If all this is true, the WD My Book Live, aptly called a Home Network Drive, may be all one needs. Once removed, you will find some documentation, a CD, Ethernet cable, power brick and the My Book Live. I've been running 2 separate folder group copies and a backup for about 30 to 45 minutes. You can get the SMART temperature value via SSH or from the Troubleshooting dump in the Web UI.
Upon initial launch, the Android WD2go app asks for an activation code which needs to be generated via the web interface of the My Book Live.
Western Digital's personal cloud solution is quite effective in providing access to the My Book Live over the Internet, be it from a mobile device or a remote computer.
I remember costly multi-drive NAS costing more than this without including any HDDs and performing much worse.
Thanks for review!But you should note - this device can work as a decent DLNA server and provide all your media content library to all your DLNA-certified devices (TVs, notebooks, set-top boxes, smartphones, etc.). Venya, Thanks for your informative posts (which, I am sure, lot of readers will appreciate).I did mention Twonky in the second page of the review. I have over 1 TB (yes, terabyte) of music, 600 GB of movies, and 900 GB of TV shows, and two desktops and two laptops that want access.I use RipIt and Handbrake for movies and XLD for music.
Speaking from experience, I've found having a small, cheap, configurable NAS on my home network to have a bunch of advantages. At the beginning of this month Western Digital announced the My Book Live Duo, a two bay version of their popular My Book Live. Not to disparage the single hard drive My Book Live, both the Live and the Live Duo offer a remote backup option to another My Book Live or NAS on the network. The Western Digital My Book Live Duo looks just like the standard Live, albeit twice the thickness. All of the ports are on the back of the unit, including a USB expansion port for adding additional storage capacity that can be shared over the network.
Western Digital went from a design on the original My Book Live that was difficult to access the hard drive inside to a very user intuitive layout on the My Book Live Duo that lets users access the internal drives with very little effort.
Given the passively cooled design of the My Book Live Duo, users should stick with 5400RPM or Green hard drives. WD includes a quick start guide with the drive that pretty much says plug it in and run the included CD.
One area added over the original My Book Live model is a drive configuration section inside the control panel area. The mobile apps provided by Western Digital provide a rich content experience, with easy access to files no matter where you are (as long as you have an internet connection). When it comes to performance, the WD My Book Live Duo handled itself pretty well over gigabit Ethernet. The Western Digital raised the bar with the My Book Live Duo, perfectly fitting the market segment of buyers who want network accessible media, but don't want to go through the hassle of setting up an entire NAS. The My Book Live Duo brings a lot to the table, expanding on all of the great features of the original My Book Live, as well as increasing capacity or data redundancy through two drive bays. Die Western Digital My Book Live Duo ist eine Netzwerkfestplatte und bringt die Cloud nach Hause - kann die Daten aber auch unterwegs liefern.
Im Test hatte ich die 4TB-Version, die ist schwer, gross und bietet eine Menge an Speicherplatz.
Fur die Verbindung zur Festplatte geht man zwar uber die Server von WD, aber diese sind nur ein Namensregister: Die Server speichern die IP der Festplatte, damit man sie von au?en erreicht.
Die andere Funktion betrifft das Backup des Backups: An der Live Duo befindet sich ein USB-Port, mithilfe dessen man den gesamten Inhalt auf eine externe Festplatte sichern kann. Daruber hinaus leistet die MyBook aber gro?artige Dienste, wenn es um Medienstreaming oder zentralen Speicherplatz fur Daten geht! Das war (bis zur Einfuhrung der iCloud) die Moglichkeit den ohnehin begrenzten Speichervorrat des Macbook-Air (256SSD) auszulagern. Ich wollte mit meiner Ausfuhrung nur warnen, falls jemand (so naiv wie ich) eine heimische Cloud einrichtet um dann lediglich im Schneckentempo auf Daten zugreifen zu konnen. Mit der Buchungslosung Regiondo Pro konnen Tickets fur verschiedene Arten von Veranstaltungen ganz einfach auf ihrer Webseite angeboten werden. Beim Hubsan X4 Cam Plus Quadcopter handelt es sich um eine fernsteuerbare Drohne, die mit einer integrierten HD-Kamera ausgestattet ist.
The global market leader in portable storage solutions, WD has launched its new easy-to-setup My Book Live home network drive, which designed to centralize all your digital media in 1 central location for everyone to access and enjoy from the network-connected Mac and Windows computer, offering users a seamless video streaming to any DLNA-certified multimedia device thanks to its built-in DLNA media server, capable of delivering transfer speeds up to 100 MBps by leveraging the latest processor technology. With WD’s free remote access service, users are allowed to securely access and share the files stored on the My Book Live from anywhere over the Internet.
I currenty backup my WHS with a usb2.0 external HDD but im looking to get a larger storage, 2TB but if it could be done with a ethernet HDD that would be so much easier.
Together with the WD2go remote access via website, they form the personal cloud solution for the My Book Live. After this code is input, one can see the attached devices on that network (I am assuming that multiple My Book Live units on a single network will end up with the same activation code).

