Specialty Certification is your opportunity to demonstrate specific learning to clients, potential employers and managed care companies. Picture this, you have started to find ways of overcoming the challenges you're having in the here and now. NLP happens to be one of the most advanced technologies for creating human change both in individuals and groups in Education, Business, Coaching, Sales, Therapy, Sports Performance and basically any area where human beings need to improve their own performance in life, work & business. Be suprised at how easy it is to learn from this material including, how to eradicate bad habits like nail bitting or over indulgance in chocolate or any other food or drink! Imagine earning a part time income or even FULL TIME INCOME by becoming a great coach and people helper. This is a professionally recorded, produced and peer reviewed NLP Home Study series of 16 Modules containing over 32 + hours of the NLP Practitioner syllabus, plus 8 professionally filmed (3 cameras angles) NLP demonstrations with 19 volunteers over 2 days. These NLP demonstrations will enable you to become an outstanding NLPers and includes a comprehensive 160 page manual that guides you through the core elements, methodologies and techniques that are essential for your success as a NLP Practitioner. For your convenience, we have created the course online so you can watch, listen and interact with this blended learning programme.
This programme has been created by some of the top NLP Trainers in the world including Master Trainer of Hypnosis & ANLP Accredited Trainer of NLP, David Key.
This programme contains models that are NOT available in any other product in the World as the models were created by the trainers who created this outstanding and comprehensive material including the NLP Presentâ„¢ designed by David Key. This material is used globally by many top NLP Trainers who have rebranded this programme which is a testament to the high quality of this ONLINE course.
Submodalities (It's your Brain software and time to reprogramme yourself and help other people overcome phobias, fears, stop eating chocolate, drinking too much, stop smoking, stopping nail biting along with other habit busting patterns) Some people pay ?1,000's to overcome a phobia and with this model you WILL be learning you can help most people with phobias in less than 20 minutes. Milton Model (Learn the artfully vague language patterns of ONE of the greatest hypnotherapists of the 20th Century and learn how utilisation and vague ambiguous language patterns can help people go into trance. Strategies & Modeling (from LOVE strategies, MOTIVATIONAL strategies to BUYING strategies, the heart of NLP is all about modeling excellence.
Fast Phobia Model & Visual Squash (Overcome stuck states like Fear of Spiders, Public Speaking and basically any fear you have. Now, imagine taking just a few minutes every day to relax and for the next few weeks, all you have to do is listen and watch the online material and practice the exercises in the comfort of your own surroundings.
Over the coming months, you will get bonus webinars you can sign up to do and we will show you how to get the most from this programme and how to apply this in your own life.

We have 1,000's of testimonials from clients who LOVE THIS PROGRAMME and have gone on to do amazing things. You are treated to some excellent examples of the power of NLP, as lead trainer David Key and guest trainers lead clients through a variety of issues using specific techniques to guide them to their preferred way of being. Once each client has achieved the result they desire, the trainer then unpacks the techniques used in their demonstration, increasing your learning and understanding. Submodality Belief Change (Changing beliefs from limiting beliefs to EMPOWERING BELIEFS can change your whole life, for example, if you limiting beliefs about money (e.g. Visual Squash - Parts Integration (Ever had the experience where a part of you wants to do X and the other Part wants Y? In addition, you can download a comprehensive Colour NLP Practitioners Home Study Manual which will support your learning the art and science of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
For the NLP ONLINE home studier and the NLP Practitioner this unique, compelling and effective training aid, will give you the confidence to apply these techniques and develop your skills. Having worked with David continuously over the last three years I cannot recommend his courses or one to one training & coaching more highly. As well as being both entertaining and insightful, he showed great depth in his understanding of NLP core principles during the delivery NLP Business Practitioner certification course over many weeks. Perhaps the thing that sets David apart form many of the NLP coaches of today is the real life practical experience he brings to his coaching sessions. The thing I felt is that he cares about how you are doing personally, each one of you in his trainings. David took me through my NLP Practitioner training and was a great source of knowledge and inspiration and he made the subject very relevant and accessible. I have completed my NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner with David over the past year which has had such a positive impact on both my personal and professional lives. Having originally taken the opportunity to attend his free 2-day course, I later progressed to completing my Practitioner and Master Practitioner with him. David is a true professional; his NLP in business course is both inspirational and highly effective at helping all to achieve great results in their personal and business life. If you want to take your career to the next level I highly recommend that you contact David today and book onto his next available course..
Courses document full participation in our learning programs and are not a license to practice or an authorization to practice without state licensure.

By bypassing people's conscious mind, you can learn how to influence people's unconscious minds elegantly and easily. From great sports people to brilliant business people, they all have one thing in common and now you can too!
There is no time limit, no cut off date, no pressure, you can now learn this programme 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks. David has taken me on a journey that has been life changing, inspirational and essential in developing my personal skills for business. I’ve studied under him from the free intro course right up to Master Practitioner of NLP and have seen some frankly life changing benefits. The value of the Auspicium course content combined with Davids engaging, fun and dynamic training style makes for a great experience and life enhancing journey. Having headed up the sales and marketing function for a business which employed about 200 trainers I think that’s pretty high praise indeed. Learn the language patterns used by Politicians, Oprah Winfrey, Paul MacKenna, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, advertisers and some of the greatest Orators to ever walk the planet. Having achieved my NLP practitioner’s certification, I now look forward to achieving my master practitioner at the end of this year under his guidance. He’s inspirational, energetic and all that you would want from a personal or business coach.
I was working on a particularly challenging project and to say I was drowning would have been an understatement. You can even learn how to overcome procrastination and make a difference to the people you care about. David impressed me so much with his deep pool of resources – I definitely wanted to learn more.

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