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Toward the end of the semester, you will be asked to write a 3-page research proposal (double-spaced, font size 12) about one of the topics discussed at the seminar. Students can soon earn credit through MIT's free online courses, finish grad degree on campus.
A doctoral student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reads outside a building at the Cambridge, Mass. In a pilot project announced Wednesday, students will be able to take a semester of free online courses in one of MIT's graduate programs and then, if they pay a "modest fee," earn a "MicroMaster's" degree, the school said. The new degree represents half of the university's one-year master's degree program in supply chain management. The fee for the MicroMaster's degree amounts to what it now costs to receive a "verified certificate" for finishing online classes, the university said. Amid the growth of free online courses, some academics predicted that it would spell the end of traditional college courses, and perhaps undermine the need for university degrees. This year, Arizona State University started offering freshman courses online for free, with the option to pay for course credit later at a cost of up to $200 per credit hour.

MIT and Harvard were seen as pioneers in 2011 when they created the provider for free online courses, edX.
With more than 2,200 courses available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge. The proposal will consist of a summary of the background, a testable hypothesis and a couple of experiments (with crucial controls) to test this hypothesis. As part of the pilot project, students who perform well in the online half can apply to finish the second semester on campus, though they would have to pay tuition for that part.
But MIT follows other schools trying to merge those online classes with a university-stamped degree. The Georgia Institute of Technology offers an online master's degree in computer science for $6,600, but the classes can be taken for free without credit. The idea was to spread education far, snipping the tie between knowledge and academic credit. Students who fare well during the online semester will boost their chances of being accepted into the full master's program, the school said. MIT is announcing a pilot graduate program and students will take the first part entirely through MOOCs (massive open online courses). At the end, students who start the program online would pay less than those who take the full year on campus. The University of Illinois has an online master's degree in business using a similar model.

Although the pilot program will reintroduce course credit, MIT says it's the next step along the same path. Use your own body as a starting point for an exploration of the self, including psychological and physical aspects and concepts of identity. The second part of the assignment asks you to interact with your body extension in a way that significantly alters your experience of it.
Assignment 3: Made Public (PDF) Create a work of art in a public place that addresses the physical, psychological and social dimensions of the site.
You will be asked to research various public sites in order to locate an appropriate context within which to respond. Consideration of the political and ethical implications of working in a public area will be central to the development of the project. Student Work 2005 The work of the students from the class is presented below, organized by media type.

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