Under the guidance of the agriculture experts and OISCA staff, the privileged youths undergo training in the 11.7 hectare land utilized for the organic cultivation of crops, animal husbandry, bee keeping and compost making. It enhances every youth trainee`s capacity especially in rural communities where they play significant roles in sustainable development. Yahoo , Facebook , Facebook , Twitter , Twitter , Google+ , Google+ , Myspace , Myspace , Linkedin , Linkedin , Odnoklassniki , Odnoklassniki , Vkontakte , Vkontakte , Google , Google , Yahoo , Yahoo , Rambler , Rambler , Yandex , Yandex , Gmail , Gmail , Yahoo! Designers Manufacturers , ??????? ????????? - ?????????? ???????????? , Gorgian Wikipedia - Free Encyclopedia , ????????? ?????? ????????? , Cambridje Dictionary Online , ????????? ???????? ????????? ?????? ????????? , Oxford Advenced Learner's Online Dictionar? , ??????????? ?????? - moazrovne,net, ???
A local community arts group for adults with learning difficulties has been given the seal of approval from an esteemed panel at the Victoria & Albert Museum. As part of the celebrations, there will be awards ceremonies taking place later in the year, showcasing achievements of outstanding individuals, tutors, employers and projects in England.
The materials consist of Power Point slides with activities, information, handouts and links to resources online.
For the first time in more than 50 years, the government has published a white paper on culture. According to the charity’s 2015 impact research, 81 per cent of all students at the WEA are involved in more cultural activities, which include reading, following their participation in a WEA class - regardless of the subject. British politician and academic Lord David Blunkett delivered the keynote speech at the evening reception.
Events such as these serve to reiterate the value of adult education – it is something which we must strive to protect given its life-enhancing and life-changing effect.
Gender parity is the theme for this year and individuals and groups are being urged to take action in order to accelerate equality for all. As Christine Lagarde, chief executive of the IMF, said in the 2014 Dimbleby Lecture, women “face discrimination at birth, on the school bench, in the boardroom. Carolyn Fairbairn, director general of the CBI, reminds us that far too few women run FTSE 100 companies and the pipeline of talent gets blocked by men who, more obviously, fit in.
A survey carried out by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in 2013 ranked England and Northern Ireland 14th for adult literacy and 16th for adult numeracy. According to the charity Go ON UK, nearly a quarter of the adult population lack basic digital skills, a phenomenon that affects women more than men, given time taken out because of childbirth. Which is why the WEA helps thousands of working people and those in the poorest communities to return to education, whatever their age or income.
Leading an organisation was something that I thought was beyond my grasp when growing up in a small Welsh mining town in the 1960s. My accent wasn’t right and the first time I was invited out for dinner I turned up at midday. Working in such a male dominated industry in the 1970s was no picnic and, despite coal being in my blood, career opportunities were non-existent for women. The majority of our students are women and many of them use courses as a means to reskill or retrain. The importance of this was recently confirmed by the Centre for the Modern Family, a think-tank established by Scottish Widows.
Globalisation has the potential to open up opportunities and to encourage wider participation – and global organisations need seriously to address widening and deepening the talent pool if they want to continue to be successful.
Governments need to take tough action where human values of respect and dignity are compromised and we need to tackle head-on the biggest temptation of them all: to set our sights too low and quit the field when the battle is not yet won.
Almost one in four UK workers are willing to take a pay cut in exchange for more flexible working hours as pressure builds on employers struggling to live up to employees’ expectations. Whilst the study of 2,000 adults and 500 businesses found that almost a third (32%) of employees with children felt their employer provided equal support for all, only 20% without children agreed, and a similar proportion (21%) of those without children claimed that parents received better support. The findings showed employers’ responses reflected this perception, with more than half (51%) offering flexibility for mothers with young children. Whilst businesses appear to be taking steps towards meeting the needs of parents in the workplace, varying barriers still exist when it comes to extending those policies to support employees more widely. The study found that medium-sized businesses struggle the most – with almost a quarter (23%) saying they do what is legally required of them in terms of flexibility for families, but not any more than this for other employees. Almost three quarters of medium-sized businesses (72%) would never consider offering full-time working from home, compared to half (51%) of micro and two-fifths (40%) of enterprise businesses. Half of medium businesses also said they would not consider offering part-time working from home, compared with 16% of enterprise and 22% of large businesses for the same reasons. Almost a fifth of businesses (17%) have called for clearer information around the business benefits of flexible working – rising to a quarter (24%) in large businesses. However, employees feel it is the employer’s responsibility to offer solutions, and many are keen to see changes in the workplace. Join us for the WEA biennial conference, which will be held on 11th and 12th March 2016 in Sheffield.
If your costs are being met by a WEA Region or Association Services, you can register online here. Ed Mayo is Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, the national business association for co-operative and mutual enterprises. Debate the future of Conference and the sutainability of the WEA - the latest agenda is available here. Current WEA Deputy President, Lynne Smith, is set to become President of the Association following an all member vote.
Ruth Spellman, Chief Executive and General Secretary commented: "I am sure that members, staff, volunteers and supporters of the WEA will join with me in congratulating Lynne Smith on her election as President of the WEA.
Wessex Archaeology and the Workers’ Educational Association have forged a new partnership to promote and deliver educational outreach with heritage at its heart. Wessex Archaeology Chief Executive Chris Brayne and Ruth Spellman, Chief Executive of the WEA, will be signing a memorandum of understanding at the Omega Centre in Portsmouth today. Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Councillor Frank Jonas is attending to speak about the Mary Rose and WEA students will be there to help show that heritage themes can support the teaching of Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and literacy. Yesterday, Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Sharp led a debate in the House of Lords on the role of adult education and lifelong learning in strengthening the UK economy.
Speaking at the debate, Lord Watson of Invergowrie, noted the results of the WEA’s latest impact report which assessed the effect of our provision against our four curriculum themes. Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield, Lord Hunt of Chesterton, Lord Shipley and Baroness Garden of Frognal all referenced the charity and its role in ensuring that everyone has a chance to return to education. The WEA is pleased to see this issue raised in parliament, and through the work of the APPG, will continue to champion the importance of lifelong learning to individuals, communities and wider society.
The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) has published its 2015 Employer Skills Survey which reports that, despite a surge in job openings, the number of positions left vacant because employers cannot find people with the skills or knowledge to fill them has risen by 130% since 2011. In our experience, ESOL students are hardworking and diligent, committed to contributing to their communities and wider society. Election for the post of PresidentSince two nominations have been received for the post of President, a ballot among WEA members will now decide which candidate will be elected to the post. If you were a registered member by 12 September 2015, you will be able to vote in the election. Elections of WEA Association Officers are supervised by the Standing Orders Committee appointed at the previous Association Conference. In order to be able to vote, members are required to have joined the WEA in England and Scotland on or before 12 September 2015.
WEA London Region is looking for experienced, knowledgeable, flexible and creative adult educators for inclusion on our Tutor Panel. You should ideally have experience of working with educationally or socio-economically disadvantaged adults across a range of community settings. The report demonstrates that adult learning has an enormous impact on individuals and communities. The Autumn edition of WEA News is now available, including stories on our Save Adult Education campaign, Conference 16, the new All Party Parliamentary Group for Adult Education and much more.
Molly Morgan was a WEA volunteer who was tragically murdered on her way to a WEA course in 2009. As the WEA leads the campaign to save adult education across England, colleagues in WEA Scotland give their support and solidarity, whilst reflecting on some key differences in Scotland. An award winning adult education student and a fashion tutor from Tower Hamlets joined shadow minister and Newcastle MP, Chi Onwurah, to deliver a petition of over 10,000 names to 10 Downing Street as part of a campaign to save adult education. Adult education, which is funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, represents only six per cent of the department’s spending devoted to education and training. With the government expecting that 13.5 million jobs will be created over the next 10 years but only 7 million young people coming into the workforce, there is a concern the loss of adult education services will mean that older workers will not be able to update their skills while employers will face a shortage of workers.
On Thursday, 29 October 2015, the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) published It’s the finance, stupid! This collection of essays explains the catastrophic fall in part-time student numbers, which is harming the economy and limiting people’s ability to transform their lives, and proposes a range of options for tackling the problem. A study, published in the Royal Society’s Open Science journal, looked at how a series of adult education classes grew closer over seven months.
