To begin with you must learn and master the skills of marketing and lead generation and I am not talking about writing down over 200 people in a names list. When you got started with your MLM in the beginning the training you are learning is to prospect people and peak their interest. World class training, from people whowalk their talk, real people getting results in their marketing, now, and you can click here for proof. If you’re anything like me, if you want to know something, then you go to the people who are already doing what you want to do – and I mean doing it BIG time, so if  ever I want to fine tune and get some more MLM secrets and tips on sponsoring and recruiting in MLM, then I go to two Masters in the industry, Ray Higdon and David Woods.
You see if you are sponsoring pretty well “offline” then it is likely that you will sponsor pretty well online, but if you have never sponsored anyone offline and have spoken to tons of people, then you likely “suck” at the whole recruitment game.    Hmmmm sorry to be so blunt, but I guess you need these MLM secrets that I’m about to share!
I sponsored 6 people in 11 days a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t speak to any of them before they signed up – do I recommend this when you’re first starting out?
The only reason I could do this was because I had a marketing funnel  in place that covered ALL the basics of prospecting and building the relationship for me.
The basics to MLM Sponsoring is in understanding the MLM secrets that make people want to  join you in your network marketing business. So, in order to satisfy those needs and understand the MLM secrets of becoming a monster recruiting machine, you need to have those 4 points covered and if you are just starting out then you either need an upline’s marketing system to “plug” into, or you need your own attraction marketing system like MLSP to help you attract prospects to you. 2)      Offer something free in exchange for their email address – again, this is easy if you use a quality marketing system like MLSP as they have loads of free training for you to give away.  This builds trust from the people who opt-in as they can see the quality and cutting edge strategies they can learn from you. 3)      Call your lead as soon as they have registered for your free information BUILD the relationship and ask them what they are struggling the most with and help them with a solution (more training and a demo of your marketing system). 5)      Maintain the relationship and the trust with your list by inviting them to check you out through your blog posts, videos, social media or articles. 6)      If you do points 1- 5 correctly, you will be the person that your prospect comes to when they are unhappy with their existing opportunity, or when they are looking for an additional or alternative opportunity.
1)      Once you have spoken to your prospect (read this for sample MLM scripts) then send them to a 3rd party presentation online. These are the biggest MLM Secrets I can share on becoming a monster recruiting machine like Ray Higdon and David Woods. Click either of the pictures for a free webinar training from master recruiter and number one income earner in his primary business, Mr Ray Higdon who will give you his best MLM secrets to sponsoring leaders. Thanks for sharing this valuable information Nicky and yes if Ray & Dave are doing it then I KNOW it’s on point! Fantastic tips Nicky, If you want to make it big time in multi-level marketing you must be a fast recruiting monster to achieve success in the home based industry. Yes I agree – it is a numbers game whether you do it offline or online, the retention figures are pretty similar, but at least with online marketing you are learning skills for life. That is so true – if people get that bit right Etieno, then this is marketing and the sales will follow. This blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 5 approved comments. Enter your email address to get this free PDF Blueprint and join my FREE Facebook Marketing Coaching Group. According to Wikipedia, MLM marketing is a way of doing business in which a sales force makes a commission not only for sales of products and services they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit and bring into the business, which produces a downline of suppliers and a hierarchy of several leveraged levels of compensation. First, let me share with you right up front… since 1996 my wife and I have built five six-figure even multiple six-figure businesses working part-time in our spare time online.
More than 80% of McD’s dining establishments are owned and run by independent company owner or service providers.
Now if YOU owned the master franchise, the mother-ship company, you not only earn money by selling burgers, fries and shakes from the 20% of the stores YOU personally own and operate … you likewise earn a small percentage on all the sales made by the entire organization including the other 80% you do not own or operate. No matter how you slice it, the only way you will ever develop a highly lucrative MLM marketing business is to be willing to MASTER the art and science of sales, marketing and leadership. So from my perspective, this industry offers the potential to literally create both time and financial freedom. One of the hardest things to learn about making money with your home based business should actually be learned BEFORE you decide to join any company. As I mentioned, I suggest you first take a close hard look at the various ways of building a profitable MLM marketing. Me and my wife teach you how to make money on the fast track by creating multiple streams of income using the internet. Let's Connect FREE Training RecommendedAbout blogadminSince 1996, Rob Fore has built five six-figure, even multiple six-figure businesses working part-time in his spare time online. 1- ???? ????? ???????? ?? ?? ????? ?? ???? ?????????? ???? ????? ???? ?? ???????? ???? ???? ????.
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Whether you’re a Network Marketing master or a total newb, we all struggle with marketing at one time or another. Anyway, there are like 100 different online marketing strategies you can use to drive traffic. As for getting high conversions, I’ve found the most effective strategy to be using a solid piece of opt in bait. I’m actually going to reveal how I use technology to automatically build relationships, get insane email open rates and generate almost instant cash flow. You should never expose your opportunity until a subscriber’s been on your list for at least 2 weeks. Towards the end of the second week, it’s totally ok to send an email solely for the purpose of selling an info product. You know how I recruit the most people into my company and make crazy amounts of money in the span of hours? This makes sure everyone on my list knows exactly what’s going on and all my active subscribers go watch the presentation. If you leave the doors open to your opportunity at all times, people will sit on the fence. Trumpet this message and after you have delivered, share how your opportunity can improve the person's life. This is the personal blog of David Wood, and the opinions, or expressions on this site are not the official opinion or stance of Empower Network, LLC or any other corporate entity.
