You may also be interested in my blog archives, the articles section, or some of my lab projects such as the C64 emulator written in Silverlight. SL as a consumer facing cross platform solution to compete with Flash failed (and not because of technical merits but because of MS decision making).
But SL is still the best tech MS devs have to build and deploy rich internal or vertical market line-of-business browser apps. And if it makes sense to build a Metro themed app a year from now, a lot of your existing SL code will port over fairly easily (we can only hope).
XAML + C# is a great skillset and is very portable, with minor differences, between Windows Phone, Plug-In, Desktop, and Windows 8 Metro. Like I said in the post above, this is not easy for me, I “regret” not going along for the ride.
We just officially nixed another Silverlight Project that was using the MVVM Light toolkit. I'm still missing informations about the best practise on doing logging and exception handling with silverlight.
Also other MVPs like Laurent don't write anything about this important part of silverlight development.
If you mention Prism you should also mention the new entlib libraries for silverlight and describe how they work together. If you want to write maintainable and evolvable Silverlight applications you have to know more how to handle exceptions and logging informations and less how to use dependency properties.

Nevertheless, my query is, will it be possible to run Silverlight apps in IE10 metro with little modifications.
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Unless otherwise stated, posted source code is public domain, freely usable in your commercial and non-commercial projects (if and only if your project provides significant value above and beyond my source.
The views and opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not necessarily represent my employer's view(s) in any way. I am now just beginning your Silverlight 5 In Action, but none of source codes are available (even not in Manning).
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I know it will be fantastic and the platform, from what I've seen at BUILD, looks amazing.
Adoption rate at the corporate level will be slow (it took until just this month for Win 7 to surpass Win XP). The XAML stack looks a bit more like Silverlight than it does WPF, but its final form is TBD. Also, the products themselves and the opportunities to create applications for your customers for them, aren't going away any time soon. The news that Silverlight is not supported in IE10 metro was devastating for me, but then when i come to think of it, i do get glimpses of the bigger agenda of Microsoft behind taking such a bold step.

No support in IE for Metro is the first step to kill Silverlight.I was one of the Microsoft defenders claiming that Silverlight is here to stay and is going nowhere, but obviously I was wrong and now I feel stupid. Considering it a new but highly compatible stack (like Windows Phone, for example) is probably a good way to look at it. I still don't recommend developing entire *public* web sites in Silverlight, and I never did. In this context, what is the future of Silverlight, if it is not supported in IE 10 , then obviously it wont be supported in the upcoming versions as well. All other articles and images are all-rights-reserved Copyright © 1996-2011 by Pete Brown unless otherwise stated in their on-page description. I invested 4 years in a mutliplatform application using Silverlight and now when it's almost ready I should TRY start hacking (term describing javascript programming) my next application in javasript.
I'm going to stop my MSDN subscription and move to other technologies, even on the server side.
If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. Instead, I have called youA friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.

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