Your leadership staff will discover new and efficient ways of managing employees and their jobs, and they will do it in 4-7 minute modules of no-fluff content. Demonstrate that your managers were trained and that your organization exercised responsibility for training supervisors to reduce legal claims and charges of wrongdoing in the treatment of employees. From your Web site, e-mail any course link to one manager who needs help, or every manager in your organization. Unfortunately, it is often assumed that the transition can be made without providing leadership training skills. A recent survey of HR leaders found that less than 10% felt their organization had very effective development resources for mid-level managers, a group generally considered to be vital to the success of an organization. Even in today’s fast paced, internet oriented business world, there are still plenty of supervisors who have not been trained to write good documentation or are skilled in properly working with employees, especially in terms of understanding employee performance, resolving conflicts, and preventing potentially violent situations from occurring. Part of a successful business is building in a team effort from upper management to all employees that the work being done benefits everyone in the company. I’m so happy to report that Mark landed an internship the Monday after he got back from Maritime Drilling School !!
I just wanted to follow up and let you guys know that I found a job with Nabors Drilling in Pleasanton three days after graduation. Thank you for all the knowledge you all have given me, it definitely shows when I'm asked about things out here! Just emailing to say thank you for all the knowledge I gained from the Roughneck course in January this year and thanks for the heads up that Diamond Offshore were recruiting.
I will be very glad to recommend or embolden friends of mine to enrol into the Maritime Drilling School without hesitation because my time spent at the school has made me a significant asset to companies out there which will not cease calling my cell number each time I apply.
Hey guys hope all is well, really enjoyed the course and all the info I got is really useful. After a couple weeks I started to catch on to the process and didn't give up and eventually changed my home address to my cousins address out of Calgary and immediately got responses from Trinidad Drilling and Nabors.
Trinidad Drilling pushed me to the top of their hiring list because of Maritime Drilling Schools and my knowledge of the Oilfield. When Trans ocean interviewed me, they seemed very interested in the MDS course and the certificates that it allowed me to attain.
There were all sorts of talk about fast tracking my career as long as I put forth the effort once I get to my rig.
You never know where that shot will come from, but if you just sit around waiting for it to come to you it won’t happen. Well I finally made it to Texas- and it's true what everyone was telling me, the hardest part is finding somewhere to rent. I like your new website and student testimonials page which I read with great interest and delight. Trust me, I applied everywhere twice and some interviews mixed in with billions of e-mails. Then one day I got accepted and I started on the North Sea on a Jack-up, with a directional drilling service crew, JACKPOT!
I am still earning my strips here at work but my education at MDS has progressed my career big style.
With the way things are going over your way in Canada in the Oil and Gas sector I may just come a knocking lookin for a well. I cannot thank you enough for the knowledge and confidence you have given me to embark on this exciting new career and I look forward to keeping you updated as I climb the ladder. I graduated from MDS in October, 2004; and left for the oilfields of Alberta in December of that year with my girlfriend and our daughter, in search of career.
Although, thanks to MDS, I had a job interview already lined up with Precision Drilling, I was hired by my most recent employer, Concord Well Servicing (now Tervita Production Services), on my very first day in Edmonton. I was staying at a Days Inn in West Edmonton and had gone to the lobby to get a map so I could find my way to Nisku.
As I stood in the lobby, waiting for the elevator and trying to decipher the map, I was approached by a man in a wheelchair. Concord is now called Tervita, and they are the largest privately owned service rig company in Canada, with over one hundred rigs. Thanks to the wonderful people and opportunities provided to me there over the last nine years, including a Heavy Equipment Technician apprenticeship, I now find myself drilling on a service rig in Queensland, Australia for another Canadian service rig company, Savanna Energy.
Hey Linda and Reg just got done my week of training monday everything went well start my first hitch the 31st. I went straight for Plan B and loaded everything I owned in my truck and took off for North Dakota. I apologize it took three months to follow up with you, I only remembered to e-mail when I was out on location. I had my interview last Monday with Transocean and good news they offered me the position of Roustabout the very next day on one of their offshore rigs in the North Sea. After finishing the course last January, I was hired three days later by CWC Well Servicing as a roughneck and have been with them ever sense. I've been busy working for Nabors Drilling USA since 2 weeks after graduating from MDS, Oct. First rig was with a bunch of old school boys, luckily we stacked out that rig before I transferred to ND.
Curious I was about to drop you a few lines today and when I opened my computer , there you were!!!
