Based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's timeless tale, about a lonely orphan's life and how it is changed forever when she turns an abandoned garden into a world of splendor, discovering its magic, unlocking its mysteries and revealing the secret of happiness.
I need ideas for easy plantings here that will help camoflauge (so I can't see my house in the distance) now that the White Pines have bare branches down low.
Marlene KindredWhat about some sort of fencing like the willow fence or a brown lattice type with some ornamental grasses in front?

I have a long back yard and then a row of white pines (huge ones with no low hanging branches though) and behind them is the garden, complete with a huge swing, hostas, bird feeders (and a lot of plans!) we plan on putting up an inexpensive fence and ivy. I was thinking of a large frame with chicken wire attached and then you could hang stars, moons, metal flowers or other sculptures on it.

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