I was bullied myself, and I know how hard it is but you need to take all of that crap and build your strength and that way you will survive, never be a little flower in short way of breaking, what I mean is that you never have to feel miserable because that's what they all want!
Since this huge bully thing is up and up and we are not able to stop it I will take just one day to teach you how to love yourself, how to speak up and how to raise your voice and defend your rights!
If you think about all the abuse your skin takes on a daily basis (lack of sleep, disrupted sleep, harsh cold weather, pollution, stress), it’s no wonder the biggest organ is built as strong as a brick wall. For the last two months I’ve been putting Garnier’s Miracle Wake Up and Sleeping creams to the test. I can certainly see savings have been made in the packaging as the containers are made from lightweight plastic. The creams are quite thick but absorb quickly without feeling greasy and oh, they smell lovely. Both creams make my face feel soft and supple, which is quite an accomplishment under the present cold temperatures we are enduring. If you’re on the look-out for budget friendly skincare (and couldn’t give a stuff it doesn’t come in fancy luxe packaging), you could do worse than investing your trust in Garnier’s Miracle duo. Garnier’s Miracle Wake Up and Sleeping Cream is available from Boots and Superdrug now. I also upload videos on my YouTube channel but mostly, you will find me here, babbling about beauty, food and anything else I feel like elaborating on.
I’m new to Erborian but from what I’ve learned about the skincare brand is it’s a relatively young one, having been established in 2007 by two ladies from almost opposite ends of the world: Hojung Lee, a Korean scientist, and Katalin Berenyi, a beauty globe-trotter. Bringing together traditional South Korean beauty remedies with French luxury, it’s a name that has come leaps and bound, having launched the first BB cream in Europe in 2009 and in 2012, was taken under the wing of L’Occitane.  That’s a brief history on Erborian. Its texture is not sorbet-like at all, just a very thick cream with (interestingly enough) yellow microcapsules with antioxidant properties. I’ve also been enjoying the use of the hand cream, Doudoune for Hands (?8.50) which is enriched with Liquorice and helps to nourish and soften the paws whilst visibly reducing the appearance of age spots. There is also a lip balm for conditioning chapped lips, which contains soy bean oil, vitamin E and Alltoin but it’s my least favourite of the entire range. Dit object wordt via het programma voor Wereldwijde verzending verzonden en omvat internationaal traceren. Bij internationale verzending kunnen douanekosten en bijkomende kosten in rekening worden gebracht, afhankelijk van de aangegeven waarde van het object. Verkopers bepalen de aangegeven waarde van het object en moeten zich houden aan de douanewetgeving.
Dit bedrag is inclusief toepasselijke douanetarieven, belastingen, bemiddelingskosten en andere kosten. De verkoper verzendt het object binnen 1 dag nadat de betaling is ontvangen- wordt in een nieuw venster of op een nieuw tabblad geopend. Bij verwachte leveringsdatums - wordt in een nieuw venster of op een nieuw tabblad geopend wordt rekening gehouden met de verwerkingstijd van de verkoper, de postcode van de verzendlocatie, de postcode van de bestemming en de acceptatietijd. Internationale verzendkosten en invoerkosten worden gedeeltelijk betaald aan Pitney Bowes Inc.

