THE NATIONAL LOTTERY has said it is continuing to engage with the winning ticketholder of an €8.2 million jackpot. As is standard practice, any claimant has 90 days in which to claim their prize and we are continuing to engage with the ticketholder.
The operator of the lottery can withhold payments if the claims procedure is not believed to have been carried out correctly or if there are suspicions that the ticket has been tampered with. Mairead Dunford writes about her son Kevin, who died aged nine, and how he taught their family how to love even though he had a life-limiting condition.

We should follow the singer’s lead and call for a quality public healthcare system, writes Julien Mercille.
Kelly McGill explains what it’s like to have your life quality diminished by an invisible illness. NEWLY single Stephanie Davis appears to have finally moved on from Jeremy McConnell after bedding Joshua Ritchie. A RELIGIOUS teacher hid his hand behind a copy of the Koran while groping a 13-year-old student, a court heard.

EXPRESSHave you checked your ticket?The winning Lotto numbers are 11, 13, 18, 25, 29, and 47. Though the ticketholder has made contact with the National Lottery, they have not been given their win and it is unclear why there has been a delay.

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