Dr Eiluned Pearce, from Oxford’s Department of Experimental Psychology led the research. To test the theory, the researchers worked with charity the Workers' Educational Association (WEA), the UK’s largest voluntary sector provider of adult education. Those attending the classes were given surveys before and after individual sessions in the first month, just before the break and at the end of the seven month course. We are sad to announce the recent death of Peter Quigley, who played an active role in the WEA for many years.
I learned Peter Quigley had passed away on the evening of Tuesday 13th October in hospital following an operation, whilst I was attending a WEA Regional Heads Meeting in London.
Peter had also represented WEA Scotland nationally on the WEA Council and more recently on the Standing Orders Committee. On the wider stage of life, Peter was a former English teacher, and Union Representative and this often meant that he was called on to represent members in disciplinary procedures. Knowing of my literary aspirations, Peter had chatted to me a couple of times about writing a book himself, though, ever cautious, he never revealed the plot. A forthright individual, Peter always challenged what he did not agree, but with a good heart and there are few who would not say that he sought to improve the WEA and its place in the world. WEA Scotland would wish to extend to Peter’s family and friends our sincere condolences. Please consider for a few moments Peter Quigley’s contribution to our lives and the life and success of the WEA. Labour MP Holly Lynch has voiced support for the WEA's Save Adult Education campaign after meeting with our students and tutors last week. The Halifax MP, part of the 2015 intake, was invited to a screening of a campaign video produced by learners which captures the many reasons why adult education should be protected and supported.
Commenting on the campaign, Holly said: "Adult education is essential in ensuring that people have the skills and the confidence to make the most of the opportunities available to them, either in employment or in life. New WEA tutor Tracey Kettridge is interviewed in this month’s Prima magazine in a feature on inspirational women. In September, Tracey fulfilled another of her ambitions – to become a tutor with the WEA. Organisations from the education, business and employment sectors have joined forces to shine a spotlight on the hundreds of thousands of students studying part-time around the UK.
The two largest providers of part-time higher education: The Open University and Birkbeck, University of London. Unionlearn – the learning and skills organisation of the TUC who last year who have helped over 220,000 people access training and development. Workers' Educational Association (WEA) – the UK's largest voluntary sector provider of adult education. National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) – the national voice for lifelong learning. National Union of Students (NUS), which represents the voices on 7 million students including part-time and mature students. CBI, whose 190,000 members employ nearly 7 million people, about one third of the private sector-employed workforce. With more than two million students currently settling into new university courses, a fifth of these will be studying part-time whilst juggling work and family responsibilities. These part-time students are largely 'invisible' – they may not identify themselves as being a student, and are often overlooked in media and government reports in favour of reporting on the participation of younger, full-time students. The Government is currently preparing its Spending Review for the next 5 years and will announce its plans on November 25. Less than 6 per cent of Government spending on education and training is devoted to adult further education and skills. Putting this in context, over the next 10 years there will be 13.5 million more jobs but only 7 million young people coming into the workforce. Over the next few weeks we are hoping to reach thousands of students, members and supporters of the WEA as well as a vast range of partners and friends who share our concerns. I am deeply concerned that the cuts suggested for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) will have a serious impact on the sustainability of adult education across England.
As a supporter of the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA), I have experienced the impact adult education can make.
Please add in a personal statement of what the WEA means to you whether as a student volunteer or tutor. The group has been formed to raise the profile of adult education, and in particular, the vital role it plays in providing high-quality educational provision to the most disadvantaged members of society.
The group will be established as an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) shortly after the launch. The launch event will be at 11am on Friday 18 September at Westgate Community College in Newcastle. Created as part of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992, the SDIs offer a vast range of adult education courses for over 130,000 students across Britain each year, providing educational opportunities for every community in the country. MembershipMembership will consist of a group of MPs and Lords from all sides of the house and the secretariat will be provided by the SDIs.
Working MethodsThe APPG will adopt a shared learning approach which will deliver three reports and one research paper led by the WEA research department over the course of the parliament, detailing key issues and recommendations for adult education and their impacts on society. The APPG will aim to launch in November 2015 with subsequent events in February and May and will hold these months moving forward as key target dates. Today marks the first day of the trip, which will see students discuss their views with parliamentarians, activists and union members. An exciting itinerary has been scheduled, with speakers from the European Economic and Social Committee and SOLIDAR (a European network of NGOs working to advance social justice on an international scale) discussing diverse topics from the future of the EU to workers’ rights.
A researcher at the Guiyang Big Data Industry Innovation and Development Center in Guanshanhu district shows visitors the latest facial recognition system. Global business leaders and experts in the information technology industry will gather in Guiyang later this month to discuss the future of big data technologies and hash out cooperation opportunities with domestic companies. The Guiyang Big Data Expo 2016, which includes an exhibition, the China Big Data Summit and the China E-Commerce Innovation and Development Summit, as well as dozens of other activities, will be held from Wednesday through Sunday in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province. A number of renowned business leaders from major international and domestic companies will be present at this year's event. The big names include Qualcomm President Derek Aberle, Dell Chairman Michael Dell, Foxconn Chairman Guo Tai-Ming, Tencent Chairman Ma Huateng, Baidu Chairman Li Yanhong and JD CEO Liu Qiangdong. More than 2,300 experts from Chinese and foreign universities and institutions will share their insights about big data and related industries in seminars and forums, according to organizers.
Major activities at the five-day event will be the big data and e-commerce summits, the exhibition and a so-called tongker-maker competition. Tongker is a new concept proposed by the host city of Guiyang and refers to a person or a team of individuals who have the capability of finding solutions to problems in all aspects of life, such as a company's specific logistics issue. Well-known domestic and international companies, including Dell, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Foxconn, Huawei, Tencent and Alibaba will display their products, technologies and services during the exhibition. Forums and seminars on various topics will be held at the event's main venue, the Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Center, as well as at other sites in Guiyang, the neighboring Guian New Area and Qiannan prefecture.
Big data, intelligent technologies, smart manufacturing, e-commerce and internet-led innovations will be among the focuses of this year's event, said Xiao Lu, deputy chief of the Guiyang Industry and Information Committee, which is organizing the forums and seminars during the expo.
The public, in addition to participating in the tongker competition, will have access to publicity events on big data and related fields. Xiao said a major goal for the expo is to explore new ways to commercialize big data and related technologies. He said there will be a forum on big data assets, where government officials, experts and industry insiders will discuss measures on property rights protection as well as facilitations for big data transactions. Seeing the great potential of the industry, the Guizhou provincial government has designated the big data industry as one of the three strategic sectors in its 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20).
The provincial capital Guiyang aims to pilot the development in Guizhou and become China's "data valley", according to local officials. Guiyang has planned to build an experimental area for big data technological innovation and the plan was approved by the Ministry of Science in July last year.
Zhang Lijun, chief enterprise technologist of Dell's division in the Asia-Pacific region, works six months out of the year in Shanghai and the rest of the year in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province, promoting a new cloud computing project by the company. Since July 2015, Dell and Guizhou Wing Cloud High Technology have been working to construct a cloud service platform designed for China's small and medium-sized companies and local governments, the first of its kind in the country. The "Dell-Wing Cloud Hybrid Cloud Platform" will provide cloud computing resources and support to the development of the province's big data and cloud computing industries, Zhang said. The joint cloud platform went online in February for public testing, and more details will be released by Wing Cloud during this year's Big Data Expo held in Guiyang late this May. Guizhou has carried out a number of measures to deploy a strategy to develop the big data industry since 2014, such as the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Dell in January last year. Wing Cloud has invested 300 million yuan ($46 million) to set up a 8,800-square-meter cloud computing data center called "Guiyang No 1". The company finished construction of the first phase of the center, which not only supports the running of e-government affairs and the provincial capital's educational and traffic control systems, but also answers demand for IT services from about 100,000 SMEs. With advanced technologies, the center promises in its service-level agreement that any downtime of its servers will last at most four hours within a year. Wing Cloud will also establish a cloud computing incubator for innovation startups, which will get resources from Microsoft, Intel and Dell.
