Die NLP-Practitioner-Ausbildungen in Gie?en werden von NLP-Trainer Marco Plass nach den Richtlinien des DVNLP durchgeführt. When I participated in my first NLP practitioner I really didn’t know what to expect or what I was letting myself in for. Completing that first NLP practitioner left me with so many questions and so much curiosity that my only question was when can I do the Master Practitioner? During that first practitioner, what I learned through experience in the course as well as an obsessional amount of extra curricular reading and practice with my fellow travellers was life changing.
There is a interstellar gulf between intellectual knowing and the kind of real knowledge that comes from experience and even then is only relevant in any one moment.
What I loved was the opportunity to really and more deeply understand the fundamentals of nlp interventions as well as one form of modelling. There are other ways of modelling which imo are far better suited to acquiring an embodied skill set such as deep trance identification or what is called unconscious physicalised uptake. By far the most important experiences I had were gaining deeper and more influential methods to expand my own world views as well as being able to engage with others, understanding deep motivations with behavioural and thinking structures. There will be ample opportunities to deepen and broaden your NLP skills as well as lots of new material not taught on the NLP Practitioner training. This is a stand alone module for experienced hypnotherapists and people who work with clients in a therapeutic mode. Over two days we will be exploring and practising the kinds of tools that will enhance your skill sets and offer ways of improving future pacing. Drawing on my 1:1 work with Michael Perez and aspects from Michaels Neuron Code training we will understand the basics of memory consolidation and how to utilise this within change process. Finally incorporating ideas from Spiral Dynamics to enhance how we use future pacing with clients to help and assist in the shaping of the futures and outcomes they effortfully wish to create. This coming April, there is an NLP practice weekend, a chance to practice, improve skills and understanding and to connect with lush people.
A wonderful weekend to practice NLP and most likely some hypnosis at a beautiful venue, Jesmond Dene Conference Centre in Newcastle.
Topics on the table include Time Lines, Perceptual Positions, Anchoring and Prime and Submodalities. This weekend looks to be having lots of facilitators and even more practice with differing and additional perspectives. A new process for therapists and hypnotherapists to sublimate aspects ( seemingly competing psychological parts ), to working together to inspire and create more.
Ideally in this example, of public speaking, it may be better to not be having that inner conversation and instead having your attention directed outwards with no internal chatter. Deepen trance and gain unconscious agreement that the client will stay in trance while and as they move to another chair. With freedom, have the client practice the new behaviour many times, and ask for unconscious confirmation when this has been done in a way that meets values, ecology and wellbeing. Future pace this new behaviour X, so that after the 3rd, or 5th or 10th time this has happened in a good way, the client will recover the amnesia for the old problematic behaviour Y. Invite the unconscious to create any useful conscious amnesia for this recovery until appropriate.
Gain unconscious agreement for client to stay in trance while and as they move back to chair 1. As we move from 2015 into a new year of 2016, there are many aspects of our life which I believe will benefit greatly from a certain class of improvements. The purpose of this post is to invite you to watch a video ( which is below ) that is about perhaps not a new way ( its very old ) but likely a way to think differently and more relationally about your own situations and certainly being a citizen of the world, to think differently about the world we are a part of along with all of the other people we share this blue life giving marble with. This idea to share comes to me as I have been revisiting much of the material I started reading almost 15 years ago as I began my journey of NLP.
Many a great philosopher, scientist and spiritual teacher have understood in the West where there are in our time, truly great advances in science and medicine which certainly have the potential to eradicate hunger and wars, as there are more than enough resources for the entire earth, noticed that there seems to be very little spiritual ( one meaning of this to me is world wide compassion and sharing in an inter-personal way ) evolution. A frame can be thought of structuring values, ideas and ways of thinking in line with your own purposes. On an intra-personal branch, how we relate to ourselves, much of the thinking an individual will do is again unconscious and the little of what we are conscious of can seem like both a reality and a belief, for good, ill or somewhere in the middle.
Just one of the many ways of reshaping our consciousness and our deep frames and narratives is exploring both how we think and having an idea of how we think we are in a position to change the structure.
Here is a deep and prophetic video of Watzlawick [ When the solution is the problem (1987) ].
Taking an NLP Training for very many people has a rather profound and positive effect in their life. For information and booking Newcastle NLP Practitioner training of a highly experiential nature beginning in January 2016 click on this link.
