You have an inspirational story, an article, or new information about organ and tissue donation that you believe we should post a blog about, share it with us. This is a ten-day program that introduces outstanding high school students to the world of medicine.
Whenever I’m given time in a presentation, I start my talks with Jenn’s poem, “Talking to the Shadows”. I tell them about the hundreds of medical people who have touched my life – people they will become in the future. I know that I’m showing them how amazing organ donation truly is… I know I’m showing them that donors and donor families are heroes to recipients and their families. Farias, who applied to the NYLF program after receiving an e-mail invitation, said he is excited to meet new people and learn new things applicable to his leadership position at MMA. In March, General McLane’s Brenna McEntee was learning what defines ethical behavior and choices at the Rotary Club of Erie’s Ethic Symposium. Fast-forward a few months and the current senior at General McLane was using what she learned to debate the ethical issues of test tube babies.
The exploration of ethical scenarios was just one of activities offered to McEntee during the National Youth Leadership Forum: Careers in Medicine (NYLF Medicine) program in Chicago, a nine-day program for a select group of high school students to explore their passions for a career in medicine. The program took place at the University of Chicago and students were introduced to issues in public health, medical ethics, research and general practice, visited top medical schools and facilities and listened to guest speakers talk about their experience in the medical field. This year, there were forum sessions being held in 13 cities across the country to allow high school students to get a hands-on experience in and meet professionals from the medical field.
In 2014, only 5,000 high school students were selected to participate in 25 sessions occurring in 13 cities across the county including Boston, Miami and New York. Outside of General McLane, McEntee is an active member for the Young People’s Chorus of Erie, a youth outreach program at Penn State Erie, the Behrend College.

Although McEntee said she enjoyed several things about the program, from learning about triage to learning about medical school and the life as a medical resident, one of McEntee’s favorite experience at the Envision Program was her visit to Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, a virtual care delivery setting, replicating all areas of patient care. Jump introduced students to the many challenges and career options within the field of medicine – including becoming a simulation engineer. McEntee was also able to apply what she learned at General McLane’s Academy of Medical Arts and Engineering Program, outside of the Ethics Conference.
McEntee’s future plan is to go to Medical School, but she said she is keeping an open mind about what field specifically. This blog will have postings of inspiring stories about individuals directly affected by organ and tissue donation, provide information about organ and tissue donation, and inspire those who view the site to give hope through compassion! Gift of Hope addresses facts and figures and donation information, and then there is a presentation by a donor family member, and a recipient. And, I tell them what she’s done for me – what I can do now that I’ve never, ever been able to do. I let them know that patients don’t always have time to thank the folks that help us, but we remember the people who have helped us – just as future patients will remember them. The program prepares high school students for careers in defense, intelligence, and the diplomatic corps. Babak recently completed the final requirement to receive the gold medal from the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Youth Award, and Nelson earned the silver award with work toward the gold. NYLF Medicine is part of the Envision program, which has helped 800,000 students in 145 countries explore their interests and have one-of-a-kind learning experiences outside the classroom since 1985. Demonstrations included the dissection of a fresh pig heart and lungs in the anatomical skills lab and a hands-on suture demonstration. Students from all over the country who have an interest in pursuing a career in medicine are recommended by their schools and this program is a wonderful opportunity for them.

In the past few years I’ve worked with my fellow calendar girls (2005 Gift of Hope Calendar) Anne Gulotta and Mary Schlereth. Two years ago, Jenn actually came out and presented with me – she read her own poem and it was incredibly powerful. I think it’s easy for these students to connect with that, and to see what a special person she was – and what she’s done for me. The two students were nominated by Academy administrators based on their overall performance as students and leaders. The program is designed under advisement from agencies and national security officials and participants can also earn college credit through George Mason University. McEntee is a member of General McLane’s Academy of Medical Arts and Engineering Program, as well as the Band Manager and the President of the Mandarin Club.
That surgery fell through at the last minute, and we watched a live kidney replacement, instead, but it still helped to have that previous knowledge,” McEntee said. The NYLF cooperates with many hospitals, research facilities and medical schools to expose students to a wide variety of careers in the field of medicine. I talk about the people they will become, the patients they will help, the discoveries they will make – and the lives they will save.
Farias is a three-year cadet who was a member of the MMA Raiders club, the Military Policemen and the National Junior Honor Society during his junior year.

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