Leaders of organizations today face the greatest challenge ever faced by leaders – to create their own authentic leadership style.
The Inner Game of Leadership has been specifically created to meet the needs of the modern leader.
In Leadership, as in every area of human endeavour, there are two arenas of engagement: the outer and the Inner Game.
According to this formula, it is the job of the leader to maximize performance ‘P’ and this can be done either by growing potential ‘p’ or by decreasing interference ‘i’.
There are two games to be played in any endeavour and the corporate world has been playing one. In this highly interactive and experiential leadership development training, leaders will join a group of international peers to develop their own authentic leadership style. To book a place on the public course, or to discuss how we can support the specific needs of your managers, leaders and organization, please complete the online registration form or contact Nadia Terribilini on +44 (0)20 7373 6431. Tiffany Gaskell, Global Director of Coaching & Leadership, shares insights on a coaching leadership approach with Kerry Eustice in The Guardian . This Webcast explores the qualities that make one leader more successful than another by looking at the journey and experiences that shaped the careers of Charles Schwab, Anita Roddick, and Richard Branson.

I found this webcast titled Profiles of Successful Leadership on the AMA Website that may help in professional development. Important tip - Please allow 15 minutes prior to joining a session to conduct your set-up and testing!
This is a personal challenge; the “leadership techniques” of old are often seen as manipulative. The Inner Game focuses on human skills that include emotional intelligence, the ability to inspire and engage people and whole organizations, as opposed to technical skills such as the ability to interpret financial reports. Before that, Van de Mark was director of corporate communications for QVC, serving as deputy to chairman and CEO Barry Diller during the period that QVC attempted takeovers of Paramount Communications and CBS.
Denis is a self-employed leadership development consultant who has designed and delivered more than 1,000 workshops, teaching executive leadership, performance management, team building, coaching, problem solving, decision making, and presentation skills. Instead, today’s leaders need to reach inside themselves to discover their own unique and authentic style of leadership. The Inner Game takes place within the mind of the leader and is played against such obstacles as limiting concepts or assumptions, self-doubt and fear. Every year Performance Consultants International sponsors a member of a worthy cause to join our programme.

Denis, AMA Leadership Portfolio Faculty, analyze these leaders and the leadership traits that contributed to their success. To read more about this, see our feature on Creating Authentic Leadership from our August Newsletter.
She served as comptroller of one of the navy's largest industrial air stations, managing a budget in excess of $150 million annually, and was an executive officer of both a Naval Reserve Officers Training Unit and a Recruiting District.
The Inner Game is played to overcome the obstacles that prevent the accessing of full potential and maximizing performance.
He also served three years as an associate professor at West Point, where he taught writing, public speaking, literature and logic.

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