The Military Leadership Diversity Commission was established by the Democratic Congress in 2009. With the Military Leadership Diversity Commission’s report out this month, its leaders have briefed Deputy Defense Secretary William J. The Pentagon seems open to the prospect of repealing a 1994 law that prevents women from joining direct land combat in infantry, most artillery and tank units. Are these the same clowns who were complaining not so long ago that the military had become the only place where minorities could advance in our society? That should be mandatory since the thugs think they are entitled to our money with no strings attached. Having been in the Marine Corp the last thing I needed was a women next to me in a combat situation. I like how people say these testing gaps between various ethnic groups is due to an evil white male conspiracy to hold down and oppress non-whites. Only a demented democrat could come up with the concept of a Military Leadership Diversity Committee. If the military starts allowing minorities with criminal or drug use records to serve, whose going to be left to staff the NBA or NFL. Being on the Left is a life-long contest to see how far you can get your head up your butt by embracing more and more ridiculous ideas. But, but, you people [government] have been the ones in charge of the public schools, forcing all kids to go to them under compulsion of fines and penalties. So now you want to further jeopardize the safety of the nation’s defenses all for even more social experimentation. At the end of the day, my impression is that there aren’t thousands of gays and blondes (sorry, shorthand) eagerly lining up to get into combat units. If you have ever been in a fight with a female as your buddy (as I did in police work) you’ll figure out two things real quick. I’ve also seen the reaction that hitting an officer will get and hitting a female officer will get from other officers. The reason is the same reason that it won’t work in the military, men protect women instinctively. Apparently, the left’s attempt to weaken our resolve to defend ourselves is not enough. I see an underrepresentation of short people in the NBA and I think it is well past time to correct that historical imbalance. Placing women in combat makes about as much sense as putting them in a shark feeding tank, but radical feminists have been browbeating Congress and the Pentagon for the last several decades to make this a reality. Many women in combat support units have found themselves in fire fights, and they have displayed great courage.
We should form three new Infantry divisions using no computerized equipment and .22 caliber rifles.
I have friends whose lives were saved in war because a buddy carried them long long ways on their backs after they were seriously injured and could never have escaped the enemy at all, on their own power. Nevertheless, in spite of the heroism of women in extraordinary circumstances, frontline war is no place for women in the military, just because it is hard for women to advance up the ladder of promotion without war experience. War and Military service is no place to provide advancement for people without the vital experience they must have to be a VIABLE military leader – but Socialist Destructive Agendas are no basis for putting people in harms way who cannot be fully capable of pulling their weight and covering team members in dangerous situations – and not more than likely to become part of the Problem, instead! The places on the front lines are too important to be surrendered to those who cannot fulfill the complete capacity required of a soldier, there, just for the self-serving purposes of the poor substitute.
The personal hygene is so different with the female , and even the way a female must relieve herself is not right for the battlefield with all men. Even better, if you are good at first person shooter games, you can be in the military, no other test needed.