Guiyang is ready to offer talented troubleshooters and problem solvers entrepreneurship platforms to help them start their own businesses to meet increasing social and market demands. Chen Gang, Party chief of Guiyang, introduced the platforms at a news conference on March 1 in Beijing to announce the city's "tongker plan" and a nationwide "tongker" competition in Guiyang. Tongker is a brand new concept proposed by the city of Guiyang, and it refers to a person or team capable of identifying problems in all aspects of life and finding solutions to those problems. Chen said, however, people who are good at identifying problems and proposing solutions don't always have sufficient business acumen to formulate a viable business plan for their ideas.
Effective entrepreneurship platforms, such as "maker spaces" where potential tongkers can meet makers, and easier access to funding are crucial in helping tongkers start their businesses, according to Chen. The Party chief said Guiyang will make use of its advantages in the big data industry to offer platforms to, and mobilize social and market resources for, tongker-related entrepreneurship and innovations. Gao Weidong, deputy mayor of Guiyang, said the city's tongker competition aims to gather potential tongkers from all over the country and match them with makers and investors.
Following the preliminary competition that ended on April 18, a panel of judges selected 30 proposals to advance to the final from the 2,700 submitted candidate proposals.
The final competition will be held on May 29 during the Guiyang Big Data Expo, which runs from Wednesday through Sunday. A maker who is interested in a particular tongker's proposal can arrange a meeting with them to discuss possible cooperation.
At the final competition, the top 10 tongkers can team up with their maker partners to present their joint business plans.
According to local officials, the competition is just the first stage of Guiyang's tongker plan, and the city will offer tongkers a "constant" stage.
During the Guiyang Big Data Expo, an online maker space called Guiyang Tongker Dreamwork will be launched, with the aim of connecting more tongkers and makers.
The Qingdao west coast new area was approved by the State Council, China's cabinet, as the ninth national-level new area in China's "new district strategy" in June 2014. Last year, the area's gross domestic product was 260 billion yuan ($39.68 billion), up 12 percent year-on-year. The area has unique advantages in boosting its economic growth - its location, ocean technology, international logistics, industry concentration and policy environment.
The area is in the intermediary zone between the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city cluster and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and is the main outlet to the sea for areas along the Yellow River. The new area plans to build an international ocean talent training center, an international ocean information processing center and an international ocean property-rights exchange center. The new area has nine universities with 150,000 students, and nearly 400,000 graduates of high education. Qingdao Port is the world's seventh-largest, and has trade connections with more than 700 ports in over 180 countries and regions. The west coast new area is an industry zone of advanced manufacturing industries and emerging ocean industries. The new area has six national-level parks and zones: the Qingdao economic technology development zone, Qingdao Qianwan bonded port area, west bank export processing zone, new technology development experiment zone, Sino-German Ecopark and Phoenix Island resort zone. The area also has four provincial-level zones and parks: the Qingdao Jiaonan economic development zone, Qingdao port-neighboring economic development zone, Langyatai tourist resort zone and Lingshanwan tourist resort zone.
The Qingdao Qianwan bonded port zone has applied to the Chinese central authority to become Qingdao Free Trade Port Zone. The area has attracted 210 projects in technology research and development and manufacturing industries, of which 14 are national-level institutes, 16 are universities and 110 are technology enterprises. The new area has attracted 39,000 talents in the fields of marine technology and industry since 2012, among whom 52 are from abroad and over 300 are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yangtze River Scholars and Mountain Tai Scholars, China's national and provincial-level senior talents. The Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology in the park has built eight labs in which 1,000 scientists and engineers work, and has 28 scientific investigation vessels and 12 scientific databases. According to the plan, the area will become an urban region that can accommodate 700,000 residents and provide jobs for them. The central government also listed the development of the Qingdao area in its 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) to boost the development of China's marine economy.
Xiangyanghong 09, carrying the Jiaolong, a manned deep-sea research submersible, anchored at the National Deep Sea Base in Qingdao on March 17, 2015, symbolizing the base's opening. More than 300 delegates from the ministries and enterprises of high technology, advanced manufacturing, technology services and finance attended a conference at the Qingdao high-tech zone in March aiming to attract investment from Beijing.
The high-tech zone in the port city of East China's Shandong province has experienced rapid economic growth and development in recent years. Sun Lijie, vice-mayor of Qingdao and Party chief of the high-tech zone, said during the meeting that the zone will focus on industrializing research and development results from State-run institutes, as the cooperation between Qingdao and Beijing enters a golden period as the Shandong peninsula's ocean economic zone is upgraded as a national strategy. The Qingdao high-tech zone signed agreements on 36 projects in finance, software, intelligent manufacturing, new materials and bio-pharmacy with partners in Beijing during the meeting, valued at 12.7 billion yuan. Ge Ke, chief executive officer of Beijing Kingsoft Office Software, said: "Qingdao not only has an ideal living environment, but also an ideal business environment fit for founding new ventures. Small and micro enterprises will play an increasingly important role in China's national economy, and innovation, Sun added. Sinochem Group plans to invest $5 billion to build a software industry park in the high-tech zone. The high-tech zone's venture capital investment company has established eight equity investment foundations and supported more than 30 projects in the zone. China's Ministry of Commerce and UK Trade & Investment jointly held a China-United Kingdom local investment and trade cooperation forum in Birmingham on Feb 26. Sajid Javid, secretary of state for Business, Innovation and Skills and president of the Board of Trade, and Gao Hucheng, China's commerce minister, gave keynote speeches at the forum.
Qingdao actively cooperates with partners from the UK in trade, environmental protection, energy saving, cultural industry and finance. According to Liu, Qingdao looks forward to deepening its cooperation with the UK in high-end business affairs, environmental protection, cultural industry, marine technology, consultation, exhibitions, tourism, education and public health.
As a national-level wealth management financial pilot zone, Qingdao will invite financial agencies, wealth management organizations, and training organizations from the UK to set up their branches in the city. The Qingdao government sent a delegation to the UK in early April to transform a series of bilateral cooperation agreements inked by state leaders into concrete projects. Regional integration, transportation and, in particular, economic coordination, will be priorities for the Yangtze River Delta urban cluster as a new development plan ramps up economic transformation and looks set to grab global attention, experts said. After nearly two decades, the cluster has expanded to 30 cities in Shanghai and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces. The region accounts for just 3.69 percent of China's land area, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in economic clout. At the executive meeting on May 11, the State Council, China's cabinet, approved the new plan to further promote the Yangtze River Delta urban cluster to achieve a global reputation by 2030.

Six years ago, the central government decided the Yangtze River Delta region was to be a center for modern services and advanced manufacturing and a gateway to the Asia-Pacific region by 2018.
The plan also targets forming an integrated market and enhanced innovation for the financial, technological research and development and logistics sectors. The cluster will prosper if it can overcome several obstacles that stand in the way of regional integration, said Lyu, who was one of the specialists to assess the plan, formulated by the National Development and Reform Commission, before it went to the State Council, China's cabinet, for approval.
So far, 13 of the 30 member cities in the cluster are in Jiangsu, 11 in Zhejiang but only five are located in Anhui. Experts said intercity transportation will be key in overcoming this gap and more high-speed railways should be built to facilitate travel within the cluster.
Ge Jiong, a 30-year-old salesman, commutes between Shanghai and Kunshan, a city in Jiangsu neighboring Shanghai. The salesman enjoys his daily trips but it is an unorthodox mode of transport for most city dwellers in the Yangtze River Delta because of the inconvenience in intercity transportation. Lyu said decision-makers in the cluster should consider many factors, such as disparities in economic output and growth rates. Lyu's views were echoed by Xiao Jincheng, vice-president of the Region Science Academy of China, who said the urban cluster has improved cooperation among cities that previously competed for investments or expertise instead of cooperating. The Yangtze River Delta region holds an annual coordination meeting, which is attended by the executive deputy heads of government of Shanghai and the three provinces.
Lyu said he is optimistic about the urban cluster's future, because the region has the country's most qualified people and soundest market mechanism. Departments and ministries under the State Council, China's cabinet, have responded to a wide range of public concerns during the past week, in areas that include food safety inspection, violence against doctors, the lack of children's healthcare facilities and information leakage. The price of pork, which recently surged to record highs in several parts of China, prompted some slaughterhouses and enterprises to sell low quality and even contaminated pork products to consumers, some of whom were later found to have food-borne illnesses. In response, the China Food and Drug Administration, the nation's top food safety regulator, pledged to strengthen the supervision and inspection of pork products' quality and safety, and to enhance efforts to crack down on illegal business activities.
