Lance Bouma, nearly fully healed from a broken leg, was back on the ice with the Calgary Flames.
The gritty left winger immediately underwent surgery and was given a three-month recovery process. It was a tough blow for both the player and team, considering he provides the bulk of Calgary’s physical play, leading the team in hits last season (264) and was seventh in the league. Bouma’s presence added to the team’s sunny mood on Sunday — they were still basking in Friday’s 5-4 overtime win over the Boston Bruins — but still Hartley needs the approval of the medical staff before he can insert him back into the lineup.
But the possibility to return to game action is motivating, especially right now with their improved play.
ICE CHIPS … Winger David Jones and defenceman Kris Russell were missing from Sunday’s practice … Hartley did not say whether either would be available for Tuesday’s game against the San Jose Sharks but said, in Jones’ case, nothing is broken. Received wisdom is that there's no cure for migraines, but Natalie Thompson says her migraines stopped ever since she had her inner-ear pierced - known as daith piercings.
Dr Bal Athwal is here to explain whether there is any truth behind this new and unexpected treatment. Natalie has suffered from ongoing headaches and severe migraines for over 3 years and discovered the tip for the daith ear piercing online to counter migraines.

While Natalie does see a consultant specialist on migraines regularly and continues to take her medication, her daily headaches have dropped in severity since she got her daith piercing.
Dr Bal Athwal advises there is no current systematic evidence that this kind of piercing helps, although doctors are interested in personal experiences of patients such as Natalie who have experienced a difference in symptoms before and after the piercing.
If you suffer from a headache problem or migraines, Dr Bal Athwal recommends a systematic approach to recovery. 13 after his skate became wedged into the boards and he fell awkwardly when he absorbed a clean hit from St. Bouma also missed the final two games of last year’s regular season and the opening round of playoffs with a shattered index finger.
Obviously you want to be out there with the team when things weren’t going well you want to be in the battle with them. To get to game speed right now, at least practice speed, and to be bouncing off some teammates and driving to the net and getting him into team concept drills, I think that’s a huge step.
However the team did stop-start drills with Bouma as a full participant and he reported no pain or troubles skating.
Jones suffered a “lower body” injury when he blocked a point shot from Zach Trotman in the first period of Friday’s game against Boston.

Lasting anywhere between four and 72 hours, migraines can cause extremely painful sensitivity to light and even nausea and vomiting. Above all, try and control the triggers - sleep regularly, eat regularly and stay hydrated. Then he went on with our strength and conditioning coach Ryan Van Asten and he was more than pleased with the results.
But other than that, I don’t feel the leg at all so it’s good … we’ll see how it goes from here. I haven’t for a long time so getting back up to game speed is going to be important and will take some time.

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