A secondary blog that focuses on the show Miraculous Lady Bug and any other fanfiction or art that comes with it. As Cat Noir, he wears a textured black skin-tight[9] catsuit with metal details and a golden bell on his chest. As Cat Noir, Adrien, having the freedom to act however he wants outside of his normal life, lets his wilder side come out, being cocky and outgoing.
They first meet in "Ladybug and Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)" as their superhero alter-egos. In the same episode, he meets Marinette in her civillian form at school, but he doesn't make a good first impression: Marinette thinks he was trying to stick a chewing gum on her seat, when in reality he was trying to detach it after Chloe stuck it.
He is fully aware that Hawk Moth is the culprit for the akumas and supervillains, but it's unknown if he has ever officially met him.
In "Stone Heart (Origin Part 2)", Cat Noir and Ladybug are introduced to Hawk Moth when akumas form a large version of Hawk Moth's head while fighting Stone Heart at the Eiffel Tower. While loving his father and doing what he can to please him, like modelling for him, Adrien is disappointed in how little time he spends with him or how little love and attention he gives to him. Nathalie takes care of Adrien's needs, but her mostly serious nature towards him, not unlike his father, doesn't help him connect with her on any personal level. Although having known Chloe when he was younger, Adrien still recognizes her as being rude toward others and doesn't seem very interested in her affection towards him.
Adrien seems to trust Alya's judgement; an example of this is when he suspected Chloe was Ladybug since Alya believed it.
The French name "Adrien" comes from the Roman cognomen "Hadrianus", which means "from Hadria". The earliest known appearance of Cat Noir was on the fake cover of Issue #12 of The Mini Menace Ladybug. It was later revealed that the Ladybug PV version had in fact been called Felix, and Felix and Adrien are not the same character. Adrien's appearance changed immensely from Felix's design (seen in the Ladybug PV) to his own design.
Adrien doesn't appear to have as many issues juggling his normal life with his superhero work as Marinette does. He correctly suspects he might know Ladybug in normal life without knowing it, as he mentions in "The Pharaoh", "Lady Wifi", and "Adrien's Letter to Ladybug".
Ladybug kisses him in "Dark Cupid", but he doesn't remember it due to him being under the effect of Dark Cupid's arrows at the time. In "The Pharaoh", when Adrien doesn't want to battle all the mummies while Ladybug takes all the glory, his tail visibly moves. In "Dark Cupid", when Cat Noir isn't able to confess to Ladybug because their transformations are about to run out, his ears move down. He's been turned evil three times so far, having fallen under the influence of Dark Cupid's hate arrows, ending up under the control of the Puppeteer and being affected by Princess Fragrance's perfume. If you wish to file a DMCA please send your notices and communication to the original uploader or content host.
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As part of our mission to develop the most complete searchable index of video files legally posted on the Internet for promotional and other legal purposes, our search crawler continuously crawls the Internet for new, legally posted video files. Underneath, he wears a black shirt with five horizontal stripes around the chest which are colored, from top to bottom, yellow, olive green, bright green, dark green, and periwinkle.
While liking to have fun, he is more serious, obedient, and less lively due to his strict upbringing. More optimistic and open, Cat Noir says whatever comes to his mind and makes a lot of jokes and puns, many being cat-related.

To his constant exasperation, she doesn't seem to reciprocate his feelings or thinks that he's just faking them.
As a team, they work well together, although Cat Noir sometimes feels like he has to do more of the dirty work because he cannot purify akumas. Cat Noir is very impressed by her wits and skill in combat, and he's even more pleasantly surprised the next episode, when she gives a speech to the whole of Paris after defeating Hawk Moth's head made of akumas and when she manages to defeat Stone Heart, save Mylene from falling and capture the akuma all at once. Marinette is deeply offended, but they make up at the end of the episode, when Adrien explains the truth and offers his umbrella to her while it was raining. Unlike Tikki, Plagg doesn't help Adrien much or usually do what he wants, and Adrien sometimes has to bribe him with cheese just to get him to help him transform. Gabriel's aloofness and negligence hurts Adrien deeply, like when Gabriel doesn't attend his class's parent show and tell.
He openly acknowledges and appreciates her kindness and assistance but her professional tone when she addresses him bars Adrien from confiding in her. When he learns from Nino that Alya thinks Chloe is Ladybug, Adrien is shocked, becoming relieved after Ladybug appears while he is spying on Chloe, who is cosplaying as Ladybug.
Though there is not much interaction between them, Adrien and Alya are friendly to one another when an encounter arises. In the days of the Roman Empire, Hadria was a town in northern Italy and the namesake of the Adriatic Sea.
For some time, this name appeared on the original French version of Zagtoon's official website,[14] but has since disappeared with newer equally reliable sources calling him Adrien. Adrien was made around 2012 to replace Felix.[15] Felix, the previous version of Cat Noir, with Marinette in the Ladybug PV. Felix's design included more formal clothing with black and gray colors, desaturated green eyes, and a tidier hairstyle. This is seen in "Lady Wifi" when he, as Cat Noir, gets locked into a freezer and the impact causes his ring to fall off his finger, which makes him revert back to normal. He also moves his tail in some more subtle ways as seen in various episodes when his tail swings above the ground instead of getting dragged behind him.
These companies may use information about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements on this site and other sites about goods and services that may be of interest to you. We are, however, primarily an information location tool, and we maintain no editorial oversight over the links in our search index. His skin is a pale tan with a rosy tint, especially around his cheeks, nose and the tips of his ears. On the ring finger of his right hand, he wears a silver-colored ring that he uses to transform into Cat Noir. If something makes him sad, he tries to downplay his feelings on it, like his relationship with his father. In his attempts to get Ladybug's attention, along with other people, he brags and boasts about himself but he's not arrogant[10]: his change to his superhero status doesn't diminish his kindness and concern for others, among a lot of his other personality traits like irritation proneness and loyalty. If she needs help or encouragement, he gives it to her, and despite noticing how awkward she acts around him sometimes, he can tell that she is a good person. Occasionally, he loses his bravado around her, like during Valentines' Day after defeating Dark Cupid in the episode of the same name.
Despite his crush on her, he doesn't agree with everything she says and questions her if she becomes irrational. Adrien is often exasperated with Plagg's behavior and seems doubtful of Plagg's honesty, not believing him when Plagg says he didn't eat his phone.
He is very pleased whenever Gabriel does something for him, being grateful for the scarf from Gabriel (albeit actually being from Marinette) that he got for his birthday. When Gabriel denies Nino's request for Adrien to have a birthday party, Adrien apologizes to Nino about his father. He shows much more patience with her than Marinette does, still guarding her in "The Evillustrator" after Ladybug angrily leaves.