Halliburton is a great company with super benefits, base salary plus job bonus we can work all year long, no or very little spring break out , anyway we got are base salary which is not bad.
They put me into a 40 days training class including class 1 driver course, they provide a nice hotel for the training, meal per diem 45$ a day and they also provide all ppe summer and winter but boots. I am now employed by Grimes Well Servicing LTD RIG 6 as a roughneck and we head out to Fort Nelson this Monday with the rig. From the perspective of a parent I cannot thank you and Maritime Drilling Schools enough for all you have done to assist Adam throughout the education and employment process.
Once Adam receives some experience you can count on his return to Maritime for advanced training. I am happy to report that I am still living in Alberta and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and direction. Hi there, I am working with Nabors Production Services out of Grande Prairie, Alberta and started in July as a Roughneck. In January 2010 I got the job of my dream on an ultra deep water drill ship with SIPEM as a roustabout. He wanted to first say thank you for introducing him to the oil and gas industry and for providing such comprehensive training that has led to his dream job. Iam not sure if you remember me, but I was there about 4 weeks ago and took the course from Ontario.
I thought I would drop you a line and let you know that there is another success story out here thanks to you and Colin.
I am currently in Sharjah in port with the rig, and will be leaving to float this big bugger out to Qatar. I am one of 4 Safety Training Supervisors on board right now because there is allot to get ready before we sail, but this will eventually be mine with the help of another guy once we sail and get jacked up and everything. I wanted to drop you guys a note to say thanks again, I would not be where I am were it not for the work that you guys did to prepare me for this challenge. Rig 538 was a telescopic single with a max depth of 1000 metres, we would move every 3 to 4 days. Just a note to tell you that I arrived in Edmonton on Sept, 11th and was working on the 15th for Nabors Industries.
Just mailing to tell ya that Jamie Warren and I are out in Alberta in a little town called Camrose both working on oil service. The study also found that the level of engagement of mid-level managers was very low as they are stressed with trying to do more with less in a challenging business environment. Critical methods for keeping records without which organizations limit their ability to terminate poor performers.
By choosing the right people and getting them to believe in a shared goal, you build a winning team.
I was told my application was moved up because of the training I took; it showed I was Serious and the company was impressed with my certification.
I managed to get an interview with Diamond Offshore a week ago and was offered a Roustabout position. Since I successfully made it through the program last December 2013, I had applied to multiple companies both within and outside Newfoundland some of which had interviewed me in person and on the phone. A few days after finishing up I flew out to Alberta and within 1 day got a call back from Precision Well Services. No interview they hired me right away (thank you MDS) after watching them turn away a dozen applicants. I am very pleased with what I’ve gotten out of the course and have no doubt that it was critical to being given the offer of employment. Just wanted to let you know that Kevin and I got picked up yesterday by Pioneer Energy Services in Pennsylvania. Well since I graduated in May 2012 I was not in a rush to go to the oil field since I had a good job. You already have experience when you graduate, so Choose an Area where you want to work, Move there with all your tickets, and then start the application process.
I spoke with two different Superintendents who both wanted me to be assigned to one of their rigs. When you slipped off to Dakota in the last week I received a phone call from Transocean offering me a job interview for the week I got back.
I was working on a rig before I had found an apartment and, thanks to my education at MDS, I was started as an experienced hand, rather than as a trainee. I work less and earn more and I do it in a tropical country; and it all started when I enrolled at Maritime Drilling Schools. I'm 2 weeks on 2 weeks off Im leave out of cameron,LA for now be switching depending on where the rig is.

Reg, you were right that you have to keep pushing and sending out resumes , i have sent out over 216 to different companies and yes I did find work. I know for sure that the training I received there played a big part in me getting this job! I worked in south eastern Saskatchewan for about a year, and I'm currently based out of Red Deer, Alberta traveling all over centeral Alberta working on an oilwell servicing rig.
I landed in Fort St Johns June 1st and was hired June 2nd by the first company I applied to. They gave him his coveralls and hardhat yesterday and he is presently awaiting a call on his posting. Not only did the school provide him with excellent training, but the school’s support continued long after he completed the program, until he found meaningful employment.
I don't work on drilling rigs any more but your course coupled with your mentorship has assisted me in ways that you may never understand.
