The editor and subsequent writers rejected X-Men writer Chris Claremont's ideas for Nightcrawler.
Artist Dave Cockrum created Nightcrawler, one of the most popular X-Men characters.  "In 1974, writer Len Wein and I were invited to revive X-Men," Cockrum recalled in Wizard #33. The first new X-Man that Cockrum introduced was Nightcrawler, a personal favorite that he had created years earlier.
Cockrum also created the African Storm, the Russian Colossus and the Native American Thunderbird for the revamped X-Men team, but Nightcrawler remained closest to his heart during his run as X-Men artist.
Click on the images to the right for a closer look at Dave Cockrum's initial designs and notes for NIGHTCRAWLER! When Chris Claremont took over as the writer of X-Men with issue #94 in 1975, it became up to him to define Nightcrawler's character and establish his past history. Initially, Chris Claremont had Nightcrawler use an image-inducer to hide his true appearance from the public, so they wouldn't chase him down like an angry mob as had happened in his first appearance in Giant-Size X-Men #1 in 1975. Early in his run as X-Men writer, Chris Claremont got the idea that the ruler of the dimension of dreams, Nightmare, who had pointy ears just like Nightcrawler's, should be revealed as Nightcrawler's father.
Many years later, in Uncanny X-Men #428-434, 2003-2004, writer Chuck Austen revealed Nightcrawler's father to be Azazel, a mutant from biblical times also known as Satan. In Uncanny X-Men #142, 1981, Nightcrawler met the shape-shifting mutant Mystique, who had a physical resemblance to him.
In Uncanny X-Men #204, 1986, Nightcrawler rescued a new character, Judith Rassendyll, from the hitman Arcade.
Nightcrawler's origin story was cut short in Uncanny X-Men #206, 1986, with Nightcrawler not accompanying Judith Rassendyll to Ruritania. Judith reappeared in the Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem special edition in 1989 where she was now Princess of Ruritania and about to enter into an arranged marriage. When Nightcrawler joined Excalibur in 1988, Claremont announced in Amazing Heroes #134: "One of the storylines we will seriously try to play with is Nightcrawler's origin. However, his origin didn't happen in the pages of Excalibur either, but a 64 pages Excalibur hardcover graphic novel was announced in Marvel Age Preview #1 to ship in December 1990: "Chris Claremont and Alan Davis continue their Excalibur collaboration with the biography of Kurt Wagner Nightcrawler, from his birth to his rescue at the hands of Charles Xavier. However, the graphic novel never appeared either, and Nightcrawler's origin ended up being written by Scott Lobdell in X-Men Unlimited #4, 1994, instead. Instead, Lobdell had Mystique be Nightcrawler's mother with Destiny playing no part in the equation. Claremont also told why Mystique had left the infant Nightcrawler: "Mystique abandoned him because she was totally freaked by this indigo-furred creature with "deformed" appendages and a forked tail! After the Juggernaut became Kuurth: Breaker of Stone, a Herald of the long-dormant god of fear, Colossus made a bargain with Cyttorak and became the new avatar of the Juggernaut. Black Ops human mercenary wearing thick padded black and deep red armor, wearing small white facemask with glowing red goggles, and backpack. Nightcrawler Heavy Soldiers have even more health and armor than the Nightcrawler Light Soldiers, having just as much health and almost as much armor as a Replica Elite Soldier. Due to the better protection of their armor and heavier firepower from their weapons, the Nightcrawler Heavy Soldiers pose a greater threat than Replica Elite soldiers, especially on higher difficulties.
Watching the interrogation from a two-way mirror are, Scott “Cyclops” Summers, Emma “the White Queen” Frost and Bobby “Iceman” Drake, three more X-Men. Emma informs her teammates that at any rate, Storm is wasting her time, as she has read Vermin’s mind - what little there is - and in fact, Vermin has no idea he even attacked Kurt.
Emma continues, revealing that there are what seem to be psychic fingerprints all over Vermin’s ganglia and synapses - traces of another presence. Germany, where the X-Man Kurt “Nightcrawler” Wagner stands on a cliff side, the sun rising behind him.
Kurt remembers the time, where the oft-misguided Margali Szardos, his powerful foster mother, taught him to walk. Nightcrawler smiles after remembering the memory, before explaining to Logan and Christine that the circus where he grew up is in the Black Forest, and suggests that they get as far as they can before nightfall then set up camp.
Wolverine tells Kurt that it actually does make sense, and claiming that he doesn’t know much, but what he does know is that there is nothing more rational than wanting to go back to where you came from every now and again. Christine tells Kurt that she knows she made him bring her along, and asks if he would rather be alone. Kurt informs Stefan that there is something he wants to show him, something that he can do.
