So I saw this quote today and it really made me think about my own way into my dream legal career.
Then I think to myself, would I change all of this that I have now, to have had 3 years at University where I would now have already done the BPTC and be hoping to find a Pupillage… in all honesty, probably not. Whilst I would love to already be at that stage and whilst I cannot wait to graduate and move onto the next chapter, I have gained so much experience, lived a life and been able to achieve and do things I never would have been able to had I gone to University like I always wanted to. I have also proved to myself that it is possible, and you can hold down a full time job and study if you really put your mind to it. From out of the blackness,a€?the physics of clouds,a€?a light is struck,a€?sputters,a€?gaspsa€?for air,a€?finds it,a€?fans it,a€?and settles. Did you know they chained up your half-brother, Cerberus?a€?Even at the Gates of Hell, hea€™s all bronze bark and no bite. Also, a whispered word in your ear, friend:a€?Chirona€™s corrupt.a€?Have you not hearda€?about he and Deianeira? Youa€™ll need a heavy axe and your best knifea€?with which you firsta€?slice off the penis, the testicles,a€?then with said axe, hack off head.

For the first, stuff the meat and intestines inside the hide.a€?Cover it with the stomach, splotchy side up. With the other, lay out the white bones, with the choicest (meatiest) on top.a€?Rub them generously with the fat, so they glisten, tempt. His men were a bit wonky in the beginning but after a few tries they looked viable, but vulnerable as fuck.
My first thought was a€?go straight to Hera with thisa€™ - dona€™t pussyfoot around: shea€™s poised to really pounce on Zeus this time. When I was bound to that rock, after the third day, I began to realise that this eagle was ceaseless. Ia€™ve heard youa€™re very intelligent, and also hospitable, charitable, civilised, a born teacher who shuns violence -- just like me. Yet my day may still come.a€?Hea€™ll need me, to tell Him howa€?a new conspiracya€?(I see it even now)a€?strips Him of his sceptrea€?and all his privileges.
Your brothers too.a€?With Chimaera, she gave up and squeezed,a€?letting all the bile in her womb gush forth.a€?I see the future!

Not being a mound-lover, I said to Eps, Ia€™ll work with this rock - you make something of these new mounds. If they cana€™t find anything else to say, they say you slept with your mother, killed your father, got ravaged by bird. No?a€?I caught a glimpse of the gruesome slut once.a€?Instead of legs, she had a penis, long and coiled thick. You see ahead, but then if you try and change it, the alternativea€™s not necessarily that great either. He always had something else a€?more importanta€™.) Epimetheus complained but did my bidding. The world is wide and strange, full of good high views and grimmer monstrous sights below board too.

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