If you’ve hung around here a while, you know that I believe each of us must learn to follow the inner guidance we receive on a consistent basis.  Faith is the key to  achieving a life of happiness, health and wealth.
I’ve seen how challenging following this guidance with faith can be for my clients (and me).  Sometimes it feels like inner guidance is playing us for a fool. I half-heartedly tried to negotiate with the guidance but I’ve learned guidance rarely comes with options.  We can choose to ignore it but we can’t change it. So I parked my car, walked to the Farmer’s Market and stood in the rain.  A flower stand caught my eye.

I picked out a bunch of gerbera daisies.  “Do you have any paper towels I could wrap them in? I arrived at the retreat center and instantly “knew” the flowers were for someone inside.    I picked up the flowers and walked inside thinking my inner guidance best be right because I did not want to be dragging those flowers around my retreat all day. It wasn’t until Monday that I discovered the third miracle the Farmers Market had brought me. I received an email from Betty thanking me for the flowers and telling me once again what they had meant to her.

The morning of the retreat I had asked my mom to be with me and to give me the courage I needed to delete her message, to let her go. We may think that nothing exciting is happening around, when we live in such a rich and intricate world that we can hardly conceive of how truly amazing it really is.

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