In response to another public concern, the National Health and Family Planning Commission on Thursday strongly condemned the fatal assault of a doctor in Shaoyang, Central China's Hunan province, that happened the day before. The commission and the Ministry of Public Security pledged to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and urged the local government to ensure the safety of medical personnel. Following worries about a lack of access to children's healthcare facilities, the State Council said a guideline released by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and other related ministries on Wednesday is expected to ease the shortage of children's medical care resources by the end of 2020. After claims were made about people's personal information being leaked when they completed online registration procedures for national professional and technical qualifications, the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security announced on Thursday on its website that it was carrying out an investigation, along with other departments. Taxation offices in Shanghai and Jiangsu province announced last week that no written documents are required in order to get a value-added tax invoice.
At Wednesday's executive meeting, which was presided over by Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council, China's cabinet, decided to intensify efforts to press ahead with reforms of the commercial system to create a better market environment for mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The reforms, which were launched in March 2014, aim to simplify administrative procedures and lower the benchmarks for business registration.
In the meantime, the cabinet pledged to help State-Owned Enterprises improve their competitiveness, enhance productivity, and accelerate the restructuring and integration process. The State Council issued a guideline on Monday to promote the development of cultural products by cultural relic protection units and related institutions - which include museums, art galleries, memorial halls and other groups with cultural resources.
Pilot programs will be carried out at some national- and provincial-level museums, art galleries and libraries, with the aim of making them innovative in product design and supporting profit-making mechanisms. The State Council issued a guideline on Tuesday to boost the aviation industry, as part of efforts to promote industrial upgrades and transformation.
According to the guideline, China is expected to have more than 500 airports and in excess of 5,000 aircraft by the end of 2020.
The State Council, China's cabinet, on Wednesday issued a guideline to restructure the industrial materials sector. According to the guideline, China will further trim overcapacity of industrial materials through measures including not approving new projects in sectors with overcapacity and eliminating inferior capacity. The State Council, China's cabinet, released a circular on Thursday aimed at improving the sci-tech commissioner system to boost mass entrepreneurship and innovation in rural areas. The circular urged the system to help improve technology development and services in rural regions, and to play its role in poverty alleviation and mass entrepreneurship.
The circular also urged more policy support and the development of innovative business and service platforms that help develop both vocational and entrepreneurial skills among rural residents.
Premier Li Keqiang recently held an executive meeting of the State Council, China's cabinet, to find ways to streamline the group of centrally administered State-owned enterprises so as to improve their competitiveness, enhance their productivity and accelerate their restructuring process. Excessive ozone gas has become the prime pollution problem in Beijing in recent days, replacing the notorious PM2.5, and it's likely to linger for a couple of days, the capital's environmental monitoring authority said on Monday.
Because of the sunshine, many residents may not have noticed that ozone reached an alarming 242 micrograms per cubic meter at 2 pm on Sunday, according to the Beijing Environmental Monitoring Center. On Monday, when clouds blocked the sun, PM2.5 particles returned as the dominant type of pollution in Beijing, the center said. Different from the protective layer of ozone in the upper atmosphere, excessive ozone concentration at ground level is tied directly to health. Every summer, ozone concentration typically soars from May to August in Beijing, overtaking PM2.5 as the prime pollutant. Last year, the capital saw fewer than 60 percent of days with air quality meeting national standards in the four-month period, and only 35 percent of days in July had good air quality, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
Summer ozone pollution is not a problem only in Beijing; it has grown into a thorny issue nationwide, the ministry said. The complexity of air pollution is increasing and the problem requires more comprehensive efforts, the ministry said. In Beijing, the environmental watchdog has taken strict control on the emission of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides, the key ingredients in ozone's toxic stew.
In addition, the ministry has pushed measures to reduce ground-level ozone and promoted the success against ozone made by Shenzhen, Guangdong province.
The revised Environmental Protection Law has performed well in reducing pollution since taking effect on Jan 1, 2015, by providing new enforcement tools, including higher fines and other legal sanctions, according to an assessment released on Monday. The revised law, regarded as the strongest version ever in China, allows environmental authorities to levy fines on polluters on a daily basis with no cap, which has brought swift corrective action, the assessment said. At least 85 percent of the companies surveyed after being fined said they had stopped their excessive emissions. In 2015, environmental authorities fined 715 companies a total of 569 million yuan ($86.9 million), the Ministry of Environmental Protection said. The assessment was co-conducted by researchers from the Institute of Environmental and Resource Law at China University of Political Science and Law, environmental groups and experts at other law schools. More than 2,600 complaints of excessive discharges were made in 2014 against the 100 companies surveyed. Experts conducted a series of surveys looking at 100 major companies that were being closely monitored by State or provincial environmental watchdogs from December to March, said Wang Canfa, the team leader and a professor at the institute. In addition to the daily fines, the revised law also give stronger tools to the authorities - for example, tougher legal sanctions under which polluting companies' managers can be detained or transferred to legal organs quickly, and the forced suspension of production.
Minister of Environmental Protection Chen Jining said he, too, has seen weak implementation at the grassroots level because of such things as a lack of vehicles in some areas.
Inspectors check a construction site that had been asked to halt operations on a smoggy day in Beijing's Tongzhou district in November.
Repairs to a broken section of elevated highway in Shanghai will take about two weeks, the Shanghai Road Administration Bureau said on Monday.
The section of the city's Middle Ring Road, a major arterial, was damaged at midnight by an overloaded truck, the bureau said.
Steel pipes and lifting jacks will be used to prop up the damaged section to that a safety assessment can be made.
At around 12:30 am, one of four overloaded trucks from Shanghai Jianjing Logistics Co, each 10 meters long and carrying heavy concrete pipes, overturned on the Middle Ring Road near Hutai Road in Baoshan district. A section of the highway was dislodged and at least one of the pieces moved, resulting in a height difference of 40 centimeters.
The truck's cargo fell onto the surface and some concrete pipes even struck the ground below the elevated highway.
Nearly 5 kilometers of the highway - from Gulang Road to Gonghexin Road - will be closed to traffic during repairs. Traffic within 1.5 kilometers of the accident site was crippled during the morning and evening rush hour on Monday.
An overloaded truck overturns on the Middle Ring Road in Shanghai's Baoshan district on early Monday morning. Three children died in a fire on Saturday at a building used by a private tutoring company as a childcare facility in the Changxing Island Economic Zone in Dalian, Liaoning province. The blaze broke out as 24 sixth-grade primary school students were attending an English class. One male student and two female students died at the scene and another student was slightly injured, the fire department responsible for the economic zone said on Sunday. The zone's public security sub-bureau said on Monday four people had been detained in connection with the fire, including two owners of the tutoring company.
A teacher who was giving a lecture at the time helped to organize the students' evacuation.
The fire department said it took 25 minutes to put out the flames, which engulfed 80 square meters of the two-floor residential building. According to a preliminary investigation conducted by the police, the father of a man who rented the two floors had been frying chicken wings with an electric frying pan at his stationery store on the ground floor and had forgotten to switch off the pan when he left to look after his son's business. After the man returned and found the pan had caught fire, he allegedly threw it to the ground and set the wooden floor on fire and the blaze spread to the second floor where the classroom was located. The father and the two owners of the private tutoring company are being held on suspicion of being responsible for the three deaths, the police said. The city's education bureau has set up a work group to probe the matter and the bureau head has visited the zone to assist with the investigation. A woman surnamed Jia, who is the sister of a 12-year-old female victim, said the tutoring company collected students from schools each weekday at 4 pm and took them to the classroom to supervise them in finishing their homework until 6 pm. Investigators believe the private tutoring company may have broken regulations prohibiting the setting up of a classroom in a residential building.
Childcare facilities and tutoring services are supposed to be registered and must meet certain standards but many consider the costs too high and unregulated providers of such services have become increasingly common.