An awestruck Kurt looks through the window and sees Margali in levitation, her crystal ball glowing and spirits floating around her.
The boys walk away from their mothers caravan, and Stefan explains that their mother taught herself and is still teaching herself, just as Jimaine trains to become a trapeze artist, their mother trains to become a sorcerer!
Stefan asks what if that part of his family that pulls them towards magic makes him, or Jimaine, evil - corrupts them? Kurt declares that he never thinks about that, when Stefan suddenly pushes Kurt against a wall, and angrily asking him to promise that if he ever starts to change, starts to hurt people, to promise him that he will stop him - no matter what it takes.
Lying side by side, in their tent, Kurt concludes that part of his story, informing Christine that Stefan was adamant - like he knew. In the big top’s ring, a clown exits stage left as a fat Ring Master greets the ladies and gentlemen in the audience, beckoning them to look skywards and be amazed by the death-defying feats of Jimaine Szardos…the flying maiden of the trapeze! Teenage Kurt is confused by that statement, so Stefan says to him ‘If you think Jimaine would ever do anything with you…look at yourself - you’re a monster!’ Kurt is shocked by his brother’s cruel comment, but Stefan says ‘Well…aren’t you? Jimaine gets to her feet and looks at Kurt in his eyes, placing her hands on his chest she says his name, but Kurt interrupts, claiming that he doesn’t know how or why he can do it, but that he thinks he was born with it, that there is something inside him.
Jimaine interrupts Kurt this time, ‘Please, Kurt, can I just…’ Kurt wraps his arms around Jimaine, who leans into him, lifting one of her legs up as the kiss - to the shock of the Ring Master and the crowd.
Kurt asks what could be wrong with - ‘Nothing with us, Kurt, but look around, Nightcrawler - everyone’s dead!’ Indeed, Kurt turns from Jimaine and gazes around the big top, which has large holes in the top of it and the entire audience are now corpses.
Christine puts her arms on Kurt’s shoulders and asks him if he has been out here all night, pointing out that his sleeping bag wasn’t unfurled, and he is sweating.
Kurt, Logan and Christine press further into the woods, Logan’s words echoing in Kurt’s head, while his stomach twists into a hangman’s noose. Kurt almost believes that he could close his eyes and pick his way through the trees just by remembering what their bark felt like beneath his fingertips.

Suddenly, Wolverine stops, a look of shock on his face which spreads to Kurt and Christine as they see what awaits them beyond the ridge.
Nightcrawler and Amanda Sefton’s brother, Stefan Szardos, has his name spelt Stephan this issue. When a mad Margali sought out Nightcrawler for the revenge of Stefan’s death, it was revealed that Kurt had kept his pact with Stefan and killed him after Stefan went mad. Despite what other websites may state, Amanda was never called “Magicienne”, that is how she was sometimes introduced in narration boxes.
The flashback sequence this issue which features Kurt and Amanda presumably takes place in after the flashback sequence in which they appear in X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #4, as in that sequence, Kurt never displayed his teleporting abilities, and they had not acted on their feelings for each other. Stefan Szardos’ prediction that Jimaine would never go with Kurt of course turns out to be wrong, for later in life, as Nightcrawler and Amanda Sefton, Kurt and Jimaine would first hook up in Uncanny X-Men #98, and date continuously until their break up in Uncanny X-Men #204.
It appears that at the time of Jimaine’s fall on the trapeze during the flashback sequence of this issue, she had not yet started her training in magicks under the tutelage of Margali. This past year we got the opportunity to see a lot more of Jake Gyllenhaal's dark side ("Prisoners," "Enemy") and with his latest film, "Nightcrawler," we should expect a new level of heavy from the Oscar-nominated actor. Zapraszamy do obejrzenia krA?tkiego wywiadu dla - zrealizowanego przy okazji wrA™czania nominacji dla Libera i Sylwii na EMA 2009. Madea gets coaxed into helping a friend pay her daughter a surprise visit in the country for Christmas, but the biggest surprise is what they’ll find when they arrive. Instead of a demon escapee from Hell, Nightcrawler became a mutant from Germany where he had been a carnival freak at Der Jahrmarkt before joining the X-Men.
In The X-Men Companion, subsequent artist John Byrne remembered: "I came to the X-Men being very down on Nightcrawler because I felt that Cockrum had given him far too much of the spotlight. Unfortunately, Nightmare was an ancient foe of Doctor Strange and Roger Stern, who was writing Doctor Strange at the time, did not like the idea.