Software-wise this is based on Twonky Media server.Only this feature alone make this device worth to purchase! The DLNA server it runs is TwonkyServer, which I couldn't make work in HD with my Samsung 650 LCD TV.
It exists just to make up for the deficiencies of the products involved.The My Book Live is pretty neat and does its job of exposing the available files via a SMB share.
When we reviewed the original My Book Live, we raved about its simple setup, which includes bypassing the need to alter any router settings. But the benefit of a two drive Duo are obvious, having the option to use one drive for data and one drive for redundancy provides a little more peace of mind. Western Digital has the suite of aforementioned apps for tablets and phones, and provides online access through a browser interface for computers. Besides the aforementioned port, the layout is rather sparse with the only other items being LAN, power, a lock slot, and a reset button.
With a quick press on the top latch the cover opens, exposing the two Western Digital hard drives inside underneath a metal retention bracket. Since this storage device is passively cooled, using faster 7200RPM drives may cause overheating and premature failure. If you don't have an optical drive, don't worry, once the My Book Live is connected to the network it's easily found by both Macs and PCs. To allow mobile users to log in, you can setup activation codes on a per-user basis to work with the WD 2go Mobile Apps.
When tested from an iPhone or iPad outside of the office, the devices were quick to connect to the My Book Live and were able to access files immediately.
By including RAID capabilities, the Live Duo can finally be included in the category of devices people can use backup files to and sleep safe knowing the system can handle a drive failure.
The software is easy to setup, the web interface is designed beautifully and looks great, and the mobile apps available for both iOS and Andriod are very well made. With personal cloud being all the rage, the Duo delivers on all counts and expands on storage capabilities with RAID1. Die Cloud ist das non-plus-ultra der Kundenbindung, denn wenn man in muhevoller Kleinarbeit endlich seine ganzen 25GB hochgeladen hat, uberlegt man es sich zweimal, ob man das erneut tun will. Fur PC-Nutzer verwendet man E-Mail-Adresse und Kennwort, um uber die Homepage WD2Go-Homepage eine WebDav-Freigabe zu erhalten (gilt zwar nur fur PC und Mac, doch bei Kenntnis der URL sollte auch Linux keine Schwerigkeiten damit haben). Fur die normale Nutzung ist das nur ein nettes Gimmick, doch fur kleinere Firmen oder sehr wichtige Daten kann das ein entscheidendes Kriterium darstellen. Meine erste Befurchtung galt der Lautstarke und Brummgerauschen, doch die heutigen Festplatten (nicht nur die von WD) sind leiser und vibrationsarmer als zuvor. Die unterstutzt namlich nur ein lokales Speicherlaufwerk, was den Sinn der Platte als Netzwerk-Backup-Losung fur viele Endkunden ad absurdum fuhrt. Zumal zusatzlich ein MacMini angeschafft werden musste, welcher mit einer gemeinsamen W-Lan-Festplatte (Time-Capsule) verbunden war und immer dann in Betrieb genommen wurde wenn ich das Haus verlie?. Meine Freundin ist Fotografin und die Idee, direkt vom Set die Daten auf den heimischen Server senden oder Muster zur Veranschaulichung ruberziehen. Gut, dass Du das nochmals explizit ansprichst - obwohl ich davon ausging, dass man sich das naturlich denken kann. Au?erst praktisch, um zum Beispiel mal eben Luftaufnahmen vom neuen Verwaltungsgebaude fur den Unternehmensfilm zu erstellen. In this section, we will go over the WD2go Android app features as well as the web remote access solution. Now, if only the TVs were good enough to just recognize and read from Samba shares, DLNA could have been rendered unnecessary.uPnP is pretty good by itself (It enables the Play To functionality in Windows), and all this DLNA standardization on top has only served to confuse consumers further. Instead of having to keep my desktop machine running when I'm not using it, I have a 5W server and a connected USB drive that powers up and down as needed. Out of the box mirroring mode is the default configuration letting users access the full 4TB capacity, but users may also switch to RAID1 should data redundancy be more important than total volume size. The Duo also provides backup services for computers on the network, with support for Apple's Time Machine. The drives are quickly removed by unscrewing a thumb-screw holding on a retention plate, allowing you to pull on the handy plastic tab to lift the drive out.
From there you can access the software folder to install the included software, or not, it's not required once you know the IP address of the device. In RAID1 your data is safe in the event of a single drive failure, with total capacity being 2TB. Western Digital finally hit all marks with this network device, offering an all-in-one media serving package for home and mobile devices with RAID capabilities. Allerdings treibt die Kunden noch immer die Frage nach dem Datenschutz umher: Wer sieht meine Daten, was tut er damit und wie sicher sind sie gegen Hacker geschutzt? Dieses kleine Helferlein findet die Netzwerkfestplatte und ermoglicht die Zuweisung eines festen Laufwerkbuchstabens.