When I began my journey into NLP I was perusing an interest in how I could become a better person. Initially I wanted to be more able to control my emotions and was very curious about how I could apply the NLP bits and bobs I had accumulated from reading a book or two and from attending a couple of introduction weekends.
My introductions came more by happy accident than setting out to utilise NLP to dramatically improve my life conditions but as I said to myself, there you are beginning an NLP Practitioner and you’re just here for the experience! What I discovered during that first practitioner training was a great deal about how my brain worked and how I could use language in ways that can influence and ways that can uncover the deeper meanings in communication. I learned a variety of ways to both understand myself better and to better understand where other people come from in their words and actions; this created the conditions to be much more open and able to nurture relationships in my personal and professional life. The techniques I have learned have helped enormously in those times, which we will all face when its challenging, hard and difficult to move forward in life. These same techniques and processes have been a great benefit to the people I see in a therapeutic and coaching context because, learning that we can, through practice, change how we think and assume the world to be, is a very deep freedom and potentially life changing life long learning that is our birth-right. You can read a little more about this NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle beginning January 2016 over six months.
This training is taking place in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne at The Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, NE7 7BQ. Hope to see you there to begin a new journey of connection and empowerment and it will be fun … so remember your sense of humour! A hypnosis training of outstanding distinction with my mentor and friend Michael Perez and this is in Newcastle this coming November! By breaking down so many of the myths and so much of the antiquated thinking about hypnosis, Michael presents a new way of looking at things that is geared towards creating more powerful interventions more consistently and with more people than any other approach to hypnosis.
Taking the August 2015 NLP Practitioner training you are going to be experiencing how to draw deeper into two of the most powerful and transformative learnings you can experience.
One of the most useful things we can learn is to learn about ourself and how we can use this knowledge to improve our experience in life. One of the other most useful things we can learn is to learn that other people will process experience differently to ourself. Neurolinguistic Programming NLP is a well established set of process tools and attitudes that when applied and practised offers new and highly complementary ways to engage in life, relationships with more freedom and understandings. I first became fascinated with NLP in the early 2000’s and nearly fifteen years later continue to enjoy and practice a neurolinguistic approach. My learning and practice of NLP made the opportunities and discoveries in my choosing to learn hypnotherapy and coaching skills which paved the way in 2005 for me to leave a well paid yet for me unrewarding job in software engineering to start my own business which is now teaching NLP and Hypnotherapy as well as working 1:1 as a therapist and coach. As a result I have a much better quality of living where I both get plenty of time for myself with the people I care about most and do a great deal of good in the world ( highly questionable with the software I was writing ) sharing knowledge and skills with wonderful people. This training is for anyone wanting to learn about Neurolinguistic Programming as an applied skill.
Suitable for serious up-skilling and learning new process tools to transform your inner and outer world in life, business, coaching and therapy. This trainings, for those who are wanting to become Clinical Hypnotherapists NLP is the introductory requirement.
Excellent value at ?595 with no artificially inflated training prices and then a special groupon deal of 50% off. In 2005 I completed my first NLP Trainer Trainer and it changed my life completely and in ways I could not have anticipated.
When I began, by total and happy accident, my journey into NLP, I rapidly became intrigued and fascinated because I was understanding and changing aspects of my mind and experience that had until that time been totally unconscious in my life. Some years later down the line, the experience of Trainer Training was immense primarily because I truly discovered my own voice, that is my voice to confidently, playfully and meaningfully stand up in front of any group and deliver powerful trainings. As I recall, as I type, there were around 150 people in attendance for the first module which was called Presentation Skills.

Several of the participants, as the offered private congratulations, asked the same question. There was nothing else I could have done because I was there to experience and most of all do. Going back in time, the very first NLP introduction I attended I became completely fascinated with NLP and I continue to be. The Trainer Training in NLP certainly did deepen and broaden my understandings of Neuro Linguistics but the most important aspects for me in addition to finding my voice and my stage presence was to know how to present structurally in ways that teach patterns on multiple levels which of course enhance learning.
Structures are powerfully relevant to – in what ways participants can easily understand and make massive use of techniques and process to empower themselves. When I began my first Trainer Training in NLP I hadn’t even finished my Master Practitioner training at the time but the opportunity to do Trainer Trainer was just too good to be waiting another year so I asked the organizers if this would be OK and of course it was!
