I’ve been writing since I was 7, scribbling my thoughts in little notebooks that I was carefully hiding from anyone else’s eyes. I started this blog with a burning desire to help and inspire those who are walking the path of self growth.
I believe in the healing power of sharing our difficult experiences and how we overcame them. Because it gives someone going through a similar experience a little breath of air when under the water.
You know, that “So I’m not the only one going through this and there are others who have made it on the other side” kind of thoughts.

If you don’t want to miss a thing sign up to get free updates by entering your email bellow. I would love this blog to give you inspiration and motivation to follow your path with a heart, and to do something meaningful with your life. I hope it nudges you to be truthful to yourself and authentic in all your relationships.
For those who understand that, life is a miracle!Det er oppturer og nedturer i lop av livet, det vet vi alle. Men nar vi velger a fokusere pa det positive, og gjore det beste ut av en hver situasjon, da vil vart syn pa livet endres.
After almost losing her life to sepsis in January 2013, she has become dedicated to helping others heal themselves through nutrition and the mind.

Det er kanskje ikke sa mange, men sa hvor flotte de er.  Sett pris pa livet, og gjor det beste ut av alt. Gled dem rundt deg, du vil bli overasket over hvor mye glede det vil gi deg tilbake, bare med a se smilet deres.

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