Would you like to Comment on Report on Islam & Science and Endorse Istanbul Declaration? Monica Kennedy writes for TCC about seeing the Shroud of Turin with her young children in Germany. Pope Francis has authorized the public display of the Shroud of Turin to commemorate the 200th anniversary of St.
Respect for life and for the dignity of the human person also extends to the rest of creation, which is called to join man in praising God.

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Munir Nayfeh Nanotechnology, a field that attracts billions of dollars of research funding and thousands of scientists and engineers, has been hailed as the technology of the 21st century. Yarub Al-Douri The fear of science, though however common, is an unjustified one, especially when science is solely blamed for the world problems.
A distinguished Advisory Board of science and innovation leaders from across the Islamic World and elsewhere provides guidance and advice.

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