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Thanks to his monumental accomplishments, Albert Einstein’s name is synonymous with genius.
Hat tip to Kit’s Blog for finding and posting this article and to Susan for emailing me the link!
Emma de Guzman is a poor widow with three children from Cabanatuan in Nueva Ecija and had to work initially as a domestic helper in Singapore in the early ‘80s and later in Canada as a nanny (she didn’t even know what a nanny was before she got the job). Emma said that the vision happened while she was at the Fatima Shrine during a trip to New York with her employer.
Documentary filmmaker, June Keithley, has produced a film titled, Emma, which premiered in the Philippines on June 27, 2009.
Note, that de Guzman says here that all faiths come to Jesus (Muslim, Jewish, Catholic — we are all created by God, and we are going to heaven).
I do believe what she said if we abide with God’s Plan and we submited our life for God, that God will bring us to heaven.
Miracles, signs and wonders are created by God to draw worship to HIM, not to another source! Mary would be appalled to see her name being used in this way, she wants us to glorify the Son alone! God can do miracles and signs and wonders, but these are not drawing worship to Christ Jesus, and are thus from the devil. The Catholic faith teaches us to be reverent and loving of our Blessed Mother, who is greatly loved by her Son, Jesus. If we can love our own mothers who bore us and raised us as best as they could, would Jesus not want us to love His own Mother, who suffered with Him on earth, as well?

I spent my birthday last June 2011 praying the rosary with friends to Our Lady of love, peace & joy in the Mountain of Salvation. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. With his famous E=MC2 and insights into quantum physics, this legendary scientist not only revolutionized the way we understand the universe, but paved the way for such diverse technology as lasers, cell phones, electron microscopes, DVD players, atomic weaponry, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). When she returned to her home base in Canada, she says that the Blessed Mother started appearing to her repeatedly. The two-hour documentary introduces de Guzman as a simple widow with three children, who supports her family by working as a domestic in Singapore. God wants us to be like her, prayerful and never abuse the goodness of our God…life on earth is just temporary sooner or later our life will be taken away and it is for us to choose where will our soul go. You may not believe it is real but once you are there and experienced it yourself, you will believe. In this day and age when we as a people are starting to think that we can do whatever we want, signs and wonders are God’s way of telling us of his infinite power. Bernadette, to Marriette Beco, and even those who are still under investigation of the church like in Garabandal spain, and now with Emma de Guzman, would always center to please Jesus, and that is all about love,because only through that, that we, in every part of the world would truly make us one nation. I was shaken and although i believed in Jesus and Mary i have pushed them aside for a long time. How is it, then, I hear it asked, that man has the limitations that he has, that he is subject to fears and forebodings, that he is liable to sin and error, that he is the victim of disease and suffering? Featuring kid-friendly explanations of the scientific principles, this compelling biography follows Einstein from his childhood through his early career struggles, and on to the theoretical breakthroughs and groundbreaking writings that won him the Nobel Prize. But the chioce is from us, do we believed, do we abide, do we love God with all our hearts mind and soul? The beauty of our faith teaches us that Blessed Mother prays on our behalf to the Lord Jesus.

My heart is transformed now and it has reminded me of my sins and all the times i havent forgiven.
When Emma read the paper, it bore the name of the agency and the contact number of a job opportunity in Canada. Mary was a faithful servant of Jehovah God, and the best way to imitate Mary’s life is to be a loyal servant of the true God, Jehovah. Curabitur scelerisque, nulla et facilisis fringilla, sapien elit auctor augue, at porttitor ipsum nibh faucibus ligula. On many occasions witnesses have seen fragrant oil appear on her face, hands, feet and even ooze from her eyes. Please do not criticize the Blessed Mother for no other creature that ever lived is as blessed as she is. Does not matter if you are catholic, buddhist, muslim or hindu the content of ones heart is important.
The power of prayer and sacrifice,the miracles of the spirit, continue to teach the people of how we may live and better understand the Love of God to us.
These lies that those who are not christian cannot enter his kingdom is propagated by the Born Again Christians.
All of the above happenings have been witnessed by many, many people, including priests, nuns and lay people from various walks of life. They have turned into bitter people and their only purpose as born again christians is to disregard Mary the mother of Jesus.

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