I’m here with a short tutorial on how to effectively communicate with your graphic designer – you will save time, money, and the most important aspect of all, you won’t get frustrated, or annoyed. Some things may seem out of the ordinary, or just plain wrong, and when those things come up, you should have a discussion with your designer and let him explain why he is taking that path. Designing isn’t easy, nor it is a mystery, but for the untrained eye it may appear confusing. When you first talk to your graphic designer on what you want from the project, you should also make it specifically clear what you don’t want to be present. This will ensure that your message has been clearly sent, and your designer will know what to stay away from.
And don’t forget to provide regular feedback, when it is asked, and when you think it may count.
And one of the most important things not to forget is that if graphic designing was easy, we would all be creative professionals, but it clearly isn’t. Don’t forget that the sky is the limit, and you should be open minded to new ideas, new perspective, and new designs.

Remember that you are hiring a graphic designer that can be working from another continent. If you have anything to add, a tip that I didn’t think of, a better way to communicate together, please feel free to post in the comments section below.
This is true from hiring a client point of view, can you do a similar article when communicating between a project manager and a designer? And have a discussion with him based on your arguments of why you don’t want those particular things.
Take surrealism, for example, everyone thought of it to be a fad, something that will disappear in a couple of years, that it will not stand the test of time.
You need to take this in mind when you try to call him, or you get frustrated that he didn’t answer to your mail in an hour – he may be sleeping, he may be on his lunch break.
You need to meet your graphic designer halfway, and you should listen to his advice because he has way more experience than you in the domain.

I can’t clearly express what I want in words, so I send my graphic designer this picture of a dog eating a cheeseburger. It is your concept and you need to direct the resource, in this case the graphic designer, to attain what you want. Don’t take out the humanity out of your graphic designer, just because you have only Skype calls with him – he has problems like you do.
The collaboration has been great with him educating me on process, quality, end result; as much as I educating him on what we want to present.
Our products, at this point, are his images, so we consider him part of the team even though he is not an employee.

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