Probing the depths of the Earth and taking pains to uncover the secrets of its internal structure and composition, scientists came to realize that the old myths about the Earth are scientifically baseless. However, the three-layer theory didn’t hold true for long, owing to recent discoveries in Geology. Under such pressure the material transforms into the solid state, which means that the core of the Earth is solid and is enclosed by a liquid layer of extremely high temperature. Measurement devices developed and scientists were able to observe a clear distinction between the different parts of the Earth’s interior. Having discovered these layers, scientists found themselves dividing the Earth into seven layers and no more.
Scientists also found out that the atom consists of seven layers which confirms the uniformity of the creation because the system that governs the creation of the whole universe is one, the earth consists of seven layers and each atom on it consists of seven layers too. The layers of the Earth are radically different in composition, density, temperature and material.
The first verse is talking about two characteristics of the heavens; their number, that is seven, and the arrangement of them (one above the other) or ‘in layers’. Pondering on the Hadith (sayings) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), we’ll find one that asserts the existence of the seven layers of the earth concentric and one above the other.
From this article we find that the Holy Quran and the Hadith reached these facts about the earth long before modern science did. We are going to live with a great sign of Gods’ be he Blessed and Exalted which is reflected in the world of seas and rivers as he says…..
It is a great sign as God told us about an existing scientific fact between the river and sea in the area called downstream (which is the mouth of the river into the sea), it’s a very sensitive and important area and scientists didn’t realize its importance except in the last few years.
A few months ago, Scientists from the United States of America had undertaken a new research to study this area, the area where the river pours in the sea, as they brought down their machines into the deepest point in the downstream.
The Quran has told us about a phenomenon that despite the influx of fresh rivers in the salty seas none of them can dominate on the other, which means that despite the hugeness of the salty sea it’s not possible for it to dominate the river or makes its water salty. Of course these facts were unknown in the time of Quran, but it recently drew the attention of scientists after the massive pollution in the environment and in rivers as well, as the downstream area was considered to be the safety valve for this fresh water that God exploited to us. The first result is that a continuous blending occurs between fresh water and salty water in this region, which means that God be he Blessed and Exalted when he said (And it is He Who has let free the two seas (kinds of water) which means that he was the one who created the two seas (the fresh sea and the salty sea) and here we must know whyGod be he Blessed and Exalted said (And it is He Who has let free the two seas) not (let free the river and the sea). When scientists studied this area which is the downstream area, they found a continuous merging and mixing of fresh water and salty water occurs. We can observe these differences through the graphic curves drawn by those researchers as they studied the temperature of the downstream region and found big differences and dissimilarities between day and night and from season to another .They found differences in the salinity of this region because of the mixing of fresh water and salty water. And the new thing founded for the first time by scientists is that the flow of fresh water in salty water is turbulent and not stable, and that the stable flow has no troubles, as the turbulent flow of water means that there are swirling and there are differences in the speed of flow from one point to another.
And when I returned back to Arabic ******** dictionaries to search about the meaning of let free in ( And it is He Who has let free) I found that this word contains three meanings which are founded by scientists recently, one of the meanings is (blending and mixing), the second is (let free means the difference) and the third is (let free means the turbulence). Therefore God said about those skeptical who are confused that they are ( so they are in a confused state)part of Verse 5(Qaf) which means they are turbulent and not stable, as their talking about Quran and their suspicions about Islam looks like a turbulent and unstable human(so they are in a confused state)their status is turbulent.
Here human wonders from the accuracy of the divine imaging that Gods’ be he blessed and exalted chose one word to describe the accurate physical reactions which happens in this area when he said (And it is He Who has let free the two seas) as the word let free is top of the scientific accuracy. But the question: why God said (the two seas) not (the river and the sea) as we said before? When scientists studied the seas, they found that rivers is not the only source of fresh water and that there are huge reservoirs of fresh water in and under the bottom of the oceans which continuously flows from the oceans’ bottom. So, each spring at the bottom of the ocean pumps a huge amount of fresh water which is as many times of what is pumped by that river. Here, we realize why God be he blessed and exalted said (And it is He Who has let free the two seas) because there is a fresh and hidden sea which we don’t see with our eyes but it exists.
If we look at these pictures we’ll find that the water of the fresh spring is colored in the picture with another color which indicates that this area contains cold fresh water, here we find that God be he blessed and Exalted is very accurate in his expressions when he said (And it is He Who has let free the two seas) which means that there is a fresh sea other than the rivers we see, there is a fresh sea at the bottom of the oceans and there is a salty sea. As rivers water is not 100% palatable but it contains a small percentage of salts, minerals and some chemical compounds .Also seas water contains a superfluous amount of salinity, in each cubic meter of sea water there is around 35 kilograms of salt , there is a superfluous amount of salinity in seas so God be he exalted say ) and that is salt and bitter) .