China will begin a nationwide safety inspection of sites where dangerous chemicals are stored, according to the top safety watchdog on Monday. A man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 20,000 yuan ($3,000) for dealing drugs, the people's court of Jing'an district announced on Monday. More than 200 women delegates from around the world will gather in Xi'an on Tuesday to mark the opening of the Women 20 (W20) meeting. The use of antibiotics in Chinese hospitals has dropped by 40 percent since the top health authority began to curb their overuse, said a senior expert. The measures include stricter control over public access to antibiotics, overhauling their overuse by hospitals, and monitoring of antibiotic resistance. A recent global review by the UK's Lord Jim O'Neill on anti-microbial resistance estimates that by 2050 antibiotic resistance could result in 1 million premature deaths annually in China.
Antibiotic resistance occurs when a microbe evolves to become more or fully resistant to the anti-microbials that previously could treat it. According to the report, China uses around half the world's antibiotics, of which 48 percent are consumed by people and the rest are used in the agricultural sector. Weak regulation on the use of antibiotics in agriculture also further encourages overuse, it said. Huang Liuyu, director of the Institute for Disease Prevention and Control of the People's Liberation Army, said excessive antibiotic residue might be passed on to humans through meat consumption, increasing the possibility of antibiotic resistance in people.
Also, they could "contaminate" other parts of the world due to increasing international travel and exchange, he said. Worldwide, anti-microbial drugs are becoming less effective and the world is not developing enough new ones to keep up, the report said.
Worldwide, anti-microbial resistance by 2050 could be responsible for the deaths of 10 million people a year, the equivalent of 1 person every 3 seconds - more than cancer kills today, it said. The cumulative economic cost of the world not acting would be around $100 trillion, O'Neill said. Efforts to improve the livelihoods of people in Tibet are seeing good results as the autonomous region celebrates the 65th anniversary of its peaceful liberation on Monday.
In 2015, the county started a new medical insurance program, with the local government paying a major portion of the medical bills for local farmers and herdsmen. In the past five years, Tibet has spent about 525 billion yuan on public expenses, with more than 70 percent of that on areas such as agriculture, education and healthcare, according to the regional government.
Thubten Gyatso, a student at Peking University, managed to enter college thanks to government support. Thubten, who lost his parents when he was a child, grew up with his sister in Magarze county, Shannan prefecture. This year, Shannan prefecture has begun to increase subsidies for college students like Thubten, with each student outside and inside the region receiving 10,000 yuan and 8,000 yuan each year respectively. Speaking of his future career, Thubten said he plans to work in Beijing for a few years and then return to Tibet to make his contributions.
Lang Fukuan, head of the regional government's department of finance, said a total of 16.7 billion yuan will be allocated to improve government programs offering subsidies to Tibetan farmers and herdsmen this year. The gun tower, now empty of weapons and refurbished was built by Japanese imperial forces after their occupation began in 1939.
The two reminders of history are just a few meters from each other, and easily attract the attention of inquisitive passers-by.
The Xisha and Nansha islands were returned to Chinese sovereignty under the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation, and the Chinese government retook the islands in 1946.
The history of the islands, and their recovery, remind me of Foreign Minister Wang Yi's remarks when he was asked about the South China Sea in June last year at the World Peace Forum in Beijing. Zhang Haiwen, a leading Chinese expert on international maritime law with the State Oceanic Administration, said that one of the most valid measures to confirm China's jurisdiction, in terms of international law, was publicly recovering the Xisha and Nansha islands by dispatching troops and prominent figures there. To demonstrate China's sovereignty, officials and officers organized celebratory cannon fire and raised flags marking the return of the islands.
In addition to the United States, Japan has increased its profile concerning the South China Sea in the past two years. As Japan frequently campaigns for reinforcing military cooperation with countries such as the Philippines, and boosts its military presence in the South China Sea, peace-loving people like to ask: What is Japan's ultimate purpose?
A 1-meter-tall stone stands on Yongxing Island, marking the return of the island to Chinese sovereignty. When Su Chengfen started his fishing life at the age of 13, there were no traces of foreigners in the Nansha Islands.
Fishermen from the mainland stopped going to the remote islands in the mid-1950s, due to security and political concerns, as troops from Taiwan were active in the region.
In 1956, the Philippines said it had "discovered" some islands at Nansha and started claiming them.
A larger wave of island claiming by the two countries occurred in the 1970s and 1980s, against the background of the discovery of oil and gas resources beneath the sea floor around the Nansha Islands, as well as the negotiations and signing of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.
As temperatures start to climb, the incidence of allergic reactions begins to wane, as Yang Wanli reports. The most difficult part of the year for Zhou Yan ended with the official start of summer on May 5. The problem has been a hot topic recently on Baidu Tieba, a community-based group discussion, and Zhihu, an online question-and-answer forum where informed users provide accurate responses to users' queries. In a recent discussion called "Westerners and Easterners: who has the higher incidence of allergy?" nearly 80 percent of Chinese respondents opted for Westerners. Chen Yifu, a general physician at the Beijing United Family Hospital, said allergies are caused when people come into contact with a trigger. The symptoms depend on how people are exposed - through the air, the skin, food or even an insect sting. China's health department has not yet conducted nationwide research into allergies, but based on data collected from hospitals around the country, it's estimated that the incidence rate has tripled in the past 30 years, according to a recent report by China Central Television. The report also showed that more than 40 percent of Chinese people younger than 18 have some sort of allergy, and about 10 mill-ion people have allergic rhinitis, which affects the nose and nasal passages, making it the most prevalent allergy in China. Yang Zhen, a doctor at the immunology department of the Shanghai Children's Medical Center, said an individual's genetic makeup not only determines which allergen will trigger a complaint, but also the severity of the symptoms. Despite general improvements in the quality of life and increased healthcare provision, China's rapid rate of urbanization is believed to have resulted in larger numbers of people being exposed to significant amounts of chemicals, both in the home and the workplace.
Liu said research shows that house dust mites are related to about 60 to 70 percent of allergic cases in China, including primarily asthma, eczema and perennial allergic rhinitis.
The problem seems certain to get worse, because urbanization is taking place at an unprecedented pace and is set to continue in the coming decades. Last year, the asthma clinic at the pediatrics institute in Beijing treated more than 25,000 child patients, according to Sha. Allergy treatments include medication and, increasingly, immunotherapy, under which patients are given gradually larger amounts of the substance, or allergen, to which they are allergic.
Despite the improvement in treatments, it is still impossible to cure the condition completely, according to Hu Jin, director of the pediatrics institute's dermatology department, who said intervention can only reduce the frequency of the ailment and control the symptoms. According to Hu, one of the most important stages the human immune system experiences is puberty (ages 10 to 15 for boys and 8 to 13 for girls).
The institute has run an annual summer camp for children with asthma for more than 20 years.
To encourage the children to play more outdoor sports, the hospital also holds the Children's Asthma Olympics every year.
In addition to watery eyes and itchy skin and nose, the allergy also caused severe headaches, so for several decades Shoda took medication from May to June - the pollen season - to alleviate the condition.
The problem started in the 1950s and 60s, when the Japanese government planted mill-ions of cedar trees as part of a national reforestation program.
A rice-based peptide vaccine that combats cedar and cypress pollen allergies is now available in most clinics in Japan, he added. More than 40 million people in the United States have allergies, which are the sixth-biggest cause of chronic illnesses, and treatment costs more than $18 billion every year, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
In addition to the public health sector, many nonprofit organizations in the US are making efforts to raise public awareness of allergies, and some also raise funds to accelerate world-class research, produce educational resources and establish priorities. Tibetan culture is filled with folk tales about special relationships between humans and animals, and the connection continues today in the form of a 62-year-old woman's "deer club" in the Tibet autonomous region's Qamdo city.
Changchub Lhamo lives on a Riwoche county pasture called the Nadenthang that is home to Tibetan red deer, an endangered species in China.
Every winter, the deer come down the mountains for food, knowing they will find Changchub Lhamo and a meal.
The bond forged between Changchub Lhamo and red deer dates back to the 1970s, when as a 16-year-old, she adopted three fawns and treated them like her own children. The deer grew up healthy, thanks to her care, and another 10 deer eventually join the herd. The Riwoche Tramoling Tibetan Red Deer Reservere, a deer habitat established by the government 40 years ago, has been expanded over the years to its current size of 64,000 hectares. She said she intends to continue to feed the deer as she grows old, even though the subsidies she receives from the local ranger station are not nearly enough to pay for the food the deer herd consumes.