Neben der schieren Menge an Speicherplatz sprechen insbesondere die bequeme Verwaltung und das kinderleichte Einrichten von Cloud-Freigaben fur die WD Festplatte. Das hatte ich im Vorfeld nicht bedacht und hatte den Aufwand mit Sicherheit nicht betrieben.

Habe von au?en auch schon schmerzlich spuren mussen, dass meine Upload-Geschwindigkeit nicht ausreichend ist. The WD2go Pro app provides extra security, sharing options and Dropbox like syncing functionality. The WD2go app settings include a configurable cache size (for storage of downloaded content) and the ability to clear it.
There are some configuration XML files for Twonky where you can setup separate profile for your TV and change content type. The end result is we pay less for electricity (important here in Hawai'i, given the rates we're charged) and it generates less heat (important on the days we run the AC). We also love WD's mobile apps, which continue to get updated to make access to files on the go fast and easy, especially for storage-constrained tablets and other mobile devices. On the entertainment side, My Book Live Duo is DLNA certified making streaming of content to home theater devices simple, and it offers iTunes server support to help users organize and stream media files. The drives are also labeled A and B to quickly identify which drive has failed and replace the correct one.
In spanned mode you have double the capacity at 4TB, but have increased risk that half your data could go missing with a single drive failure.
While not as fast as some of the bigger NAS units, it offers plenty of speed for moving media files around and providing backup space for home computers. Einen Ausweg sollen die Netzwerkfestplatten bieten (neudeutsch: NAS, Network Attached Storage).
Ab hier kann man theoretisch schon loslegen - aber wir wollen ja mehr, namlich eine Cloud aufbauen. Wer viel Platz benotigt und das auch noch im Netzwerk freigeben will, der sollte sich die WD Live Duo einmal genauer anschauen. Since there is no transcoding going on at the My Book Live end, we are severely limited with respect to the nature of the video files which can be played back.
This way, there would be no confusion about supported DLNA profiles and other such stuff (I believe on-the-fly transcoding by any media server program is just hiding the inefficiency of the renderer.. For users opting for more data protection, you can convert to RAID1 on the fly, and in our initial testing still retain the WD-supplied data on the drives from spanned mode. Damit baut man seine personliche Cloud auf und kann zumindest im heimischen Netzwerk auf alle Daten zugreifen - und von aussen? Also schreibt man sich die IP-Adresse der Festplatte aus der WD-Link-Software auf, tippt diese in den Browser ein und wartet, dass sich das Browserinterface aufbaut.
Stattdessen widmen wir uns der Frage nach der Sicherheit: Zwar liegen die Daten vor Ort, doch wie sicher sind sie da? It is still highly recommended to make sure you have a backup of your data though before you go through this process. Die neue Generation von NAS beherrscht auch das, wie zum Beispiel die Western Digital My Book Live Duo. Das Menu erschlagt mit Einfachheit: Selbsterklarende Programmpunkte, eine kontextsensitive Hilfeleiste und kleine i-Symbole fur kurze, erklarende Worte. My desktop is where all of our photos first land, and I have a script that runs periodically to copy all the photos to the server. It's all automated, so I never have to worry about making sure it's all backed up, other than checking the logs every now and again to make sure the copy's working OK.Similarly, my wife likes having a copy of all our photos on her laptop so she can have them to show people when she's away from home. If youre was lucky enough to buy Samsung TV before reading forums about their problems ;)Actually, with my initial comment I just said that Ganesh skipped very important aspect in this review - DLNA. In the past, I ran an rsync server on my desktop machine so she'd get copies that way, but making sure she was up to date required coordination - I'd have to make sure my desktop was on at the same time as her laptop.
All features and problems should be in review itself but not in user comments, dont you think? Because it's always on, I'm fairly certain that I have a good backup of all her stuff.Personally, I also like running backups to a volume that's not always mounted on the machine being backed up. I've always thought that USB drives as a backup solution invite disaster, as they're likely always mounted, and therefore fully accessible in the event that you catch some nasty virus that decides to delete all of your files.
For example, when we were out on holiday last month, as we filled the flash cards for our cameras, I'd pull the photos off to my little travel netbook and let it copy the photos back home overnight. If anything had happened to my laptop's drive while we were away, we wouldn't have lost our photos of our kids enjoying their holiday.Finally, the ultimate reason I run backups through my little low-power server is that it's basically just a cache. It's set up to copy everything over to a machine at work during the wee hours of the morning, giving me physical separation of our data and the backup. The little server then trickles data out at our miserable 1Mbit upload speed, taking as long as it needs to to get the job done. That way, I don't have to leave my power-hungry desktop machine on for long periods of time while waiting for backups to complete, which is really useful.As to where our media files come from, we have a couple of hundred GB of photos, perhaps a little more in music (all ripped from our CDs, which lurk in the bottom of a cupboard these days) and maybe 700GB of movies and the likes (ripped from our DVDs which are the CDs' neighbours).

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