I would receive a provisional trainer certificate on passing the course and on completion of my MPrac I would receive the full trainer trainer certification. Just a month or so after completing that first trainer trainer in NLP I gave notice to that job I had in software D&E and began a journey, and it is an ongoing journey which began in establishing a business where I serve people who wish to learn and apply NLP and Hypnotherapy in a personal and professional context. Since then I have completed and additional NLP & Hypnotherapy Trainer Trainer and one Advanced NLP Trainer Trainer. Ten years later on starting from within just a couple of weeks of completing my first trainer trainer in NLP I have been facilitating trainings in NLP from introductions, Practitioner Level and Master Practitioner as well as delivering aspects of NLP Trainer Trainings.
Since 2005 I have been presenting and delivering Clinical Hypnotherapy trainings as well as numerous shorter ( usually at a weekend ) courses in basic hypnosis, trauma resolution, neurology for therapists, weight loss, business development and skills for therapists.
The career path I decided to take, my business, way of life and absolute passion is making and sharing the technology of Hypnotherapy and NLP that changes lifes and perspectives in most positive ways.
I share the skills and techniques of NLP and Hypnotherapy to a wide range of wonderful people who wish to used Hypnotherapy and NLP to enhance their skills, perspectives and be more resourceful, resilient and happier in their personal and professional life. So going back to 2005 within that first Trainer Trainer in NLP I discovered my voice, seriously expanded my knowledge in NLP and learned to present and deliver in deep and powerful ways. Looking back I made a decision that so positively changed my life because I was enthused and fascinated with taking my knowledge of NLP further. For some four years I have been planning running a combined NLP and Hypnotherapy Trainers Training in Newcastle. The end result is a certificate, an NLP trainer and or Hypnotherapy Trainer trainer certification. This training is open to experienced hypnotherapists who want to move into training facilitation. If you are interested in learning to present better and utilise NLP the first module is for you too. Successful completion will receive sponsorship with The Professional Guild of NLP and The General Hypnotherapy Register by way of their accreditation of training school process.
Optional ( small fee ) assistance with accreditation process which includes all paperwork, trainer and participant manuals ( NLP and Hypnotherapy ) that you will then own to assist with accreditation process and manuals for your students and your training facilitation. The first module is a combination of developing your presenting skills and shaping this with your own unique style of presentation within multiple presenting processes. Module two builds on module one to begin an integration of presenting skill with the patterns in NLP and Hypnotherapy as an effective communicator, facilitator and shaper of training experience to competent installed skills and strategies. Communication by demonstration of core principles of NLP and Hypnotherapy as a way of teaching what you do is a central topic of congruence and shaping an environment of multi level learning for your students. The final complete module moves with presenting and deployment of NLP and Hypnotherapy Training to course design, implementation and recycling of practice and competencies for Trainers and Learners. Here is the link to take an excellent opportunity in your own development and optionally with creating a NLP and Hypnotherapy training company where you shape and can make a real difference in the most very positive ways. Developing and transforming your therapeutic techniques and skills is an essential requirement for those of us who strive to become better, more effective therapists. Front Line Skills – Advanced hypnotherapy training course is a training where deep ideas can take root and flourish in a supportive and playful environment of developing new and additional competencies for therapeutic work.
On completion of this online NLP Practitioner course the successful participant will have the necessary skills  to practice and implement NLP for Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Health Coaching, and Performance Coaching. Think how your life will change when you choose to be an NLP Practitioner Coach and have powerful skills that can be used to help yourself excel in every area of your life. Learn how to change unwanted habits, beliefs and feelings, including the desire for certain foods. Learn how to listen effectively to others everyday language to see how they limit themselves. Learn how to control your feelings and get into a positive resourceful state anytime, anywhere. Perceptual Positions - Achieve Better Results by Seeing Things from a Different Perspective. Gain fundamental insights about other people’s points of view, to aid decision-making and leadership.
Learn how to align your identity, values, beliefs, capabilities, behaviours and environment to produce a powerful compelling recipe for ultimate success in all areas of your life. Learn how to enhance your personal congruence and increase your energy levels through resolving internal conflict. Release past negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, hurt and sadness quickly and effortlessly. Katharine is a fully qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Passionate about the importance of health and wellbeing in preventing and combatting illness, Katharine has experienced the power of NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy by making a full recovery from a severely debilitating viral illness. Katharine uses a wide variety of techniques to help people make significant changes in their lives, enabling clients to live a life they love. She is a member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998.
This week at Salus Wellness Clinics, we are celebrating Michelle being awarded her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology – Congratulations Dr Nyangereka!