Dit object wordt verzonden naar Taiwan maar de verkoper heeft geen verzendopties opgegeven. Het object wordt doorgaans binnen 1 werkdag na ontvangst van betaling verzonden - wordt in een nieuw venster of op een nieuw tabblad geopend. Aloha, Don't forget to leave feedback after you inspect your purchase and agree that it arrived ALIVE. Wanneer andere biedingen worden uitgebracht, verhoogt eBay jouw bod automatisch met kleine bedragen tot aan je limiet. Door je bod te verzenden, verbind je je ertoe dit object van de verkoper te kopen als je de winnende bieder bent. Door op Bevestigen te klikken, verbind je je ertoe dit object van de verkoper te kopen als je de winnende bieder bent.
Je bent de hoogste bieder voor dit object, maar de minimumverkoopprijs is nog niet gehaald.
Als je op Bieden met 1 klik klikt, verbind je je ertoe dit object van de verkoper te kopen als je de winnende bieder bent. Perfect turtleneck long-sleeve top featuring our adorable hand-sewn Have a Nice Day Patch on front, guaranteed to make all strangers pass ya a smile. All of our pieces include detailed measurements directly in the product description, however, here are the general measurements correspondent to our sizes. If you’re totally unsure of your measurements, we can help! Our original clothing, jewelry, and accessories are lovingly handmade to order by one person. Our vintage clothing and accessories are shipped within 2-3 business days after your order has been placed. You will receive an email notification once your order has been shipped out. Miracle Eye takes care to ensure our website descriptions, measurements and photographs are true to the actual product. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. These pretty-looking bulbous pots for day and night use offer a short term solution to smoothing tired and dull looking skin and generally making your visage look radiant. Of course this isn’t an issue, after all the cost of expensive looking packaging is passed onto the consumer and if like me, it’s what’s inside that counts but I thought it was worth making a point about. I am fortunate not to have wrinkles (yet) but I appreciate any help in perking up my tired looking skin and helping it ‘rest’ at night by rejuvenating, firming and rehydrating. I haven’t experienced break-outs or dryness (on my normal to dry combination skin) though if you’re sensitive to fragranced skincare, then it may be sensible to avoid this in case it causes irritation. It looks like a grapefruit, only smaller and with uneven skin and is either yellow or green, depending on the degree of ripeness.
First up is Yuzu Sorbet (?39), a featherweight emulsion cream for the daytime which keeps the skin deeply moisturised as well as protect it from external damage.
Thicker in consistency (as is the case with night creams), it rebuilds the epidermis by feeding the skin with the necessary antioxidants and vitamins using traditional Korean herbs as well help fight off the visible signs of ageing accelerated by environmental factors. These are solid pots that could double up as paperweights but they are beautifully designed and feel luxurious.

It’s handy for slipping into your bag and as someone whose hands constantly need pampering, does a good job.
I’m not keen on dipping into lip balm pots and don’t think they are practical to carry around in your handbag but also there are 101 lip balms out there and this one isn’t that special nor is it cheap at ?15. Verwachte leveringsdatums zijn ook afhankelijk van de geselecteerde verzendservice en de ontvangst van de betaling - wordt in een nieuw venster of op een nieuw tabblad geopend. Neem contact op met de verkoper- wordt in een nieuw venster of op een nieuw tabblad geopend en vraag om een verzendlocatie naar je locatie. From delivery confirmation, you have only 48 hours from delivery confirmation to make any claim for SHIPPING DAMAGE. Je hebt de voorwaarden - wordt in een nieuw venster of op een nieuw tabblad geopend voor Wereldwijde verzending gelezen en gaat ermee akkoord. Je verklaart dat je de algemene voorwaarden - wordt in een nieuw venster of op een nieuw tabblad geopend in verband met wereldwijde verzendingen hebt gelezen, en dat je daarmee akkoord gaat. For this reason, we ask that you allow a 2-10 business day handling time for your order to be shipped. You will receive an email notification once your order has been shipped out. In addition, some countries do have high risk of long shipping delays due to international customs procedures. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to purchasing.
If you are extremely unhappy with your piece, we will issue store credit on the piece + it's applicable taxes, as long as it is returned to us in its original condition (unworn, unaltered, and odorless) within 15 days from the date of delivery. At ?12.99 each for 50ml per pot, it’s a fraction of the total price some high end brands command for one product alone.
Full of vitamins, the actives have been extracted from the yuzu peel and depotted into Erborian’s swish new range as it’s been proven to be extremely effective in hydrating, protecting and nourishing skin under the harshest cold climates.
Als je woonachtig bent in de Europese Unie (behalve het Verenigd Koninkrijk), kan de invoerbelasting op deze aankoop niet worden vergoed. For best results, please use a loose-tape measure -- these are usually made of fabric or thin plastic material, not metal. If you have a specific sizing question or would like more information, please contact us here! We mark all packages with a low value regardless of the package's worth to prevent any custom fees upon arrival for you.
Very rarely does the US postal service lose our packages, but it does happen once on a blue moon. We are not responsible for the return shipping cost. The buyer is responsible for the return shipping cost.
It is extremely, extremely unfortunate and very frustrating, and we would recommend you contact your local post office with the tracking number provided in your shipping confirmation email for reference, to inquire of its status if it has surpassed 18 business days. Your care begins when you remove the healthy live plant from the bag and pot it in your selected media.

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