Yes, I did find work, and it's a leasehand position with Predator Drilling, out of Red Deer, Alberta. I moved out west in may of 07 but seeing spring break up was still on I took up a job framing.. I received a phone call from Pierre this weekend and he wanted me to give you this message. Pierre has just been hired as an assistant Driller with Nabors in Saudi Arabia - not bad for someone who has never spent a day on a rig floor yet! After only sending out a few resumes on Friday I got a call Friday night from Treeline Well Services with a job offer. The HR people were also wondering if Wade was looking for a job as they are interested in hiring people with the course. The knowledge i received from Maritime drilling schools was of great help to me on the safety side of things while working out in the oil fields. I have worked in an awful lot of different jobs for more than 20 years and none of them come close to working on the oil rigs. This product, available in five different foramts, helps train management in 14 Vital Skills.
After taking the course we moved to Calgary and stayed with a cousin for a little while until we got jobs and got our own place. I’m sure his resume with Maritime Drilling School training and the certifications he earned were critical to his success.
I will be departing for Colorado within the next couple of weeks for rig specific training.
I have applied to companies such as Savannah, Xtreme Drilling, Savage Services, and Trinidad Drilling, which are not only located outside Newfoundland, but also which had called me just a few days after I applied to them individually.
I was immediately hired as a leasehand when I left school, but with the knowledge you gave me, I was quickly promoted to Roughneck.
My first swing will be in Singapore where the drillship that I’ve been assigned to is undergoing a refit. I’ll get back to you again after my first swing and am looking forward to that Singapore climate that Reg loves so much. All 5 of us students have found work with 3 of the 5 working on drilling rigs and 2 are working in the service support company here in North Dakota. In fact, I received a call from the driller less than 15 minutes after walking out of the office. Pending the results of a drug test (no worries on that) they have offered me a floorhand position.
I spoke of my goal to become a driller within two years and was reassured that unless I am a total loser out on the floor it should happen faster than that with those tickets and training from MDS. I mentioned that they had hired other graduates of MDS  In short, yesterday was probably the best day of my life thus far.
I went for the interview and was offered the position of Roustabout that very day, they were impressed with the tickets I had received at MDS and having already employed a couple of guys who had completed the MDS course.
I earn almost two hundred thousand dollars a year, for less than six months worth of work, and it's all thanks to an add for MDS that my parents saw in a Halifax newspaper.
They paid me to go to training gave me a free spot to stay and eating was free so cant complain. That training helped make me stand out from the other people applying based on the feedback that I am getting. I made a binder with all of my certifications, as well as the ones I got at the Fire Academy, made a bunch of copies of my resume and headed off to West Virginia and Pennsylvania as soon as I got back from the school.
I have handed in my notice with my current employers and hope to start my new offshore life within the next month or two. After a few months of working as a roughie I started to be trained for derrickhand, and I've been a derrickhand for two months now. Sid Viljoen and I went to the Casper WY, office and were offered the floorman positions immediately upon showing them our list of tickets gotten from you all. I would appreciete it if you can make some inquiries and get back to us at your earliest convenience. Because he had your training he was able to get his class 1 drivers license while others had to train for the job.
I am currently a floorhand on a workover rig making very good money and having all my day to day living expenses and travel covered by the company.
On behalf of the school, you personally never failed to promptly answer my many inquiries with sound, sensible advice. I have been working for Stoneham Drilling for the last 5 months, but the rig has now closed down, if you know anyone who needs Roughnecks on a drilling rig or service rig here or overseas please could you let me know. I am heading out on April 2nd to start my career and get a feel for the area, and my family will follow. Initially I got a job with Precision Drilling, but I didn't really like it so I applied for a job with Concord Well Servicing and have been with them ever since. We went to Red Deer last Wednesday for an all day orientation with Precision Well Servicing. I'm hoping to go drilling soon, but the drilling side of the industry is a little slow right now. When I was talking to them the only thing they asked me about was the school training and I think that is definitely what got me in the door. Ash from HR was very impressed with all the certificates gained from MDS and said it made my CV stand out from the rest. I have also dropped off a few resumes at some recognized recruiting companies here in Newfoundland which had called me, interviewed me, and assured me jobs come this Summer because of my certificates attained at the Maritime Drilling School, North Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Make sure you ask all questions during interview, Some companies will not call you if you live far away from work location. They do have a mandatory training period that is a partnership with the University of Texas.
I cannot tell you how great it feels to know that my time spent with MDS is already beginning to pay dividends. They were familiar with the school and other graduates from Maritime Drilling School-I start at $21.30 hour(leasehand),$100.
He asked me what kind of job, so I told him, referencing that I was only eighteen and had just attended MDS. I have been relatively happy with my pay and they pay for all of my housing and food and mileage, etc.