We are very pleased to announce that Agata Kosonowska has joined Salus Wellness in Cambridge this month. I have been practising re?exology for 8 years now and the people I treat are mainly in pain and people who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant. Pa dette grunnleggende 12 dagers sertifiseringsprogram i Nevro lingvistisk programmering og Connected Resonance vil du l?re a praktisere de mest effektive psykologiske verktoy som er tilgjengelig i mellommenneskelig kommunikasjon. Core NLP Practitioner skaper et sterkt fundament for relasjonell og indre kommunikasjonsutvikling, herunder utdannelsene som Core NLP Master Practitioner, Core NLP Coach, og Core Leadership Mastery.
Selv om denne utdanning kan brukes i forhold til a styrke kommmunikasjonsferdigheter innen veiledning, ledelse, undervisning, coaching, og i andre jobbfunksjoner er det viktig a presisere at de fleste faktisk velger utdannelsen prim?rt for egen skyld, som en personlig utviklingsreise; for a l?re a handtere hverdagens utfordringer, fjerne begrensninger, bli bedre til a motivere seg selv, fa bedre relasjonell kontakt med omgivelsene, oppna personlige mal, og derved skape det liv de onsker og drommer om.
Utdannelsen bygger pa en kombinasjon av teori, demonstrasjoner av praktiske ovelser for a fa kunnskapen under huden. Du l?rer de viktigste byggestein om hvordan mennesker opplever verden ulikt, og hvordan vi uttrykker oss pa ulik mate. Etter hvert som dagene gar, beveger vi oss dypere og dypere ned i din egen kommunikasjon – du l?rer, hvordan du skaper et respektfullt indre (selvrespekt), og et balansert ytre miljo (relasjonell). Seks trinns reframe: Hvordan vi kan bruke ubevisste signaler til a endre en tilstand og skape nye muligheter. Etter bestatt prove pa slutten av utdanningen, vil du kunne sertifiseres som NLP Practitioner. Han har undervist over 20000 mennesker pa ulike nivaer i organisasjoner og har gitt mer enn 8500 individuelle NLP Coaching timer med klienter. CORE NLP Practitioner sertifisering vil bli tildelt til de som deltar tilfredsstillende i programmet.
John brings tremendous value to every client of his and makes an immediate impact in terms of both tangible results and culture change.
I mitt liv er det en TID FOR og en TID ETTER arbeidet med John Tolmie og Ethos Communication. I have found John to be a very dedicated at getting the best out of him self for his clients.
Yes I had really enjoyed a couple of NLP introduction courses but I really didn’t know. I reflect back on this time now with sincere gratitude because for me there were so very many doors opened to realising, at that time my limited perspectives and how I can choose to explore.
Combining neurology, psychology and linguistic skills with the intention of being more adept change workers.

Moving pretty rapidly beyond having enough resources to live in security and comfort, this class of improvements will be the kinds that create genuine compassion and succinctly and simply nurture happiness. Particularly I have been revisiting works of Gregory Bateson, Paul Watzlawick and Joseph Campbell.
The frames, meta-programs and our conditioning that are alive and active ( how are these activated? Changing previously unconscious modes of thought, especially their meanings, does actually take time, effort and practice. Its like learning the scales on a guitar, the rules for programming a computer or what happens when an artist mixes colours of paint. Exploring the differences that make a difference in a positive way in your own life and those who you are relating with, for me is one of the real gifts in NLP. Now this is subtitled so you really will need to invest some time and effort … and it will be well worth it! Better in the sense of being more able to cope with the stresses that were associated with my job, relationships and life in general.
These techniques have the power and potential to help us grow as people and in doing so be better able to communicate and connect with others. By understanding how we think and process experience we can be more resilient and flexible with the problems and opportunities we will all face. Using this knowledge can really assist us in developing and creating better relationships and understandings with other people. An NLP Practitioner forms the foundations to train and work as a professional hypnotherapist.
If you miss the training for any reason your deposit is transferred to the next available training to suit your needs.
Strangely enough I wasn’t even planning to start a NLP company, I was simply going to a higher level in NLP by acting on a super opportunity that had come to my attention.
This was priceless to me because before this training the idea of standing up to present was daunting to say the least! On the second day we had been given the task of sharing a personal story that was deeply meaningful. So long before a Greek godess of personal achievement was made a brand name, I just did it. By the time I started my first Trainer Trainer I had already did the Practitioner, been an assistant, studied hypnotherapy and was in the process of completing a Master Practitioner. That one course encouraged my to look inside and consider what kind of future and life I really want to live and peruse.