He was trapped in the dimension through which Nightcrawler teleports and had sired mutant offspring capable of opening gateways to Earth. She told him that his adoptive mother Margali Szardos could answer his question about who she was. Afterwards, Judith learned that she was the last of the Elfburgs and heir to the throne of the European country Ruritania.
It was never revealed who had hired Arcade to kill Judith, but it was probably someone who didn't want her to ascend to the throne of Ruritania.
At that point, Mystique had no idea (s)he was a mutant, or a metamorph; (s)he simply reacted as many normal folks would in similar circumstances.
This type of Nightcrawler soldier first appears in Interval 06 - Exploration - Labyrinth, and they are the player's primary opponents for the last four levels of the game.
Like the Nightcrawler Light Soldiers, they are also primarily equipped with VES Advanced Rifles.
When facing many of them, try to pick them off one-by-one, and target the one that has the heavier weapon first, especially MP-50 users.
However the White Queen detects hints of a third-party, meaning Nightcrawler’s suspicions that there are darker forces behind the attack may not be unfounded.
They listen as the Beast declares that Vermin is beneath human, adding that if he gutted him here, he doesn’t think it would even count as murder. Bobby asks Emma to explain, so Emma declares that it is a mess inside Vermin - like a teeming mass of cockroaches, but Vermin barely remembers being in New York, ‘Let alone ambushing Kurt and his little girl friend‘. Nightcrawler tells Logan and Christine that he appreciates them coming with him, but the truth is that he isn’t sure what he is looking for.
Kurt’s eyes just trail off down memory lane, where a teenage Stefan Szardos asks Kurt what it is he is doing out in the woods alone at night. Kurt explains that when he concentrates and imagines himself going to another place - bamf - he goes there. During the day, Margali was the circus’ resident fortune-teller - for a dollar she would tell you that your future was bright and full of joy. Stefan adds that Margali says it is in all of their family’s blood, that it is their destiny and birthright.
Afraid, Kurt replies that he can’t - ‘Promise me, brother!’ exclaims Stefan, his eyes burning into Kurt. Jimaine Szardos, the only daughter of Margali, ties up her blonde tresses and asks Kurt if he will be watching her in the stands. As Jimaine takes hold of the trapeze, Stefan and Kurt watch her from the shadows, and soon, Stefan asks Kurt if he thinks Jimaine is beautiful.
The girl!’ ‘The ropes!’ someone else screams, ‘They’ve snapped!’ Jimaine begins to fall to the ground as her brothers both watch in horror. Jimaine tries to say what she was going to say once more, but Kurt cuts in again, asking his sister not to be scared, as it doesn’t mean he is a monster or a demon. They break the kiss, and Jimaine begins to say ’Kurt, I -’ but Kurt interrupts and asks Jimaine if she has been wanting to do that for a while now, cause he has.
The good nurse looks over to where Kurt was supposed to be sleeping, but sees him through the tent, standing outside where he is watching the sun rise through the trees.
Wolverine declares that the bad dreams Kurt has been having that made them come here are about to get worse. She revealed herself to be Jimaine Szardos sometime later in Uncanny X-Men Annual #4, but Kurt and the other X-Men continued to call her Amanda. For example: “There’s a sound like a thousand harps out in the dark - the sound of magic and the arrival of Amanda Sefton, magicienne”.
They would later reconcile and have a off-again-on-again relationship from Excalibur (1st series) #75 until Amanda disappeared shortly after Excalibur (1st series) #102. The thriller stars Gyllenhaal as an ambitious journalist who makes his way into the sleazy, underground world of L.A. One day, he walked into the area that I worked in, and he literally told me to go home and come back with some X-Men.
However, they also have access to heavier weaponry, such as 10mm HV Penetrators, Type-12 Laser Carbines and MP-50 Repeating Cannons. Meanwhile, Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Christine Palmer make their way through the Bavarian forests en route to Winzeldorf.

Emma states that Nightcrawler’s suspicions that darker forces were behind Vermin’s assault may not be entirely unfounded…. Logan and Nurse Christine Palmer who he recently befriended coming up behind him and calling to him.
Picking him up she tells young Kurt that first he learns to walk, then to fly - on the trapeze that is, becoming the greatest acrobat of them all! Kurt reminds them that since Vermin’s attack he has been having dreams, like visions and echoes of his past. Kurt is about to say something to Logan, but Logan gets up, announcing that he is tired, he heads towards his tent, pointing out that they have a lot of walking to get done tomorrow. With the smell of brimstone, Kurt disappears from where he was standing in front of Stefan and re-appears above him in a tree. Kurt frowns as he reminds his sister that she knows he cannot be out in the open like everyone else, not looking the way he does. Jimaine begins her leap as Kurt admits that he does, to which Stefan says to him ‘More’s the pity, then, Kurt’. Because she pities you?’ Jimaine leaps for the second trapeze as Kurt asks Stefan why he is saying these things. A Demon?’ A second bamf sounds the reappearance of Kurt as he wearily sets Jimaine on the ground.