And about palatable water he did not only say (This is palatable) only but he said (sweet) and the word sweet in the Arabic ******** means pleasant taste, so if river water is 100% palatable it would be with no taste but when it mix with these salts and minerals, they give it the pleasant taste which we feel during drinking this palatable water.
When god be he blessed and exalted said (This is palatable and sweet, and that is salt and bitter) so Quran dealt with the water issue with a great amount of scientific accuracy, today hydrologists classify water according to the degree of water impurity or salts it contains so the distilled water is 100% palatable water and the sweet water is the water of rivers which contains a few amount of salts which we don’t feel with but it exists, so God be he blessed and exalted said (This is palatable and sweet) and the sea water contains a superfluous amount of salt when nobody knows about that, Quran described sea water to us as (and that is salt and bitter).
Indeed it is proved that this interval area between salty see and palatable river has different characteristics, properties and advantages than that of the two seas (palatable and salty).
Why God be he blessed and exalted told us about the barrier, sweet water, bitter water,a complete partition, mixing, blending and disturbance, why? It means that every believer is required to strive for the sake of God but with a commensurate way to the era he lives in, as the holy Quran has mentioned Endeavour (jihad) in many places but the only time he mentioned the utmost Endeavour is in this verse. Since we live in the age of science, scientific technologies and scientific findings so the best way to invite non Muslims to Islam is the ******** of scientific truths which is included in Quran because when God be he blessed and exalted told us about this fact, it was for one target which is to make this fact as a weapon in Muslims’ hands to invite non Muslims to the way of God be he blessed and exalted .
2- Matthew Charette, Ann Mulligan, Water Flowing Underground, Oceanus, December 10, 2004. A recent British study has found that the growth of the brain lasts until almost the age of forty and then it stops afterwards.
Have you ever thought about the enormous distances and constant journeys of blood in your veins without stopping to feed the tissues of your body, supply them with the required oxygen, and remove the toxins and waste?

Scientists have found that tolerance and forgiveness boost the immune system, help cure diseases, help lower blood pressure, and protect the body from heart attacks and strokes. This post is also available in: English, Arabic, Bosnian, TurkishE i sheh kodrat e mendon se ato jane te palevizshme, ndersa ato levizin si rete, (kjo eshte) mjeshteri e All-llahut qe persosi cdo send, e Ai eshte hollesisht i njohur se cka punoni.
Ajeti ne fjale asgjeson mendimin per nje Bote konstante i cili rrjedhe nga nje koncept i gabuar i njerezve dhe keshtu ia ngjason levizjen e kodrave me pamje me konstante levizjes se mjegullave, sinjalizon ne njohurit e pabesueshme per periudhen e asaj kohe.
Ky sinjal i pabesueshem per njerezit qe jetuan ne periudhen e Pejgamberit, ne shekullin e pare nuk kuptoheshe flitej si nje sinjal per kiametin. Ajo qe shpjegohet per ndodhite e dites se kiametit ne Kuran nuk jane ndodhi qe nuk munde kuptohen, por e kunderta gjithcka do te zhduket, deshmitaret e kesaj do ti kaploi tmerri. Gabimet qe u ben ne shekullin e pare pas Pejgamberit, ne vitin 1970 ne Arabin Saudite Hoxhe Abdul Aziz Bin Baz ka shkruar, e kur te lexoni sqarimet qe thote se Bota eshte e pa levizshme dhe ai i cili e thote te kunderten emertohet si qafir me siguri do te toleronit nje gje te tille! Paraqitem shembuj nga bota Islame dhe njerezit e fese (!) qe bene akuza ndaj mendimit rreth levizjes se Botes.
Nese ndodhia ne lidhje me Galileun eshte me e njohura, fundi i gjithe asaj qe i ra ne krye pasi shfaqi haptazi levizjen e Botes. Derisa procedura vazhdonte Galileu, Koperniku dhe Kepleri mbrojten mendimin se Bota levize, Dielli eshte ne qender, dhe se Bota nuk eshte ne qender. O ju qe besuat, vertet nje shumice e parise fetare e jehudive dhe e te krishtereve, ne menyre te paligjshme e hane pasurine e njerezve dhe pengojne te tjeret nga rruga e All-llahut….
