I’ve wanted to be rich ever since I can remember and I started my first business at the age of 5. I figured those weary travellers would be hungry by the time they got to my bend in the road and I figured I could get half of them to stop. As far as the law of averages went I did OK. Two cars a day would stop, that’s a 20% success rate. Today as I look back on my younger self I realize that at the age of 5 I understood one of the secrets to winning with an MLM business opportunity. I’ve been an entrepreneur in many fields since then, and always riding in the back of my mind is my VISION of wanting to be able to provide for those I love. And to be extraordinarily successful with your MLM business opportunity you must have a vision.
When the setbacks hit you, it will only be your compelling vision that propels you onwards and upwards.
How the heck are you ever going to get yourself out of bed in the morning if you don’t love what you do? I remember when I was doing something that in the end I detested; I would wake up in the morning full of dread, pull the covers over my head and just wish that the day was over.

And yet on the weekends I would wake up and bound out of bed with unbridled joy. I hated what I was doing. How incredibly soul destroying is it to see so many of us doing jobs that we absolutely detest, just so we can put food on the table?
You will never build a successful, sustainable  MLM business opportunity if you don’t have integrity.
The vulnerable masses are drawn to this industry daily on the promises of wealth beyond their wildest dreams.
An entrepreneur who shows integrity and paves the way for others to follow in their footsteps will reach the heralded heights of this industry.
2)   You HAVE to be PASSIONATE about what you’re doing otherwise the hard work you need to put in to be successful will just be a grind and you may as well go back to your J-O-B. I wish you all the best on your journey, and no matter what you do – NEVER QUIT ON YOUR MLM BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY!
Alex and Erica Udeanu are proud Independent Empower Network Affiliates who have created a SIX FIGURE INCOME* in their Home Based Business and are #1 Top Income Earners in their home country.
They have built an International Team spanning the USA, the UK, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand and specialize in Coaching and Mentoring "total newbies" who are Getting Online for the very first time.

Whether you're trying to Get More Leads for your Home Based Business, or you're looking to Build a Home Based Business from scratch, Alex and Erica will provide you with the Systems and Strategies you need to Get You To Where You Want To Be.
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That’s inevitable for any entrepreneur in any business venture whether it be an MLM business opportunity or something else. Whether it’s your MLM business opportunity or your J-O-B, you’ve got to love what you do!
Those who are honest, sincere, ethical and decent are the only ones who are extraordinarily successful with their MLM business opportunity. He sold his drilling equipment to a junk man for a few hundred dollars and the junk man took this drilling equipment, moved it three feet and struck MILLIONS! Thanks for visiting!Without realizing it, I understood the secrets to winning with an MLM business opportunity at the age of 5.

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