I noticed that on the Facebook and elsewhere, there is a great penchant about putting up Quotes. This venture started on the 25th of Feb 2013 and on the coming 25th of April, it would be all of two months old. Half way through, I reminded everyone not to be rooted to the ideas of the sages and saints of the past by believing that somehow they are the only ones who could say wise things. I delve a lot into finding answers to Philosophical and Meta-Physical questions; questions about space, universe, God, Religion etc.
Here is a real tongue-in-cheek on the abundance of Free Advice available on the net these days, including my own!
Talking about Simplicity leading to Greatness, I genuinely feel that Being Poor at Heart is a great virtue indeed.
Here is a bit of advice about giving and rendering service for others who can do nothing for you except to give you the gift of advice; but, it is the greatest gift. Finally, let me end with one about the Mightier doing horrible things to those whom they find Meek and different; which is half the humanity or more!

As I wrote on the blog, thousands of spam comments put me off and I lost interest in writing. I have done a long stint in the Indian Navy that lasted for nearly thirty seven years; I rose as far as my somewhat rebellious and irreverant nature allowed me to. Impudent or otherwise, I have never been insousciant and I am always concerned about the betterment of community, nation and the world. These range from quotes about Love, Friendship, Politics, Life; indeed about each and every subject. I have received tremendous interest from friends in these Quotes that have not only advice, but, at times are humorous and even naughty. For me, my most grateful thought has been that somehow God has not made me as miserable as He has made others. I cannot forget growing up as a boy belonging to a minority community in a majority state and being subjected to relentless taunts, abuses, innuendo and violence. On retirement, in Feb 2010, the first thing that occured to me, and those around me, was that I Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (you will find an article with this title in this blog) and hadn't lost all my noodles and hence thought of a blog titled 'This 'n That'.

Whilst reading these quotes I was stuck by the realisation that somehow we have this feeling that the sages, saints and wise-people of the past had abundance of sane-advice on all kinds of subjects; but, by a curious quirk of fate, we ourselves and fellow citizens have nothing great to offer in terms of such advice.
I later realised that every third blog is called 'This 'n That' and changed the name to 'Sunbyanyname'. Go ahead, now that you have joined this site, you will eventually follow your own quotes!!! You can leave comments even when you agree and want to share your own experience about the topic of the blog post.

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