Changchub Lhamo keeps an eye on the flock of Tibetan red deer on the Nadenthang grassland in Riwoche county, the Tibet autonomous region. A farmer in Huichun encountered a tiger while collecting wild vegetables from a mountain near his village. A woman in Huixian got a divorce because she mistakenly believed her high school sweetheart had impregnated her during a class reunion.
A man in Hohhot kept his dead wife's body in a freezer for three years because of a dispute with the woman's relatives.
A man from Jiangxi province has paid 3,000 yuan to a hospital in Guangzhou for an operation he underwent 14 years ago. A goat that has learned to walk on two legs at a farm in Xinping county has been praised for its strength and fortitude. A man in Shayang county was detained by police after he attempted to rob a bank with a toy gun. A man who killed his hunting companion with a nail gun has been referred to the procuratorate for further investigation. A nurse in Jintang county has been hailed for her bravery after she climbed out of a third floor window to prevent an elderly man from jumping. Today marks China's Tourism Day and the opening of the first World Conference on Tourism for Development. Travel and tourism makes part of the human pursuit for a better life; it opens a way to the new and the unknown world. The importance of proper waste management and discipline are emphasized in the training program.
Of the students taking part, 22 per cent were from black or ethnic minority backgrounds and 41 per cent had a disability. In addition, the study found that 36 per cent of all students valued the arts, music or literature more than they had previously whilst 35 per cent had a greater understanding of other cultures.
Tutors, students, members, volunteers and colleagues from across the country were in attendance, with vigorous discussion around sustainability (the theme of the 2016 conference) and the future of the charity. He has been instrumental in developing a wide range of renewable energy systems and is now leading on the ground-breaking Zero Carbon Britain research.
Speaking from personal experience, Lord Blunkett told the audience of the challenges he faced when returning to education and of the ultimate gain.
I was privileged to hear from a variety of wonderful speakers and educational practitioners and felt honoured to share the success stories of the WEA Awards recipients.
Women’s lives have been transformed by technology, changes in our economy and in social attitudes so that women expect to compete on equal terms. The adult education charity has been going for more than a century and it is as badly needed today as it was in 1903. This low level of adult skills inevitably impacts on the success of the economy as a whole. People like my grandfather, who left school at 11 but who enrolled on a WEA course and eventually won a trade union scholarship to Ruskin College, Oxford, and another to Peterhouse at Cambridge. When I read economics at Cambridge I was intimidated by the cutglass accents and the seemingly easy social confidence of my fellow students.
It is a vicious cycle that affects many women, which is why we have to do more to support mothers in the workplace.
Last year, the WEA launched a campaign focusing on the importance of education and lifelong learning, to enable women to overcome the disadvantages they face in society. Its latest report, published last week, revealed that one in four UK workers would sacrifice pay for greater flexibility.
According to the World Economic Forum it is now ranked 18th out of 145 countries in terms of the gender gap, an improvement from the 26th place ranking it achieved last year. According to the report no country in the world has achieved gender equality but I think there are lessons we can learn from those at the top of the league table: Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
According to the World Economic Forum, it will take another 117 years until the pay gap between men and women is closed. We also need to recognise and reward good practice wherever we see it, learn from our own experience and the experience of other countries and cultures.
However, far fewer are supportive of fathers with young children (35%), older workers (26%) and other employees (34%) who may have additional responsibilities such as elderly or unwell relatives to care for, charity and volunteering responsibilities, or a desire to attend additional training or classes outside of work. Over half (52%) of medium-sized employers said this would be logistically too difficult to implement, whilst over a third (35%) worry it would impact negatively on the business. Almost a third of employers (31%) place the onus on employees – saying they would be encouraged to reconsider their decisions if employees would consider taking cuts in return for more flexible working hours. A quarter (24%) of employees think employers should offer flexible shift patterns, and almost a quarter (23%) would be willing to be paid less in return for working fewer hours if this were an option. Our economy depends on a skilled and motivated workforce that functions productively – and our best hope of achieving this is through encouraging employers to adapt to the evolving needs of the workforce.
This year the theme of the conference is sustainability, with an event on the Friday of national significance with a great line up of speakers and workshops along with the Association Dinner.
He has a track record of innovation and impact in his work to bring together economic life and social justice. He chaired the Jubilee 2000 campaign and was part of the team that founded the Fairtrade Mark. Standing Orders Committee has therefore confirmed that Lindsay Pearson is duly elected to the post of Deputy President. It encourages intellectual curiosity and lifelong opportunities to learn which we are passionate about in the WEA.

Since 2010, we have witnessed a drastic reduction in the ESOL budget of almost 50 per cent. By creating a more cohesive ESOL strategy, the Government could help thousands of people across the country unlock their potential and contribute to the economy.
Standing Orders Committee therefore confirms that Lindsay Pearson is duly elected to the post of Deputy President. Before voting you should read the supporting statements from the cadidates and the role description for the post of President below. You will have either recieved an email from Electoral Reform Services or a ballot paper by post providing security details for the election. Further information about the regulations of governance of the WEA can be found in our Governing Document. Applicants should hold a First Degree or equivalent in their subject(s) or have significant, demonstrable professional knowledge and skills. Our work transforms outcomes for people in deprived communities; it reduces social exclusion, increases social mobility and enables families to break the cycle of deprivation. Without continuous opportunities to learn throughout our lives, the economic potential of many citizens will be lost and our productivity levels will continue to lag behind other competing countries. While this is welcome, we believe there needs to be more investment in adult learning alongside a rebalancing of our education and skills policies to reflect the fact that productivity improvements will be driven by those who are already in the labour market.
From now on, everyone is going to be thinking about how to continuously increase skills through life. During her life, she gave so much of her time to the charity and had volunteered with us for over 25 years before her death at the age of 81. The formation of a Scottish Parliament Cross Party Working Group on Adult Learning has backed this up - testament to the shared belief that adult learning benefits people and communities throughout Scotland. An effective vehicle for economic and social justice, a strong adult learning sector is key to the future of Scotland.
Chief Executive of the WEA, Ruth Spellman and WEA Director of Education Joanna Cain, joined the group to highlight the importance of adult education to communities throughout England.
This year alone, the Adult Skills Budget has already had cuts of 24 per cent and 3.9 per cent, and many students are concerned that further cuts will have a devastating impact on a service which provides skills, confidence and support to disadvantaged communities across the country. Adult education is important because it helps individuals and their families break cycles of deprivation and forge better lives themselves.
Thousands of people have joined the WEA in saying this is a vital service for our economy and our society. There are other challenges too, such as the future of the research environment, how to assess the quality of teaching and dealing with the effects of marketisation. Part-time numbers have fallen more in England than other parts of the UK with lower (or no) fees, but it is not the sole cause.
Now, research from the University of Oxford has shown that singing is a great ice-breaker and can get groups of people to bond together faster. The conclusion – singing groups bonded quicker than those taking part in other classes. At the end of the seven months, all the classes were reporting similar levels of closeness. Indeed he represented my Cousin, Bill Bald and successfully defended him in a case of wrongful dismissal. It is for this and the many other unrealised potentials that we always regret the passing of a life, the achievements stand as testament, the intentions and possibilities as feasible conjecture. Tracey is a former beautician who, five years ago, decided to change career and study counselling and hypnotherapy after years of being a shoulder to cry on for family, friends and clients. She will be empowering those with low self-esteem to recognise their worth and talents by teaching a confidence course with us.
The sector is calling for greater recognition of the value of part-time education and is asking students, past and present, to share why they love part time study.
The Department for Business Innovation and Skills, which funds the WEA and other adult learning institutions like ourselves in England, has been asked by the Chancellor to suggest cuts of 25% and 40%. Further cuts, on top of the 24 per cent and 3.9 per cent cuts to the Adult Skills Budget already announced this year, will have a devastating impact on a service that is life-changing for many people.
At the same time employer investment in skills and training has declined by 2.5bn since 2011. Our aim is to raise awareness, make the case for adult education and to give adult learners a voice.