He uses his staff efficiently, knowing how to spin it, wield it like a sword, and take advantage of its duplication and length-changing features. The Adriatic Sea is known for the dark-colored sand on its beaches, and for this reason, the same name is also commonly translated as "dark one".
However, some sources have called Cat Noir "Black Cat" instead.[13] In the English dubbed version, his name is Cat Noir. Additionally, he wears blue jeans and orange sneakers with white laces and a logo of a black butterfly in a circle on the sides. He wears matching gloves that have claws on the fingertips, and boots with a hidden wedge and silver toes. He thinks reasonably, and he will express annoyance and frustration when someone is being difficult or something is going wrong. While more prone to goofing off, Cat Noir gets serious when needed, like when fighting an akumatized villain. As Cat Noir, he teams up with Marinette to stop the Evillustrator in the episode of the same name, and he promises to protect her. Sometimes they have disagreements, but they know how to work them out and defeat any villain. Even though he is often frustrated with Plagg, Adrien confides in him and appreciates what support he gets from him. He doesn't have a good relationship with his father, but as his response to the Bubbler's complaint about parents, he knows not all parents are like Gabriel.
While shocked when he discovers Nino has become a supervillain, the Bubbler, Adrien is thankful for Nino wanting to make him happy, and he doesn't hold anything against him after he is changed back to normal. He is one of the very few people who is on friendly terms with her, despite her spoiled attitude, although he has no problem calling her out on her rude treatment on other people. He is also good at video games, being able to beat Max, but is less skilled than Marinette.He is familiar with karate, as revealed in "Simon Says" when he, perhaps jokingly, states that he'd quit practising. We are not a "file sharing" site, peer to peer or otherwise; and we in no way support or endorse illegal copying of video. Though not very openly emotional or affectionate to most people, he is friendly and encouraging, and, for those he is close to, he has an easier time letting his feelings show.
It's rare for him to reveal his vulnerable, Adrien-like side, but it does come through at times, such as quietly commenting that not all parents are loving in "The Bubbler" and trying in vain to tell Ladybug about his love for her before their transformations wear off in "Dark Cupid".
Afterwards, as Adrien, he asks her what she thinks of Cat Noir, and he assumes from her jumbled response (which is her trying to say he, Adrien, is cooler) that she thinks he is cool, to his satisfaction. Cat Noir is fully willing to risk his life to protect her, having shielded her from lethal attacks. However, Plagg does show that he cares for Adrien, like when he gives him cheese as a present for his birthday in "The Bubbler" (even though Adrien dislikes the smell of it and thus Plagg eats it himself) or when he comforts Adrien in "Rogercop" because he's sad that his father wouldn't come to school.
Adrien acknowledges in "Adrien's Double Life" that his father changed ever since his mother disappeared and tries to be there for him, even if it's difficult with his aloof behavior.
His special power, Cataclysm, damages anything that he touches with his ring hand, although it drains his power and reverts him back to Adrien shortly afterwards.
Because we do not own or have editorial control over these third party sites, it is possible that our index may link to some video files that were posted without the copyright owner's authorization. Determined to help others and save the day, Cat Noir really cherishes being uninhibited by his civilian life as a superhero. In later episodes, such as "Kung Food" and "The Gamer", Adrien starts treating her like a closer friend, being very supportive and friendly. Sometimes, he disobeys his father's orders, like in "The Puppeteer" when he gets out to go to the cinema without the Gorilla knowing.

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