For guests traveling from out of town, MIT Sloan has reserved blocks of hotel rooms at area hotels. For directions to MIT and information about transportation and parking, please visit Getting to MIT.
At this moment, in classrooms, laboratories, and hallways across MIT Sloan, some of the world's most audacious thinkers are launching change.
Our executive education programs are designed to help managers not only solve problems, but also see opportunities these problems may present, and discover new and innovative sources of revenue in those opportunities!The Management and Leadership Certificate is an ideal option for technical executives seeking to enhance their general management and leadership skills in order to become effective leaders in a dynamic business world.
Spear is a well-recognized expert on how select organizations manage complex development, design, and delivery efforts to create unmatched rates of internally generated, broad-based improvement and innovation. Pierre Azoulay is the Sloan Distinguished Associate Professor of Management and an Associate Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management.Azoulay teaches courses on strategy and technology strategy at MIT Sloan. MIT Sloan's Pierre Azoulay takes a broad, conceptual view of how CUs need to embrace technology to drive innovation and market success. They're the MIT Sloan faculty, and their world renown was built over the last century by such pioneers as Jay Forrester, the father of system dynamics; John D. The curriculum focuses on core business competencies including marketing, finance, negotiations, change management, and systems thinking.This year, we are offering several new management training programs created to address some of the most immediate issues many organizations and executives may be facing.

Resulting leadership on reliability, agility, cost, quality, safety, and so forth produces sustainable competitive advantage even in the face of intense rivalry. Previously, he was an associate professor of management at Columbia Universitya€™s Graduate School of Business. His research centers on how organizational design and social networks influence the productivity of research and development in the healthcare sector.
Spear's a€?Fixing Healthcare from the Inside, Today,a€? won a McKinsey Award as one of the best Harvard Business Review articles in 2005 and his fourth Shingo Prize for Research Excellence.
Currently, Azoulay is studying the impact of superstar researchers on the research productivity of their colleagues in the academic life sciences. He also is interested in the topic of academic entrepreneurship, having recently concluded a major study of the antecedents and consequences of academic patenting.
He has been interviewed on Bloomberg TV and radio and on CBS News and quoted in a number of magazines and newspapers and has spoken to audiences as diverse as the Association for Manufacturing Excellence and the Institute of Medicine.As a consultant and advisor, Spear works actively with organizations to develop their capacity for high speed sustained improvement and innovation.
In the past, he has investigated the outsourcing strategies of pharmaceutical firms, in particular the role played by contract research organizations in the clinical trials process.
He played an integral role in developing the Alcoa Business System, which has been credited with saving hundreds of millions of dollars in Alcoa's annual report, and the Perfecting Patient Care system of the Pittsburgh Regional Healthcare Initiative, which helped raise quality and safety of care in area hospitals and which has been credited with saving many lives and much money.

His clients include organizations such as Lockheed Martin, John Deere, Intel, Intuit, Brigham Women's Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He consulted for the MacArthur Foundation, and works with Toyota on supplier development efforts. A senior lecturer, both in MIT's Sloan School of Management and also the Engineering Systems Division, Spear teaches a course about high velocity organizations in the Leaders for Global Operations Program and in several executive education programs. He supports the Institute for Healthcare Improvement efforts as a senior fellow.Speara€™s academic degrees include a doctorate from Harvard Business School, master's degreesa€”in management and mechanical engineeringa€”from MIT, and a bachelor's degree in economics from Princeton. He worked for the investment bank Prudential-Bache, the US Congress Office of Technology Assessment, and the University of Tokyo, and he taught at Harvard Business School for six years.

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