Individual letters or emails to your local MP and the Chancellor will make a difference and make sure that adults are not forgotten when cuts are being made. Please click here to download a template of what you might consider writing - the suggested text is also below. Further cuts, on top of the 24 per cent and 3.9 per cent cuts to the Adult Skills Budget already announced this year, will have a devastating impact on a service that is life-changing for many people and communities across the country. The group will aim to start a wider debate about the future of adult education in this country.
Learning can change people’s lives and improve not just their skills and job prospects but also their confidence and health. APPGs have members from all the main political parties in Parliament and the Adult Education APPG will be supported by the WEA and other specialist adult education institutions. Our aim is to engage key stakeholders, organisations within the FE sector, parliamentarians and other major influencers in a debate about the future of adult education. It is proposed that the group agree a subject for investigation, followed by a call for evidence, with at least one oral evidence session held each year to engage students, parliamentarians and other stakeholders in the discussion. They will also have the opportunity to visit the key historic landmarks associated with European democracy.
The name is a play off the concept and title of maker, which in this case would convert a tongker's solutions into a viable business idea. Guizhou was approved by the central government earlier this year to be China's first big data pilot zone. Companies in the incubator can enjoy several preferential policies provided by both the province and its capital.
At the final, the top 10 tongkers, top three proposals and top three tongker makers will be announced. It has 282 km of coastline and oversees 1,221 villages with a total population of 1.8 million. China's main manned submersibles' propeller electrical machines are developed and manufactured by enterprises in the district, and its deep-sea maritime engineering equipment manufacturing level is considered to be world-class. Thirty-four academicians of the China Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 18 talents of the Chinese central government's Thousand Talents Program work in the new district. It has a national crude oil strategic reserve base, and is the transit base for iron ore, crude oil, rubber and cotton.
It has six industry clusters: logistics, shipbuilding, household electronics, automobiles, machinery equipment and petrochemical engineering, whose annual production value is more than 100 billion yuan each. In September last year, 1,650 finished automobiles were cleared by the customs department in Qingdao, as the port entered a new phase as an automobile port. The marine survey, marine organism and submarine resources are the lab's missions of strategic importance. In November 2013, it took part in a regional marine technology development cooperation project in East Asia.
Qingdao plans to build high-standard infrastructure in the new city to satisfy the needs of its future development. Tsinghua Holdings has earmarked about 8 billion yuan to build a new-technology industry park in the zone.
Led by Liu Mingjun, vice-mayor of Qingdao, delegates of more than 10 enterprises from Qingdao, including Haier Group, Hisense Group and Tsingtao Beer Group, attended the forum. That is why the Commerce Ministry made it one of the first batch of partner cities in Sino-UK local cooperation in trade and investment. It has the world's seventh-largest port, and 144 air routes to major cities at home and abroad.
In June, Qingdao will organize its enterprises to take part in the 2016 International Fair for Business in Liverpool. It generates more than 20 percent of the country's GDP, topping the rankings for China's three biggest urban clusters. Each morning, he pays three yuan ($0.46) to take the 10-minute ride on the subway from his home to his office in Shanghai. That's why Lyu suggested smaller clusters of two or three cities be connected in a faster and more convenient intercity transportation system. Therefore, coordination mechanisms are another key step to combat disparity among the four neighbors, which Lyu said caused variations in many fields, such as public services.
The positive side lies in the fact that Anhui's growth rate has outdone them in recent years.
This blocks integration and needs provincial governments to compromise for more balanced economic plans," Lyu said. In the incident, Wang Jun, a doctor at Shaodong County People's Hospital, died after he was severely beaten, allegedly by a patient's family members. The move came after some candidates reported receiving text messages that included offers to help them to cheat or get a surrogate to take the State bar examination, according to media reports last week.
Some media outlets had earlier reported that people in the two regions had been asked to submit copies of their business licenses and tax registration certificates. Efforts will be made to increase aviation innovation and improve manufacturing capabilities in key aviation technologies, according to the guideline. China will further cut capacity in cement residue and sheet glass to "a reasonable range" by the end of 2020. Commissioners are professionals from urban scientific research institutions who will help and guide rural residents. Therefore, experts strongly suggest that people stay indoors around noon to avoid the gas, which, unlike particulate matter, cannot be blocked by protective masks. It is closely related to other air pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides. That number dropped dramatically to 205 complaints in 2015 after the revised law took effect, the assessment said. The ministry will take measures to resolve such issues and continue to push forward the implementation, he said. Repairs to the supporting piers and the road surface will follow the assessment, officials said at a media briefing. A preliminary investigation ruled out suspicions of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The move follows a fire at a chemical warehouse that killed a firefighter in Jingjiang, Jiangsu province, in late April, according to a statement on the website of the State Administration of Work Safety. Named only as "Mike" from an unspecified West African country, the man had worked illegally in Guangdong province after entering China in 2014. The three-day event, as the first outreach group meeting of G20 leaders summit, will discuss equal participation and innovative development, including gender perspectives in global economic governance, women's employment and entrepreneurship and social protection, women's role in the digital economy and an innovative women's network. A 71-year-old villager surnamed Zhu was attacked and killed by wild Asian elephants near his vegetable shed at around 5:30 am on Sunday in the Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture, the prefectural publicity department said on Sunday. His second son, Tenpa, was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, with each chemotherapy session - costing 5,000 yuan ($764) - putting heavy financial pressure on his family, which depends on farming for a living.
In 2011, the region began to offer free high-school education, with high school and vocational students getting up to 1,650 yuan in subsidies for each semester. Candidates for master's and doctoral degrees will each receive 15,000-and-20,000 yuan subsidies every year, according to Shannan's education and sports bureau.
The leaves of coconut trees, swaying in the breeze, cast fleeting shadows on them in an almost idyllic scene. Tokyo is also seeking to pass a strong declaration on the South China Sea during the upcoming G7 summit in Japan.
This may be ignored or glossed over by some in Japan, but wounds that were then inflicted are still sensitive.
That signaled an end to her severe hay fever and conjunctivitis caused by poplar flowers and willow catkins, which floated in the air like snow during spring but gradually stopped as temperatures began to climb.
When summer comes, the symptoms disappear and I don't have to wear a facemask or take any more medication, which is great," said the 32-year-old Beijing resident. They were planted to act as windbreaks and also to prevent soil erosion, but their spores have resulted in a rise in the number of people with allergic reactions. The result led a large number of people to suggest that many developed countries in Asia are less hygienic that their Western counterparts, which may produce "stronger" immunity in local people who have a natural resistance to allergens. In response, the body begins to produce an antibody called Immunoglobulin E, which attaches itself to blood cells known as mast cells and causes histamine and other chemicals to be released into the bloodstream, prompting an allergic reaction.
The symptoms of nasal or skin allergies commonly include itchy, watery eyes and skin rashes, while food allergies can cause stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. Most expat patients with allergies come to our hospital because they have already had the problem in their home countries," he said. In addition to improvements in the Chinese health system, which means more people with allergies attend hospitals for treatment, Chinese people hardly have severe allergic symptoms even to the same allergen, compared with Westerners," said Sha Li, a physician at the asthma clinic of the Capital Institute of Pediatrics in Beijing. Moreover, it's widely believed that changing one's living environment is a major reason behind that," she said. The use of air conditioners and carpets, and increased exposure to food additives and vehicle emissions raise the chances of a person aggravating an allergy," said Liu Guanghui, director of the anaphylaxis department - which treats potentially life-threatening allergic reactions - at the Tongji Hospital in Shanghai. Enzymes in their feces and exoskeletons are known to provoke allergic reactions, and urban lifestyles provide perfect living conditions for the mites, which are usually found in bedding, carpets, soft furnishings and clothing. In 1978, just 18 percent of the Chinese population lived in urban areas, but by 1995, the figure had risen to 30 percent and in 2013, it was 54 percent. She added that studies conducted by the hospital show that the incidence of asthma among children younger than 18 is higher in the greenbelt surrounding the capital than in the urban areas. The incremental increases prompt the immune system to become less sensitive to the allergen. Some patients with skin allergies may find that the scale of their allergy may also diminish as they get older," she said, adding that her conclusion is based on more than a decade of clinical experience. During this period, production of sebum, an oily substance that lubricates the hair and skin, rises under the influence of hormones. She pointed out that physical training can raise the level of immunity and help to control the severity of some allergic reactions, such as asthma. Doctors provide about 20 children age 6 and older with training and guidance about treating their asthma at home. The 54-year-old, who grew up in Japan's Gunma Prefecture, which is famous for its natural scenery, was diagnosed as allergic to the pollen of fir trees, rice and wheat in his early teens.
