Wawa announced the partnership in a press release Friday morning in conjunction with the grand opening of the newest Wawa store in Jackson, N.J. The Jackson store will be the thirtieth in the state with one of the self-serve lottery machines, and Wawa plans to install 10 more of the machines by the end of the year. The self-service lottery vending machines going into all New Jersey Wawas will include all of the New Jersey Lottery’s draw games, Mega Millions, Powerball, and a variety of scratch-off tickets.

According to the company’s press release, all Wawa locations in Pennsylvania and Virginia have self-service machines for those state lotteries in place already.
The company reported that the 212 stores in Pennsylvania and the 67 Virginia locations had generated enough revenue to support more than $37 million in contributions to those lotteries’ beneficiaries in the past year. Both the Virginia and Pennsylvania Lotteries reserve about 29 percent of their gross revenue for beneficiary causes – senior services in Pennsylvania and education funding in Virginia.

Wawa machines, then, have brought in about $130 million in Lottery sales in the past year to support those returns.

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