less relevant ones reveal themselves later.
Today she lives with passion and purpose as a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer and Coach, passing on the specific tools you need to put the Law of Attraction in Action in Your Life! But Glaser and Strauss show how that process can be transformed from a willy-nilly gut feel into something that more reliably produces defensible knowledge claims and builds a substantive theoretical network. The book is very well organized and has high quality screen prints of SPSS windows and dialogue boxes.
This is not a quick fix, be-all, do-all type of thing, but something that with your thought, intention and energy can yield wonderful results. The theory is presented in non-technical language and references numerous sources for readers wanting a more in-depth review. Its just a great book.To add to it, Tufte is obsessed with quality like nobody else I can think of in the book business.
Finally, DEA can also be used to evaluate objects as well as governmental, business and societal activities. I have recommended the book to graduate students seeking advice on ways to treat the data from their field studies, and they too have found it helpful."--Thomas A. When background material does become technical, these sections are specially labeled to alert non-technical readers. Its printed on 100% rag paper using real lead type because he thinks that all other methods are inferior.
For example, a test study found that DEA compared favorably with traditional engineering approaches for use in evaluating the relative efficiencies of jet aircraft engines. Field focuses particularly on the statistical assumptions of each statistical technique and how to use SPSS to test for them.Following the review of statistical theory, each topic includes one or more exercises. Readers are guided step by step through each analysis from dummy coding data, through entering in the necessary SPSS commands, to interpreting SPSS output. Each chapter accompanies its developments with simple numerical examples and discussions of actual applications. Michael Huberman maintain a high degree of integrity in what they propose and how they present their material. An accompanying CD furnishes the data sets used in each exercise, allowing readers to work though each exercise and check results against the book. Emphasis is placed on the use as well as an understanding of DEA and the topics in this book have been selected and treated accordingly. Through these exercises, Field shows how results can be misinterpreted without a thorough investigation of the data. The objective is to introduce students, researchers, and practitioners in business, economics, engineering, and the sciences to Data Envelopment Analysis.The authors have been involved in DEA's development from the beginning. Great pains are taken throughout the exercises to demonstrate the perils of blindly trusting SPSS output without understanding the theory and underlying statistical assumptions.
Lawrence Seiford and Kaoru Tone have been actively involved as researchers and practitioners from its earliest beginnings.
I assume that this book is intended primarily for students and practitioners without an extensive background in statistics. All have been deeply involved in uses of DEA in practical applications as well as in the development of its basic theory and methodologies.
The book progresses logically and will be of great assistance to anyone engaged in qualitative research. However, I found this book to be beneficial in reviewing concepts studied in graduate school more than ten years ago.
Field accomplishes the difficult task of simplifying complex topics into everyday language without talking down to his readers. This book is perfectly suited for the non-statistical expert looking for guidance with running analyses with SPSS. Published by Sage, the leading publisher of qualitative research in the social sciences today. Michael Huberman offer a ''must-own'' text, in the revisions of their highly influential sourcebook on qualitative data analysis. This second edition updates the 1984 edition, outlining a complex and comprehensive model for a causal, grounded theory and variable approach to the management, analysis, and interpretation of qualitative data. A valuable appendix reviews over 200 computer-assisted models of qualitative data analysis.
This work brings the communication scholar up-to-date on where qualitative methods are in current sociological and educational discourse."--Norman K. Denzin in Journal of Communication"The first edition of this book was terrific, and the second edition sets even higher standards.
Michael Huberman simply demystify qualitative data analysis, offering practical advice on how to code text and how to compare cases systematically. Most important, they bring the conceptual power of matrix analysis to qualitative research.
Russell Bernard, University of Florida"The second edition of Qualitative Data Analysis is a stunning accomplishment, a major advance beyond their first edition. Thoroughly comprehensive in scope, well-written, and easily accessible, Qualitative Data Analysis provides the best developed and most rigorous set of analytic procedures now available in the social sciences.
Qualitative researchers have, with this new edition, a revised and expanded version of their Bible. Denzin, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign"I think this is a terrific book, and a definite improvement over the first edition.
The additions to Chapters 1 and 2 and the new Chapter 3, address issues that have become increasingly important since the first edition was published, and will make the book more useful and influential.
The additions to Chapters 4 and 5 are also useful, as is the reorganization of Chapter 5 to make it more coherent. Wolcott, University of OregonIn 1984, the first edition of Qualitative Data Analysis addressed a critical need faced by researchers in all fields of the human sciences-how to draw valid meaning from qualitative data. This groundbreaking book has now been revised to take up where the first edition left off and account for the phenomenal expansion of qualitative inquiry since then. Michael Huberman bring the art of qualitative data analysis up-to-date, adding hundreds of new techniques, ideas, and references that draw on the experience of the authors and many colleagues in the design, testing, and use of qualitative data analysis methods. Each method of data display and analysis is described and illustrated in detail, with practical suggestions for adaptation and use. The growth of computer use in qualitative analysis is reflected throughout this volume, which also includes an extensive appendix on criteria useful for choosing among the currently available analysis packages.
Using examples from a host of social science and professional disciplines and stressing a hands-on, practical approach, Qualitative Data Analysis, Second Edition, remains the most complete treatment of this topic available to scholars and applied researchers.

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