Sometimes in order to really grasp what is going on around us we have to change how we view it.
Check out this amazing video footage that will change the way you see our magnificent world!
Perhaps we will begin to learn from our observations enough to develop powerful natural technologies that work with the earths natural design.
With our modern world full of rampant consumerism, pollution, and the destruction of the environment A happening at a dangerously rapid pace, it’s becoming painfully clear we need to start doing something different. The basis is to recognize that all of the strain and stress in your eyes is not solely related to your eyes, but the stress that you are carrying around in your body, particularly in your face, which relates heavily to your brain as well. Close your eyes gently and look into the sun absorbing the light (also while relaxing the muscles). This entry was posted in Good Morning, Life, Positive Thinking, Thought For The Day and tagged magic, Miracles, Wishes. Over the last few days I've seen multiple reports referring to a bonfire in Poland which resembled the Pope, John Paul. While many feel this is some type of miracle which is unique to Poland, others know this type "Miracle" is not restricted to Poland and in fact similar events have happened elsewhere.

As you can see this bonfire which was reportedly seen in Central Ontario is quite a likeness of British Columbia's very own Bigfoot.
And finally, from somewhere in the Southwest Calgary area, ultra conservative worshippers have been flocking to this fire to bask in the glow of the image of their answer to George W.
A With technology today we can speed things up, slow them down, make them really big, or even shrink them down in order to witness the real miracle going on. A What is the benefit to the expansion of our mind seeing plants as living, breathing and moving organisms?
A Could zooming in an observing the microscopic world change our understanding of creation?
A Through watching the dragonfly experts are finding ways to mimic the designs from nature and change how we will fly in the future. A I started watching the free videos they offered and fell so hopelessly in love with the ideas presented that I enrolled in the Permaculture Certification class they offered, deciding this was the direction I wanted to take with my life. Several years ago I began feeling as though I wanted my eyes to be better, and I didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on laser surgery. Beginning by realizing the stress in your face – and relaxing the muscles around your eyes is the first step of this, and understand that healing is a process which can take some time, especially if your external environment is a particularly stressful one.

This can facilitate a calm, warming soothing feeling across your whole face and even the rest of your body, and can greatly help relax. A  I hope to share with you the same feelings of hope, inspiration and determination that studying permaculture gives me. So I began practicing healing my eyes with will alone, and some various ingredients that I had picked up along the way. A I always notice that my eyesight worsens when I am more busy and stressed out in my head.
A This is good to do for a few seconds while the sun is rising and when it is setting because the suns rays are less powerful during those times, and will be less harmful to your eyes. A Any fruits and vegetables will be good for your eyesight, especially ones containing vitamin E and zinc.

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