I had no idea how my life would change from that training I just knew, I had the feeling of moving forward at speed, in the very right direction. This year my dreams are again coming into fruition and I hope now to share these dreams with you.
This training is open to Master Practitioners of NLP who want to train NLP practitioners and short courses using NLP skills. Successful completion of all modules will result in you being able to deliver NLP and Hypnotherapy training. As a complement do it for fun and a major experience so you can see and discover what you make happen … Book Now! Help others make changes and overcome barriers to their personal development, and help people realize their full potential in business, sport and their personal life. Through out the course you will have the chance to model several different influential people and learn the mental strategies that these people use to be the best at what they do.
She is fully committed to helping others achieve optimum physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
Katharine abides by the code of conduct and ethics as outlined by the British Institute of Hypnotherapy.
In her previous career she worked as a Trainer and Project Manager and has extensive experience of managing and educating clients in the UK and internationally. Agata is a qualified massage therapist specialising in relaxation massage otherwise referred to as Swedish massage.
NLP har eksistert i over 40 ar og trenger stadig fornyelse i trad med tidens ulike utfordringer. Det a jobbes i praksis med innholdet er grunnen til at utdannelsen b?rer navnet ”practitioner”.
Du l?rer om hvordan vi mennesker samhandler i verden og organiserer vare personlige opplevelser gjennom tanker, folelser, sprak og adferd. John er internasjonal sertifisert coach, NLP Master Trainer i Classic og New Code fra John Grinder. Kursavgiften skal i sin helhet v?re innbetalt senest 14 dager for forste kursdag, med mindre det foreligger annen ekstraordin?r betalingsavtale.
His passion and dedication is second to none, and I would highly recommend him and the work he does. Coaching en-til-en sa vel som NLP utdannelsen jeg tok i ettertid var en bedre investering for selvfolelse, progresjon, gjennombrudd og forandring enn jeg kunne forestilt meg, bade for privatliv sa vel som i profesjonelt yrkesliv! The frame of not knowing or even anticipating, still to me is one of incredible freshness in opportunities.
If we think we know it, there is the potential to gloss over and miss some new and deep insight. One is something we can talk about, for instance meditation and something we can communicate that makes a real difference, like someone who has engaged and discovered what meditation can actually bring forth. For example during public speaking, one may be engaged in an unhelpful conversation with oneself. Once you have and understand these basic principles or fundamental process structures and their relationships, you can create your own art. Some details of NLP training in Newcastle beginning January 2016 are following this inspiring video from Paul Watzlawick. What NLP offers are processes which can lead you to new and different ways of acting and being in the world … perhaps the ways where you learn to make yourself feel more resilient and feel happier more of the time.
And these qualities are needed by the people of our little planet more than ever, right now.
Should you be unable to attend the course, the deposit is transferred to the next available training to suit you. Becoming familiar with such structures gives us tools we can apply to reconnect with our birthright of peace of mind and that ability to be more resourceful in any situation. All the participant names when into a hat as to who would get up on the stage and share their story.
Now I work with people facilitating a wide variety of trainings and of course of 1:1 therapy and coaching. Also open to NLP Practitioners who want to train short courses and upon Master Practitioner certification go onto train people in NLP. During this module you will learn the powerful processes that founders John Grinder and Richa rd Bandler used when they began their modelling work, and you will learn how to transfer these powerful modelling skills to your everyday life. Vi er derfor ydmyke og stolte over a kunne presentere det beste utdanningsinnhold i moderne NLP, og det personlig transformerende program Connected Resonance (CORE). Arbeidet med innholdet sikrer ikke alene at du l?rer essensen i CORE og NLP, men ogsa samtidig integrerer denne viten i din kropp og tilegner deg et positivt og inspirerende livssyn, samt en rekke praktiske og effektive redskaper til a skape forandringer for deg selv og andre. Du kan ikke sertifiseres uten fullverdig betalingsavtale eller dokumentasjon pa innbetalinger etter denne fristen. Where the parts are valued individually and the sublimation is more than the parts as in 1+1 makes three or more. Vi jobber med forandringsverktoy og mentale NLP teknikker, som kan skape utrolig store forandringer hos oss selv og hos andre.
Merk at depositum fungerer som pameldingsavgift og er bindene for a sikre din plass pa kurset og refunderes derfor ikke.

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