Former Luther College football player Chris Norton talks about his road to recovery after moving to Michigan to work on healing at Barwis Methods in Plymouth. Buy PhotoChris Norton is assisted by his fiancee, Emily Summers, while walking toward his wheelchair as assistant strength and conditioning coach Megan Sundstrom (background) monitors during rehabilitation at Barwis Methods in Plymouth on June 5, 2015. Chris Norton was recognized as an honorary assistant coach for Iowa City Regina as the Regals stormed to a 45-0 lead at half at Regina in Iowa City on Friday September 27, 2013. Concerned, I ventured over to speak to the married couple, Kay and Gerald Turner, high school sweethearts at the same time as my husband, Lee and I had been. I soon returned to my own booth and commented to Lee, “She undoubtedly has Alzheimers or some form of Dementia.” How sad. Another character in COCOON, Billie Jean, Seana’s cousin, becomes her very armor bearer during Seana’s dark psychosis journey. They sat in a booth opposite each other, Kay looking as detached from life as anyone I’d ever seen. When I could stand it no longer, I approached them and asked point blank, “What happened, Kay?” My awe of it vibrated in my voice. My muse for the feisty “Billie Jean” character, was Billie McGregor, a longtime friend who even now battles bone cancer. He was given a three percent chance to walk again but has worked and gritted through and can walk with minor assistance.

When I greeted them, Gerald was his usual warm, out-going self while Kay turned her head away, deliberately ignoring me.
I was familiar with Alzheimer’s symptoms because Lee’s mother and two sisters had succumbed to the dreaded ailment. Food forgotten, I sat down with them and listened to her story of God’s mercy, grace and of a miraculous, seemingly impossible healing. She, too, became an icon for faith and became my inspiration for this wonderful, upbeat character who, at times, along with Barth, the longsuffering husband, literally carries Seana on her shoulders. The former effusive, athletic Kay today disregarded Gerald and the world as blatantly as she’d ignored me. I asked the Turners if they would mind my fictionalizing the characters and plot and using their unique set of circumstances to show others what faith and undying love could do. Real-life Billie daily confesses trust in the Creator and has survived long past other bone cancer patients in her medical peer group.
Dani, Meg, and Charlotte have bonded over babies, barbeques, and backyards, but when they … The Story Plant 1 month ago A great piece by Robert Burke Warren, author of the inspired PERFECTLY BROKEN. He uses a wheelchair.He broke his neck in a football game playing for Iowa's Luther College in October 2010.
I was too engrossed in watching Kay, a cataclysmically different Kay than the last time I’d seen her.

After four exhausting years of rehab, he can walk some with assistance, but for everyday travel he needs the chair.Emily was 21, studying family services at the University of Northern Iowa. She's a tall, striking brunette with brown eyes and one of those smiles so bright you'd swear she had extra teeth.At that party two years ago, they struck up a conversation. And soon, they were smitten."He was such a good listener, and he was a really good conversationalist," Emily said. He was given a three percent chance to walk again, but has worked and gritted through and can walk with minor assistance.
Chris had discovered Barwis Methods, and the couple moved to Northville.Brock Mealer, the brother of former University of Michigan offensive lineman Elliot Mealer, broke his back in a car accident in 2007. Mike Barwis, then the strength coach for the Wolverines under Rich Rodriguez, trained Brock and helped him learn to walk again on his own.Three years later, Brock Mealer dramatically led U-M onto the field with the aid only of a pair of canes.

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