The book has come up in several conversations lately and I was recommending it to a friend the other night when I realized we were having dinner right next to Barnes and Noble.
Paul, my guy, ran into a couple visiting from New York 3 times in 3 days all in different locations.
We decided to head right over to pick up a copy, one for each of us directly after our meal.  And there you have it. Since they themselves are students of the course they knew there was a message shouting out at them. I hit some really dark and hard times back then so perhaps it was a miracle that I somehow came across a book on Miracles that completely changed my life.

I am now re- acquainting myself with the Course again since I was recently asked to teach a course on the teachings starting next month. And if you believe, ask and are open to receive one then you might vibrate a different energy that perhaps matches up with some crazy high manifesting power that might just magnetically draw it into your existence. Well that made total sense to me since I lived most of my life in fear, doubt, and worry so no wonder my luck was in the gutter.
If it comes when you are super busy you aren’t going to notice and miracles want to be acknowledged and appreciated so they go to where the greatest amount of gratitude is going to be given.
They asked the two of us to go with them on a Friday night to a discussion on The Course of Miracles.

Once I started to shift my awareness and deliberately¬† replaced the fear with love then my luck seem to change. The answer to a question you don’t ask is going to be no, so just asking increases the possibility of things shifting into a yes.

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