All camp instructors will be under the direction of Tara Cross-Battle, Head Training Coach for Houston Juniors Volleyball Club. Course 307 is a 12-hour, high-level certification-granting course taught by long-time Missouri head coach Rick McGuire. Registration is currently at $155, with rates rising to $175 10 days prior to the beginning of the course. February 9, 2012 By Jess I frequently receive questions regarding personal training certification, so I compiled some helpful information for those of you pursing this career path.
At the time, I was coaching college softball, and the CSCS certification is the most respected when working with college athletes. Prospective college strength and conditioning coaches are required to have their CSCS in order to even apply for a job.
I audited an exercise science course to help prepare for the exam and borrowed the exercise science department’s DVDs and study materials in order to prepare…I busted my butt!
The NSCA-CSCS exam costs between $265 – $290 and closer to $400 if you are not a member of the NSCA. The CSCS credential allows you to look at jobs both in college athletics and in the general population.
3.  Participate in an internship or volunteer so you understand the practical side of training. Group fitness classes vary with some instructors certified only through that particular class or a broader certification.  For example, my gym is identified as a Spinning facility meaning all instructors must certify through Spinning in order to teach, but they do not need further certification than that. I am (kind of) studying for my ACE PT now not that I have cracked a book since November…but gotta get back on track.

It’s also good to remember that passing a test makes you credible, but I think a lot about personal training is learned on the job.
I saw this yesterday and smiled and wondered if you wrote it AFTER Tricias tweet or before?serendipity!!
Tara was a four-time NCAA Division I All-American and two-time NCAA Division I National Player of the Year at Long Beach State University.
Throughout the course, the students will gain a deeper understanding of collegiate head coaching duties including philosophy and ethics, roster and staff management, meet management, finances, recruiting, time management, scheduling and travel. To enroll for course 307, coaches much have successfully completed one of the Specialist Certification Courses (302, 303, 304, 305, 306); and to obtain the full certification, coaches must also complete TFA courses 404, 405, 406 and 407. Your degree does not need to be in exercise science (I was a psych major) but a conferred degree or current enrollment as a college senior is required.
Once I pass my RD boards I plan on becoming CSCC certified because it counts as my CEC there. I love how you distinguish that just by passing the test doesn’t make a person fully knowledgeable.
Question for you what is the most respected certification that will help make you more marketable?
I can’t wait to become a certified trainer, hopefully during my undergrad I will have the opportunity! They have a $99 special every year to certify, but I got hired without it to teach kids fitness classes.
I am certified through ACSM, just incase anyone has any questions about that certification!

I used to have trainers working for my with my business and looked for CSCS, ACE, ACSM or other nationally accredited certs.
Thankfully we have the support of a great community here and lots of resources through the amazing different certification groups. For someone like me, who plans to work very part time teaching group x, the costs outweigh the benefits on a lot of the certs.
Starting the ball rolling with this dream job of mine, but never got my bachelors degree (too expensive after scholarships ran their course ?? ).
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