Many others ran from all the surrounding cities to find Jesus.When Jesus saw the crowds, he had pity on them and he welcomed them.
Now that the multitude had been fed to the full, and since Jesus' fame was then and there augmented by this stupendous wonder, the project to seize the Master and proclaim him king required no further personal direction.
Jesus taught them and healed all their diseases.Later on, he and his disciples went into the mountain, and Jesus sat with them. The reaction of the multitude to this sudden and spectacular supplying of their physical needs was profound and overwhelming.
He said to Phillip:Where can we buy bread enough for all these people to eat?Jesus already knew what he was going to do, but said this to test Philip.

For a long time the Jew had been taught that the Messiah, the son of David, when he should come, would cause the land again to flow with milk and honey, and that the bread of life would be bestowed upon them as manna from heaven was supposed to have fallen upon their forefathers in the wilderness. When they had done this, Jesus commanded all the people to sit down on the grass in groups of 50.He took the bread and fish and looked up to heaven.
In the eyes of these simple-minded people the power to feed carried with it the right to rule. Every inch he looked a king as he continued to speak to this breathless multitude: "You would make me king, not because your souls have been lighted with a great truth, but because your stomachs have been filled with bread. This kingdom of heaven which we proclaim is a spiritual brotherhood, and no man rules over it seated upon a material throne.

My Father in heaven is the all-wise and the all-powerful Ruler over this spiritual brotherhood of the sons of God on earth. Have I so failed in revealing to you the Father of spirits that you would make a king of his Son in the flesh! While this great miracle did nothing to further the gospel of the kingdom in the souls of material-minded and halfhearted believers, it did serve the purpose of bringing to a head the miracle-seeking and king-craving proclivities of Jesus' immediate family of apostles and close disciples.

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