I will follow up with an e-mail this week or next when I hear from the drilling companies I have applied with. Taking the course opened up a million opportunities for me, I'm working the oilsands to gain experience so I can eventually work offshore Newfoundland. If  they see that your motivated and wanting to work they tend not to mess with u as much.
You will have the qualifications to get the jobs, but you have to get out there and make it happen. Well needless to say with all the Certifications that I attained from attending your school spoke for themselves on a resume..
This things is massive and more than I expected but I am settling into my new position quite well.
The first thing they said was that they were impressed with my Pre-Floorman course and all my tickets and they knew that I could hit the ground running right away. Would you have space available for me to be able to sit in on those portions of one of your courses? But I was just wondering if you could give me some numbers for some OFF SHORE RIGS I think that's the way I want to go now.
I love my job, I find that the work is much better than that of a drilling rig, and I enjoy the much faster pace.
I’m working 7 on 7 off and still doing a little commercial driving in between drilling. When you have MDS on your resume and all your safety tickets it looks like your serious and you have taking initiative to start a new career. My orientation was in late April and I wasn't even positive I got hired so easily until I arrived to it.
Getting offshore in the North Sea as an entry lever roustabout is extremely competitive but with the course you taught, it put me miles in front of everyone else.
The reason why I had not picked up yet any of the jobs I had been offered in Alberta, it's because of a program which I enrolled into in January 2014 at the University here in St. I heard back from a couple companies after about a week or so and they basically wanted me to move to Alberta and then apply within. I had my interview and my medical months ago, but it has taken this long for an opening to come up. Oh, and the final thing is that we were told multiple times that it’s taking four to eight weeks to screen those online applications. You should have seen their faces and exasperation when I presented them with a photocopy page of all the tickets from MDS.

Most importantly i want to say is that i respected all of you guys and i have learned greatly from doing the MARITIME DRILLING COURSE, it has opened doors for me for the future. I have been working for them for just over three months now and have been very happy, but now I feel like it is time to move on. I would like to rough it through this winter in North Dakota and continue on there until September or October of 2013. What they want to see from u is if you're a quick learner, capable to work under lots of pressure on the rig floor. Try and team up with another guy or guys and start applying in person right after you complete the MDS course. And I strongly suggest obtaining a commercial driving license with tanker and hazmat endorsement. Key Energy as well as every other company in the Williston area are desperately looking for manpower.
I worked on a mobile double for a month and then I was transferred to a single, we rig out and move every couple of days, which is just the way I like it. I’m home in Antigonish now for my 7 days off and will be flying back for my 14 day shifts tomorrow. I'm working for a drilling company as a floorman, after one day as a pit hand, for a company called Sidewinder Drilling. Thanks again for the knowledge, training and endless cups of coffee, I have finally landed my dream job and got a job for life. Annual pay including OT is about $78.000 a year and a good retirement plan, $32 per diem a day, staying in very clean hotel rooms, 2 people assign to a room, when night shift guy is at work day shift is sleeping in the room by himself and vise versa, working 2 weeks on and 1 week off.
I went to North Dakota and lived out of my truck for two weeks trying to get a job only to end up in Texas.
Took me a little over 4 months I think but it was well worth the wait.Good benefits,pay,and I can still live in Maine travel back and forth every two weeks. I heard a lot of grumbling about Obama and the lack of support to the industry with our current leadership. I can't tell you how important it was to have Sid with me when driving around and applying. If you cannot get on a drilling platform there are tons of jobs in the fracing, cementing, pumping, and hauling chemicals and water that can get you in the door very quickly.
If any of your students need help finding a job I am more than confident I will be able to connect them with HR if they have your course and get them hired on quickly.
Good luck to everyone else taking the Roughneck course and landing your first job in the industry, this course really does help.
I must be very candid, I had always been offered jobs each time I applied since my arrival back home because of the program at that wonderful school. They said that the initiative shown by taking the class in advance and ponying up the money to do so was almost as impressive as the resulting certifications. It appears that in the North Sea Transocean are one of the best for pay and my initial salary will be £41k or in Canadian just shy of $64k. They seem to be a good company, and everyone I have dealt with there to date have been excellent! I came home slightly deflated because I was sure if I showed my binder and my enthusiasm for working, that would have a job in one day.
So, last week I applied to two very reputable companies (Precision and Ensign) and both companies sent me to do the employee screening and I am waiting to hear from both of them as of today. Keep your motor man happy and your life will be easier, ok that's all that I have to share with u fresh meat good luck ciao and Linda can u please mention to Reg about the offshore rigs going over seas for work.