Se eshte nepunes fetar, injorante por i njohur si fetare dhe Teokrati ne syrin e tij eshte mbeshtjelle pangopesia (!) duhet ta ruajme veten nga njerezit. Ky ajet ne Kuran te cilin e studiuam nuk eshte ajeti i vetem i cili sinjalizon levizjen e Botes. Njekohesisht munde te kete edhe sinjal tjeter te mundshem ajeti qe shqyrtuam ne kete kapitull. Measurements and recent tests showed that the pressure of the material of the Earth’s core is immense and reaches three million times the pressure at the surface.
This also means that the core of the Earth consists of 2 layers not just one; a solid inner core and a liquid upper core. The Cut-away view below shows these layers drawn to scale according to the recent findings of scientists. We note the thin crust then the four layers of the Mantle increasing gradually in thickness. The second verse asserts the similarity between the Earth and the heavens (And the Earth the like of them), so as the heavens consist of seven layers, the earth identically consists of seven layers. The prophet (PBUH) said: (Whoever usurps even one span of the land, his neck will be encircled because of it with seven earths) [narrated by Al Bukhari]. Not just that the Hadith determines the number of the earth’s layers, seven, and determines the arrangement of these layers, but it also bears an indication to the sphericity of the earth. The Quran had given us the precise description of the earth’s internal structure (layers one above the other) and also had given us the exact number of these layers, seven, while it took scientists long years of theorizing and re-theorizing to come up with the same conclusions.
And as we know that all rivers pour in seas as each river has got a source from a certain area and it flows till it ends in the sea where it pours this fresh water and this fresh water penetrates the salty water for a few kilometers and throw its water in the salty sea .
And they found also great differences in temperature, percentage of salinity and density of water specially in that region. This fresh water which flows from the bottom of oceans sometimes reaches the surface of water, goes for thousands of meters till it reaches the surface of water. Verse 53 (Al-Furqan) which means that human must pay attention to the importance of this area, and not to contaminate it because Gods be he blessed and exalted made it a very sensitive balancing area ,and it is a source for you human and other creatures in this area. Verse 53 (Al-Furqan) as if God be he blessed and exalted wants to send us a message through this cosmic truth that one day the utmost Endeavour (jihad) will be by the use of science and by the truths of Quran as when God talks to us, he says (but strive against them) which means with Quran, how can we strive the non believers by Quran?
Today, physicians advise their patients who suffer from psychological disorders to practise and learn tolerance and forgiveness and help people. Mendimi i pa arritshem ne maje te kodres, ne baze te disa mentaliteteve primitive tek besimet ne shume zota, u be shkak qe te mendohet se ne maje te kodrave qendrojne Zotet.
Edhe ai qe aspak nuk dine Arabisht lete e kupton se eshte nje interpretim i gabuar dhe kontradikte me Kuranin. Ne mesjete kisha krishtere ne lidhje me Universin dhe Boten kishte pranuar si mendimin zyrtare ate te Aristos dhe Batlamjusit.
Kjo arrihet duke mesuar Kuranin si burim fetar i vertete, eshte e mundur te kerkosh argumentin nga Kurani se ku bazohen nepunesit fetar. Ne kapitullin e 10, shqyrtuam ajetin 33 te Sures Enbija, ajeti ne fjale sinjalizon levizjen e Toke njejte sikur Dielli dhe Hena.
Sikur qe leviz Universi bashku me Boten keshtu qe edhe kodrat qe duken konstante te palevizshme, jane ne gjendje levizshmerie me copat e ngurta te koordinuara. Underneath the Lithosphere are three layers distinct in density, pressure and temperature.
The notion of the seven layers is relatively new and didn’t exist at the time the Quran was revealed.
Now we can see that the Quran had determined the structure of the Earth, which is in layers, and had also determined the number of these layers, that is seven. Here the prophet gave another characteristic of the layers, encirclement, by saying (will be encircled with it) and this is how the layers truly look like, they are concentric and each one encircles the one underneath it.

The picture of oceans and bays taken by satellites show the existence of these springs which usually mix with salty water. Scientifically speaking, the heart whose size is no more than double the fist beats without stopping at an average rate of 100,000 beats a day i.e. They have also discovered that happiness couldn’t be attained though money but rather through offering help to whoever needs it.
Sa eshte e pa arritshme ne maje te kodres po aq eshte mashtrues per njerezit pamja konstante e pa levizshme e tyre.
Ajetin qe hulumtuam, mendimi i njerezve se kodrat jane te palevizshme, por thuhet se kjo eshte nje gabim. Galileu beson se Allahu e krijoje gjithesine, ishte nje shkencetar i besueshem qe beri studime shkencore. Kush e din ndoshta nuk dridhet, nuk luan, por ndoshta zbulojme levizje te reja te kodrave qe menduam se nuk levizin.