Their lips draw closer together as Jimaine tells Kurt to listen - but Kurt just tells Jimaine that he has been meaning to tell her, but he told Stefan. Jimaine smiles, ‘No, that’s not - I mean, I have, yes, but I was going to say “Kurt I think something’s wrong”’.
Christine rushes out and begins to ask Kurt if he is all right, to which he replies that he is.
Kurt looks at his friend and replies that there isn’t, to which Logan declares that they can pack up and get going now, because he is smelling something that is making him think they need to get to the circus pronto. Kurt asks Wolverine what is going on, to which the rugged X-Man reveals that he can smell blood, fire and rot.
But down on the ground where they are, Wolverine reveals that they are getting real close now.
Years later, Amanda took the codename “Daytripper” to parody Kurt’s name [Excalibur (1st series) #75], and became the second Magik soon after.
On the journey, Kurt has many memories, like his foster mother Margali Szardos teaching him to walk, revealing his powers to his foster brother Stefan Szardos, and the deadly pact that Stefan forced Kurt to make with him, spying on Margali and learning she was a powerful sorceress, Stefan’s suspicions that magic may make his family evil, and his attraction to his foster sister Jimaine, though Stefan reminded him he was a monster and therefore Jimaine could never love him. Ororo breaks the silence, informing Vermin that he is sedated now, but pointing out that she knows he can hear her, so she will ask him her question once more: ‘Why did you attack Nightcrawler that way?
Scott asks who knew that Hank was such a good actor, and likens him to Christopher Walken in The Deer Hunter. Kurt turns to his friends, his thoughts drifting across the years, memories dislodging like balloons and floating up. Christine replies that they know, to which Kurt declares that he has the unshakable feeling that what is happening now is somehow linked to where he came from, adding that Cyclops would say it doesn’t make rational sense. The present day Kurt and Christine walk towards their tent as Kurt explains that he and Stefan used to play in the woods, and this is where he showed him he could first teleport. As Kurt jumps back to the ground, Stefan tells him that it is real, but Kurt replies that he doesn’t understand. However a grin spreads across his face as he tells Jimaine to believe him when he says that he will be nearby watching very, very closely.
Jimaine asks Kurt if he is all right, to which Kurt replies that he is fine, explaining that it hurts a bit whenever he teleports more than just himself.
Christine asks him if he is sure, pointing out that he looks exhausted, like he hasn’t slept. Kurt knows Logan is right, and old memories, old patterns, old instincts all surface now, like muck-dwelling fish coming back to life with the Spring thaw. A wiA™c prawda jest taka: Sylwia Grzeszczak nie prowadzi na dzieA„ dzisiejszy A?adnego osobistego konta na Facebook'u.
In X-Men Annual #4, 1980, she had told Nightcrawler that she had found him next to his dying mother when he was barely an hour old. Another memory, when Jimaine was performing in the big top but the rope of her trapeze broke, and Kurt used his powers to rescue her, teleporting in front of an entire circus audience. Why were you trying to kill him?’ ‘Because I wanted to taste his blood’ Vermin hisses in reply. Bobby remarks that he was thinking more like Gene Hackman in French Connection, the first one. As Kurt drops to the ground, Stefan asks him how he does it, but Kurt replies that he doesn’t know, it’s just something he can do. A wide-eyed Stefan replies that she can things with magic, that she does them in her caravan when everyone else is asleep. Scared at what Jimaine would do, Kurt tried to explain, but Jimaine only wanted to kiss him, however, they then discovered that everyone in the tent was dead…. The Beast lunges across the table, grabbing Vermin by the neck he calls him the sickest most aptly named monster he knows. That night, Kurt and Stefan stayed up late, and as Kurt peers into the caravan belonging to the women who will become the Sorceress Supreme, Stefan asks him if he sees her. After a night of restlessness for Kurt, the trio continue on their journey, and for no apparently no reason at all, the Winding Way comes to Kurt’s mind. Nightcrawler replies that it does, and exclaims that even the air tastes different here in Winzeldorf - where he was born and where he was raised. Kurt begins to say that he isn’t so sure, when Stefan pushes him up against a tree and asks him who else knows about this. Hanging his head as he leans on his bed, Stefan asks Kurt if he is ever afraid that he has been chosen for something terrible but that you don’t even know why?

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