Dating myself a little bit here…back in Vietnam era the rage was about the disproportionate representation of racial minorities in combat positions. McNamar’s Project 100,000 (Moron Corps) dumbed down Army troops were well represented at My Lai. But if your goal is to destroy military discipline, unit cohesion, and degrade combat effectiveness, it’s just the ticket. While they lowered entrance requirements, the actual course requirements remained the same. This guy Obama shows all the same patterns as Jimmy Carter’s administration and so far the results look about the same.
The business case is very simple, the return on investment immeasurable – put simply, BML can help improve your chances of success at an assessment or selection centre, which can pave the way to a lucrative fast-track career in your chosen field.
BML is in no way affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the Army, Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB), Royal Navy, Admiralty Interview Board (AIB), Royal Air Force or RAF Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC).
If you would like more information about our leadership training, and how it can help you, click the link below.
We are always on the look out for ex-Service men and women to be part of our team, contact us for a chat. It is urging the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force to “validate” the standards — such as education, test scores, criminal records and drug use — that disqualify large numbers of blacks and Hispanics. Duncan Hunter, a member of the House Armed Services Committee who saw combat in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Marine officer. There are so many minorities and lower income members in our military that many cite that as a reason to reinstitute the draft—to better reflect America as a whole.
Don’t pay the slightest attention to the utter failure of the education industry in preparing young people for life.
Some of which involve mechanized combat; such as attack helicopter pilots, tank commanders, etc. If they are so eager to put women in combat, i suggest they make up a complete infantry platoon or company of women and see how that works out. We’ve done this with all black divisions and all Japanese divisions during WWII, and in previous conflicts dating back to the Civil War. By necessity, and taking nothing away from those already serving our country, it isn’t all that difficult to meet the acceptance standards for military service. Those of us who wore the uniform under that idiot Carter remember the difference better than we remember garbage from the mouth of that idiot Kerry. They found a man, regardless of his training, will get himself shot up trying to save a woman even if it is futile. It just is what it is and liberal lefty do-gooder feminist cannot change that will rules and regulations. What better way to ensure the destruction of this country than to subvert what is arguably the best military the world has ever seen. It may be unfair that the average man is six inches taller and posses 42 percent more upper-body strength than the average woman, but it is a reality. Feminists hail this as a victory, and they are willing to step over the bodies of their fallen comrades to achieve their goal of running the military. I was enrolled in a very intensive and highly technical school in the military (1 year of school, 60% drop rate, less than 5% of recruits even qualified to attempt the course). As a result, we were flooded with candidates but the numbers actually graduating remained the same.
The commission also wants Congress to lower military standards so that more minorities can qualify for service. Last time I checked the army was almost 30% African-American (actual population is 12-13%).

In almost all cases, these special divisions acquitted themselves quite well, particularly the all-Nisei 442nd Infantry regiment in Europe.
Then came McNamara’s 100,000, then came VOLAR, then came DADT, then came the repeal of DADT, then came political correctness. They also found seeing a woman hurt in combat, shot up, shrapnel, dying did so much psychological damage to the male soldiers that it made them combat ineffective.
The dirty little secret is that double standards have been employed and laws have been ignored to help feminists achieve their goal. Serving in a military supply, escort or police unit is vastly different from serving in a unit whose mission is to seek out and engage the enemy, kill or be killed.
President Obama and many of our elected representatives in Congress are willing to sacrifice enlisted women to advance this feminist goal. Those who can’t pass the normal standards can be officers in the Cannon Fodder Corps. They often receive special and preferential treatment – as displayed by these affirmative action proposals.
If the Democrats feel so strongly about this, perhaps a couple of showcase divisions would be a good idea to allow them to demonstrate their abilities. Maybe I’m wrong, but my guess is that the jokes would stop when their casualty figures are reported.
Standards must be low enough to permit reasonably fit and reasonably intelligent kids, some with criminal records, to serve.
In that environment, clearly women do not have an equal chance to survive nor do their male comrades who must depend on fellow soldiers to survive. No need to make it like a military when you can make it more like college expect you get to blow $hit up and play with guns all day. Do these folks want to lower the requirements for all professions like surgeons and brake mechanics?
When you start experimenting with the military you will cause combat readiness to decrease, morale to decrease, and place the nation at a greater risk but then the dumocrats have these objectives in mind anyway…. And how do you deal with the public relations nightmare when one of these units is deployed to, say, a Muslim country, where homosexuality is considered a capital offense?
Of those that do reach the rarified air of general or admiral without this experience, a surprising number are women. Doctors, surgeons, nurses, EMT, firemen, police should known all they need to know by watching ER, Grey’s Anatomy, The Listener, Rescue Me, CSI, The Shield and The Wire. Who needs standards when bHO is in charge, he takes care of everything, nothing to worry about here!
Half washed out of that course and never actually started training in the assigned specialty. And no crude offense intended, there’s a reason why the Special Olympics is a separate competition. However, the chance of one of these female officers being appointed to lead an entire branch of the military is nil. Armed with gefilte fish they can swarm onto the battle field and give the enemy a taste of Progressive might.
The course was HIGHLY technical, basically the equivalent of a BS in Electrical Engineering without any liberal arts component.

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