In other words, the Quran had given a precise description of the earth’s interior, thus it preceded the scientists of the twenty-first century by fourteen centuries in proving this fact. 40 million beats a year to pump blood constantly in a strong network of blood vessels that’s known as the circulatory system whose length is about 97,000 km !!! Nese levizin kodrat qe jane me dukje me konstante, kuptohet se bashku me ata leviz edhe rruzulli tokesor. Ajo qe shpjegohet ne ajet nga levizja e kodrave, ne asnje menyre nuk eshte e qarte se ne diten e kiametit kodrat do te levizin. Ne te kunderten ngel qafir dhe duhet te vritet si i dale nga feja dhe pasuria e tij hedhet ne banken e myslimaneve. Ne baze te ligjit te Sarkacit, deri tek ligji i zbritjes edhe shume rregulla tjera fizike te rendesishme nxori ne pah.
Galileu mbeti ne mes vdekjes dhe nenshkrimit te fletes pendese per pranimin e gabimit, nenshkroi dokumentin pendese, deklaroj se ka mbrojtur mendimin e gabuar. Ne vitin 1915 Alfred Wegener llogaritet si shkencetare i pare i cili me kumtesen qe botoi nxori ne shesh kete formim, edhe pse ne fillim hasi ne kundershtime por me kalimin e kohes nga hulumtimet qe bene fizikanet teza e Wegenerit u pranua si e drejte. The required time for the blood to travel through the circulatory system is merely twenty seconds. Miraculously, the holy Qur’an is in absolute harmony with the instinct of man for we always choose between two things such as the good or the bad, right or wrong, guidance or delusion, heaven or hell, generosity or stinginess, justice or oppression, good or evil, etc. Ne baze ta atyre qe mendojne, se Bota rrotullohet, atehere nuk do te kishte nje rregull ne shtet, kodra, drune, lumenj, dete. Kisha mendimin e saje e shprehte si reflektim i vullnetit te Zotit, per ate periudhe te dalsh kunder ketyre mendimeve vleresoheshe sikur me dal kunder Zotit.
Oqeani dhe pjeset e ngurta e formojne mbeshtjellesin tokesor (keto thirren tablo) lekunden e meshojne ne njera tjetren sikur mbi liqen shperndahen, hyne njera nder tjetren, ferkohen njera me tjetren. Truly, among your wives and your children are (some that are) enemies to yourselves: so beware of them! Njerezit do te shihnin se si do te rreshqasin vendet prej perendimit ne lindje dhe prej lindjes ne perendim. Sikur qe shihet nepunesit fetar injorante tregojne se feja me shkencen vine ndeshe, ne udheheqjen e ketyre institucioneve fetare ishin keto nepunes fetar. Qendroje ne burg aq sa deshiron Engizisyon, tre vite qendroj mbyllur derisa ishte ne burg nje here ne jave hante dhe vazhdimisht lexonte shkrimin pendese. Ne librat e historise ajo qe kaloje mes Kishes dhe Galileut tregohet si nje shembull me i mire i konfliktit mes fes dhe shkences. Ky problem do te zgjidheshe sikur te pengoheshe mos te perzihej shpallja e Allahut me te thenat e njerezve.
Megjithese shihet se shkak i konfliktit nuk eshte feja, tregimi i shtatit me etiketen fetare.
Sikur qe pame ne librin tone Kurani eshte i mbushur plote mrekulli, por ka burime qe ne emer te fese jane te pershtatur perplot me genjeshtra.
Per ndryshe njerezit duke shtuar opinionin e vet ne fe, do te vazhdonte mbrojtja se eshte gjynah ne fe. Kurani, per njerezit me etiket fetare qe shfaqin shtatin dhe dhune, per interesat e tyre materiale per padrejtesine qe bejne neve na e terheqe verejtjen. Ata qe si udheheqes fetar mbajne keto libra perplot me llomotitje, Kuranin e mbajne vetem si liber leximi, dhe nuk orvaten te kuptojne, demin me te madh ia dhane fese. Punimi yne ne lidhje me mrekullite e Kuranit iu drejtohet te gjitheve ateisteve, te pa feve dhe fetareve. Ata qe perziejne fene me shpikje munde te shfrytezojne librin tone, duhet te kuptojne sigurine e Kuranit dhe duhet te dine se me shpikje dhe me besime te kot nga burimet tjera nuk kuptohet asgje.

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