Storyline: A young girl suffering from a rare digestive disorder finds herself miraculously cured after surviving a terrible accident. FYI HDTS is good quality CAMRip (A telesync (TS) is a bootleg recording of a film recorded in a movie theater, sometimes filmed using a professional camera on a tripod in the projection booth. This has the odd effect of making the visit to Heaven in this film seem like a deus ex machina; it is not really the subject of the film but its out-of-the-blue resolution. Kylie Rogers, who was 11 when the movie was shot, is incredibly good at depicting the young Anna Beam’s mood swings, as this normally upbeat young girl sobs over her pain and gets angry with her mother for suggesting that she get a shower. The film has moments of silent introspection, like when Christy stares up at a skylight while receiving some bad news, or when Anna is drawn to an abstract painting at an art gallery.

A few scenes with Queen Latifah as a waitress who befriends the Beams play like warmed-over comic relief.
One scene begins with an Angry Birds video feed that looks like someone ran an HDMI cable between an iPad and the movie projector.
And in an obvious bit of product placement, the Beam children repeatedly watch Sony Pictures Animation films. And the computer-generated Heaven sequence is thankfully not the kitschfest it could have been.Interestingly, the film goes out of its way to let us know that the Beams are regular consumers of pop culture. And when the film concludes with a look at the real-life Beams, the tune playing on the soundtrack is a Beatles cover.

In addition to his award-winning film column for that paper, his news and opinion pieces have appeared in such publications as Books & Culture, Christianity Today, Bible Review and the Vancouver Sun.

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