NEWLY single Stephanie Davis appears to have finally moved on from Jeremy McConnell after bedding Joshua Ritchie. A Midlands woman has won on the double after playing the same numbers twice in one EuroMillions draw. The lucky winner forget that she had already bought a ticket for the February 9th draw three days beforehand when purchasing a second one on the day.
Both tickets, which were bought at Supervalu in Monksland, resulted in match five wins and a prize of almost €21,500 each.
The woman and her friend collected the winnings today from the National Lottery’s offices in Dublin and say they plan to pay off a few bills and buy a holiday to either France, Portugal or Eastern Europe. Inspired by Life, Powered by CreativityLaunched in 2008, DesignSwan is a web blog devoted to uncovering (and sharing) the latest and greatest design, inspiration, graphics and technology from all over the world. An information board that announces the construction of a one-family house at a huge building site demonstrates the high chances of winning with FABER lottery games.

In this interactive ad, the block shown is identical to the original French lotto playing sheet.
And the last one is not about the lottery, but it is definitely a smart lottery inspired ads design. Somebody who bought a winning Daily Million ticket at a Bus Stop Kiosk in Rathfarnham on Monday, November 9th last has only three days left to claim €1m. Representatives from The National Lottery will visit the shop on Wednesday and advise all shoppers to check their tickets. I see you have changed the date that Dents was founded from 1977 to 1877 but I'm afraid that is still wrong. Just being pedantic but Dents are understandably very proud of being in business for 235 years.
Instead of choosing six numbers, people are invited to cross out six undesirable things in their lives.

For me, it looks like if you win, you can change most of those thinks that you don’t like. As you don't seem to believe my post can I refer you to your own photos of the opening of the new factory, many of which show the date as 1777 (in large print too). They did not move to Warminster until 1937 taking over the Jefferies glove factory in Fairfield Road. This burnt down in 1952 (St Valentines Day) and the brick building that most of us recognised as their factory was built in 1953. It is good to celebrate their success but many old residents thought of them as interlopers to the town; the established glove companies being Holman and Byfield (in the Regency Arcade) and Jefferies.

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