In some cases, it has helped people to avoid life-threatening conditions," said Chen Yifu, a general physician at the Beijing United Family Hospital.
Known as sha in the Tibetan language, red deer are native to the southern Tibetan highlands. She has been sharing her love for the small herd for the past 40 years by feeding them turnips and salt. Cao Bingguang was climbing the mountain one morning early this month when he spotted the tiger standing about 20 meters away from him.
The 30-year-old woman, surnamed Xu, reunited with her old flame, surnamed Zhou, three years ago when they stayed together overnight in a hotel room.
The man, surnamed Lu, married his wife in 2008, but she died in an accident on July 3, 2013 at the age of 30. Huang Shishui, 44, came to Guangzhou for work in 2002, but before he could find a job he was admitted to hospital on Dec 12 with severe stomach pain.
According to its keeper Li Tianlin, the goat was born on Dec 20 with malformed hind legs that were stuck to its body and later atrophied. The unemployed 27-year-old, surnamed Liu, entered the bank's business hall brandishing the toy gun at 9:10 am on May 15. Song Wan claimed he stumbled over a tree branch while chasing a pheasant through a forest in Fushun county, which caused his nail gun to discharge and strike Zhang Youcai, who later died from his injuries in hospital. With the help of security guard, 26-year-old Li Qiulan stood on a 20-cm-wide windowsill and successfully persuaded the man back inside the hospital ward. Half of the students were on means-tested benefits and 28 per cent from disadvantaged postcodes.
If he had not secured his O-level qualifications by attending evening classes, he would not have been able to attend university and subsequently forge a career in national politics.
Award-winning journalist Nadine Dereza hosted the event, which highlighted the fantastic work of the students, tutors and staff that make the WEA special. After my third was born I had to deal with redundancy and the serious illness of my husband. On Saturday, the formal business of the conference will take place with debates on some of the key issues affecting the WEA and adult education. It was entitled Changing Lives and revealed the extent to which adult learning impacts on so many areas of an individual’s life.
In order to help people fully integrate into their communities and boost active citizenship, we believe more should be done to encourage and facilitate English language learning for those who need it.
An effective ESOL programme has the potential to promote community cohesion, fair access to services, social mobility and can enable students to access the labour market. Applicants should also hold a Level 4 teaching qualification (minimum) or be willing to work towards this. Unless we have accessible and affordable education and skills provision economic growth will stall, our productivity levels will continue to be below the G7 average, and five million adults will continue to struggle without basic literacy and numeracy skills. Alongside the petition, hundreds of WEA students who have benefited from adult education have been writing to their MPs to protest against potential cuts in the Spending Review. Singing is found in all human societies and can be performed to some extent by the vast majority of people. Each course, made up of two-hour sessions, was run over seven months with a two-week break in the middle. It was a difficult feat considering that she had four children (her youngest at the time was one years old) and it meant leaving behind the security of a profession which she was thriving in. Please help us maintain this vital service for generations to come by highlighting the importance of adult education to the Chancellor and BIS over the coming months. Alongside students, speakers at these events might include other providers of adult education such as The Open University, non-SDI colleges, LEPs, employers, local authorities as well as ministers and opposition spokespeople.A report would then be developed in consultation with the group for launch at the annual AGM. Makers are individuals or enterprises that can help tonkgers convert their ideas into viable business propositions. Last year, its ocean-related GDP was 67 billion yuan, accounting for 38 percent of the ocean-related GDP of Qingdao.
In December 2014, Qingdao's development plan for the Blue Valley was approved by the central government of China, and became the fifth national-level model base of marine technology in China. The Beijing Science Park Development Group also plans to invest 6 billion yuan to construct a pharmaceutical industry park in the zone.
The other two are the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cluster in the north and the Pearl River Delta cluster in Guangdong province in the south. As of the end of last year, China's general aviation industry had more than 300 airports, 281 enterprises, and 1,874 aircraft, official data shows. Exposure to ozone is linked to premature death, asthma, bronchitis, heart attack and other cardiopulmonary problems. Levels of ozone typically rise at midday due to strong sunshine and higher temperatures, said Chen Nianliang, a researcher at the monitoring center. Companies will be severely punished if they fail to ensure the proper safe storage of chemicals, such as ammonium nitrate, nitrocellulose and sodium cyanide, according to the statement. When people visit China's Yongxing Island in the South China Sea for the first time, residents proudly point out these symbols of China's sovereignty: a three-story gun tower and a 1-meter-tall stone with red lettering that marks the return of the island to Chinese sovereignty after the war against occupying Japanese forces. Media reports show that hospitals in cities such as Beijing, Qingdao, Shandong province, and Changchun, the capital of Jilin province, have seen a rise of 30 to 50 percent in the number of patients with severe allergies during springtime. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences expects 60 percent of China's 1.3 billion people to be living in cities and towns by 2018.
Cao said later that he had never come across a living tiger and was unsure what to do at first, but then he remembered some advice he had once been given and shouted loudly instead of running away.
Xu later discovered she was pregnant and divorced her husband, surnamed Cen, before marrying Zhou, who also had to divorce. The woman's relatives were convinced that Lu had killed his wife and demanded 300,000 yuan ($46,085) compensation.
He was treated for a gastrointestinal perforation, but had no money to pay for the surgery so the hospital let him go without paying. However, the animal has learned to stand and walk on its forelegs and live with other goats. He demanded money, but bank staff triggered the alarm system which alerted the police, who came and detained Liu five minutes later. On behalf of the Chinese government, let me offer warm congratulations on the opening of the conference. The Chinese have always believed that he who excels reads as many as 10,000 books and travels as far as 10,000 miles. That survey found that more than half of those aged under 60 gave improving communication skills as a specific skill developed on a WEA course. Whilst we can’t guarantee tutors work, inclusion on our Tutor Panel ensures that you will be considered when suitable courses arise. Any solution is likely to rest upon innovative delivery methods and other ways of improving access as much as relying on tweaks to the entitlement for financial support. High-quality products, such as green building materials, or environmentally friendly and resource-efficient materials, are expected to gain more market share, according to the guideline. The man was caught selling cocaine on Jan 11, and police found 24 small packs of drugs weighing about 26 grams. The accident happened one week after another wild elephant killed a villager in the same county. These are questions that should not need to be asked, as the coconut tree leaves cast their shadows over reminders of history. Nowadays, though, thanks to greater awareness of allergies, parents get their children's blood allergen checked if any symptoms appear," he said. However, a blood test confirmed that the baby was actually Cen's, who then demanded Zhou divorce Xu. Local veterinarians said the goat's mother was probably attacked when she was pregnant, which caused the kid's disfigurement. I also express a sincere welcome to all guests coming from afar, and pay high tribute to those who have long been committed to the development of tourism in the world. Xu Xiake, a famous Chinese scholar who lived back in the late 16th to 17th century, traveled far across the country, reaching places that had never been reached before. His book, Xu Xiake's Travel Notes, tells about his 30 years of travel experience over 400 years ago. In recent years, we have promulgated the Tourism Law, adopted a national program on travel and leisure and rolled out a host of policy measures for the reform and development of tourism.
The book is a geographic classic that gives a comprehensive account of the natural environment, and is also a huge travel guide to the natural landscape in China. It is our plan to make tourism a strategic pillar for the economy and a modern service sector to meet people's growing travel needs. The nineteenth of May, the date that Xu Xiake's travel diary began with, has now become China's Tourism Day. Yet in the old days, not many people traveled that much due to economic and social constraints. As the economy grew faster and people's income got higher, more and more people could afford to travel. After 2000, with increases in household consumption, travel is no longer a luxury for the few but rather a consumption of necessity for the average Chinese.
Last year, Chinese tourists made more than 4 billion domestic visits, and expenses on travel accounted for 10 percent of total household spending. Over 120 million outbound visits were made by Chinese tourists and China received 130 million inbound tourists from abroad.
Forecasts show that by 2020, the number of per capita travel times by Chinese tourists and the amount of tourism revenue will both double on the current basis.

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