I am talking about you learning how to market, brand, and promote yourself in a manner that is friendly, inviting, and trustworthy for potential customers.
This requires you to add or create MSI which means Multiple Sources of Income for yourself. That method is a outdated method as all it’s doing is pushing your opportunity on people. This is what is going to pay for your marketing so you don’t have to run out of money.
Together they share their passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop their marketing skills.
You become successful in network marketing when you are able to find a need and fill that need. We have a team of over 11,000 active distributors worldwide in one network marketing company and a team of over 8,600 in yet another. You can also put together a team of active distributors and get paid a commission on their sales as well. They have more than 33,000 dining establishments that serves more than 64 million people in 118 nations each day. The dark side is approximately 95% of the people who start a home business never make a profit. Bottom line – you have to learn how to market and have a marketing plan in place BEFORE you ever join a company. Take your time and go find a half a dozen people who have already succeeded and study what they do and what the do to continue to build their business. He is a best-selling author, teacher, trainer, motivational speaker and million dollar income earner in MLM. As it’s become pretty difficult to market offline, we all know those old school strategies hardly work. Of course, to put any of this information to use you’ll need a website and obviously an autoresponder.
All you have to do is follow a proven formula and the traffic will flow, you can’t go wrong. Not a lot of people spend any time with this stuff, but I can tell you your welcome email will sort of make or break your email marketing. If you directly promote your MLM company in the first week, you’ll kill your chances of ever recruiting.
If you’d like to learn more about that Ninja Jedi mind trickery I talked about, put your email in the form on the right. We don't want to join an opportunity, we want to join a business partner, a mentor, someone who can help us when we need it. If your not serious then please don’t read any further as you are operating your business as a hobby and truth is your not going to make as much money as those leaders you been reading about who take this industry seriously as are quite successful.

These MLM marketing secrets are really going to help you grow your business from the start so be sure to learn what is being taught in this post and share with your team so they can duplicate. You will also need a funnel system that has a built in marketing system to assist you in your marketing of your primary MLM business. The MLM marketing secrets to know is to market with not a push method but with a pulling method.
You must master this skill and you don’t want to just jump around and try to do everything at once like most people do online. A funded proposal is something on the front end that can be free or low cost to help create leads and immediate cash flow to help fund your marketing. Your job is to find those people and establish a relationship with them by giving them value. They both share a common interest in beaches, fine dining, shopping, electronic trance music, romance and comedy. If you offer something for free and it’s valuable to your prospects then you have a better chance of it reciprocating back to you!
In other words, you are not being hired by the company… you are signing up to become an independent business owner.
It is the idea of making 1% from the efforts of 100 people versus earning 100% from the effort of one… you. Still, you should most definitely invest in this course BEFORE you ever sign up to be a distributor. Pitching your warm market sucks and calling people about your opportunity is the wrong way to recruit. This information should save many brand new internet marketers from making the common mistake of believing all the mis leading get rich quick schemes that are being advertised all over the internet.
You see most people have this mentality of wanting to keep things a secret and that is what keeps them broke.
You want to focus on one solid strategy, learn it and once you learn it and start getting results then you can fish in more than one pond. Give them what they are looking for, this is how we build network marketing organizations on the internet. Because if you don’t have a PLAN to succeed, then by default you have a plan to fail. Honestly, if you market your opportunity the wrong way you’ll end up broke, heartbroken and out of business. Talk about you, why you’re in the MLM industry and finish it off by saying I’ll talk to you soon. After the week is over, your subscribers should start to think you’re a pretty cool person. You gave them the free information and if you have an excellent info product under the price of $100, they may well buy it.
So all the people who’re sitting on the fence have to make the decision to join me, or stay on my list. It is refreshing to read honest internet marketing information instead of all the false promises that so many blog posters write. This type of marketing basically is used to attract and pull your potential prospects through solving their problems with solutions. It’s important to have an autoresponder in place because it will aids your prospects to get to know you better.
Or at least sign up for the FREE 7-Video Bootcamp because you really need to know both what not to do and what you should be doing to put the odds of success greatly in your favor. It works like crazy when you’re starting out, you can read about it here if you like.
If the first email you send sucks, you’ll instantly lose your subscribers before you even get the chance to sell them stuff. Your subscribers won’t feel comfortable listening to some jack ass presenting your opportunity. I simply throw together a quick video talking about the discount or bonuses along with the usual Jedi Ninja mind trickery that makes people want to join. If the perceived value of joining your opportunity is higher than the actual cost, reps will just roll in. Just keep this in mind that marketing is not about pushing your business opportunity or your juice, skin care, travel package, energy service, weight loss shakes or mobile app. Honestly, all you have to do is paint a picture of what life could be like after joining your opportunity. If you’re driving traffic to a blog or some kind of website, you just need to add a couple of strong call to actions linking to your opt in page.

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