Ubisoft - the company we don't really like for reasons we're unable to put a finger on but just DON'T, OK?
Everyone in Nintendo adverts seem to live in an expensively decorated monochromatic hell-flat.
They should make that thing with an ankle strap so you can keep it discretely out of sight. A site about games and game paraphernalia and how nothing's as good as we remember it, probably because we used to inhabit a FANTASY WORLD.
Use our Play or Amazon Shops to buy those shit Wii games you secretly like, helping the effort.

Some updates weren't universally hated by the entire world within seconds of being uploaded. I suprised they can even find their DS against the weapons grade-whiteness of the furnishings.
That way if someone does see it you can just claim to be a paedophile being monitored by the police rather than admit you're playing a Ubisoft game. Some people in middle England might actually believe this is what gamers look and live like. This one is for Glamour magazine to use when it does a feature about My Weight Loss Coach, and how My Weight Loss Coach is really opening up gaming to women.

That plastic thing's a "pedomoter" - which the game uses to count how long you've been sitting motionless for.
Stuff magazine might use this one to illustrate the technical aspects of it.The police will use this one, to illustrate how NOT to carry around your gadgets in urban areas. This one was surely just taken for us to take the piss out of, as even having the piss taken out of your product on UKR counts as a beneath-the-line, sub-viral marketing success in some quarters.

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