Your course helped me get the job before I was even interviewed and I started out at the lead hand wages even though I was green.
Even though I love being a Roughneck I found that the job peaked as a push and you're always away from home. I have stopped applying for jobs for the main time until the end of my current program at the university which I hope to finish effectively next month. I suggest not buying any supplies your company might give you things like FR coveralls and a Hard hat. I am planning to go International Offshore in the next couple of months when I meet OA 2 level. I was amazed when I got the contract through and i'm sure other guys would be excited to see these sort of opportunities!! Happend to get one with my company just remember it goes back 4 months just a word of advice dont think your gonna only need 30 days to clean out your system because you might get a hair test that goes back 120 days.
It will be a challenging position for sure, but that is okay as I have never been afraid of a challenge yet!
They were impressed with my credentials and I have no doubts that my screenings will come back fine. The work is ridiculously hard and the hours are longer than hell, but when its all said and done the paycheck makes up for it just like you said.
The orientation was with Lee-Ann Triffo and she thinks highly of your school and said she plans on using more of your graduates in the future. So many doors have opened since I left North Sydney and have nothing but thanks for you guys.
They are fairly new, established in 2011, but growing quick so it's perfect for moving up the ladder quick if you can learn fast. I remember applying to Savannah which called me just two days after I had applied to them and scheduled me for interview the next day at 9:am at their Brooks office in Alberta while I am still in school in St.
They asked a couple times about prior experience, but it didn’t matter once they saw all the tickets. All I can say is thanks guys my whole life changed in a day when Took Maritime Drilling Schools program and I got this job. What a great experience, if you make it through your first day and your first hitch, it’s a walk in the park after that boys. If you have students that have any questions I am always free and happy to answer them just give them my e-mail. We recently bought out a company called UDI, Union Drilling, and are trying to buy Nomac Drilling from Chesapeake Energy. As of now, though, I am still working at Versatile until I hear back from the two companies.
I love working the floor and throwing tongs, it’s a lot of fun, and will make you a lot stronger.
Like I said United Safety is hiring and all that the students need that they can't get at MDS is their PST (Petroleum Safety Training) which can be done online with Enform as well as a class 5 and drivers abstract. I had to tell the human resource officer that called me from Savannah that I would not be able to make to the interview at the prescribed time because I had been enrolled into school since January 2014, and that I could take the job at the end of my current program which she said would be determined when I call to remind them. I am very grateful for having taken the program and for all the care, love, and wonderful friendship that you guys showed me while I was there. Ensign Drilling Limited, the company I am with, was recommended by the school and, with them safety is number one.
The staff at Precision fast tracked me through their hiring process, and I was working on a rig the next day. For anyone looking for a challenging and profitable career in the oil and gas sector, I would not hesitate to recommend that they start with taking the Pre-Entry Floorhand program at Maritime Drilling Schools Limited.
If you have students that are contacting you and have a hard time making it in on the drilling rigs then send them to United. It’s been great so far, I am working hard, and the money and opportunity to learn and advance in my career make it all worthwhile. I also recommend that if any student is coming to Alberta It's very important that they have a vehicle. We drilled the three largest producing wells in it and are just about to finish four more right next to them. I attribute my success to Reg MacDonald, and Maritime Drilling Schools, and my commitment to succeed. Don't be shy ask the service guys that come out to the rig what they do, if they like it, $$ etc. Rumor in the camp is we are going to move after this pad to a new operating company that will give us quite a bit in bonuses a month. I went into service after 3 months on drilling rigs (Double and Super Single) and now make 120k a year and drive a brand new company truck with a gas card. Probably just speculation and hopes because we don't get them now but I'll buy into, especially if means moving away from three miles from the Texas-Mexico border to a place cooler!
I used my roughneck experience as a foundation or stepping stone to move to a service career that I find super interesting and specialize in now.
Again because I have MDS on my resume and some experience on the rigs it only took me 10 days to lock down my 2nd job.
Paid back 18k of debt from University, and have 30k with this weeks pay for a down payment on a house with my gf, now my fiance, we got engaged in Banff. I worked my ass off and have been very disciplined and if you are willing to work hard dreams can come true. Boys really try and learn as much as you can from Reg he is a wealth of knowledge and its all gold what he teaches you.
He really does give you all the tools you need to succeed, you just have to put the work in no excuses. Write down your own short and long term goals, be pro active, stick to them, the sky is the limit.

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