Chcete dosahovat co nejlepsich vysledku, byt uspesny v tom, co delate, mit nadstandardni vztahy a vest stastny a spokojeny zivot? Behem vikendu probihal v prostorach ICV-Institutu certifikovaneho vzdelani v Praze prvni modul treninku NLP Practitioner znamy jako ,,Zaklady NLP“ . V prvni casti blogu jsme se zabyvali predevsim definovanim a samym faktem proc vlastne mame nizke sebevedomi. Cim casteji se pohybuji na trhu a v kruzich manazeru, tim casteji slychavam, ze nastroje a techniky NLP  jsou urceny k ovlivnovani ostatnich. From its very early days NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming, has modelled excellence and achieved fast and lasting results. Learning and Personal Development needn't be boring or dull; it can be made fun, dynamic and exciting, so as long as you get the results you want.
Now is the time to start living and getting the results you have always wanted, take control of your life, right now, contact me and book in on the courses.
Jorge Vence - Mind and Soul Awakener - Steps Coaching, Holistic Therapies, EFT Training UK and NLP Training UK. You have landed yourself in a clear spot here as you are wondering how you can rapidly decide to transform yourself and the way your business works. In this engaging 4-day workshop, where you will discover how to develop your emotional intelligence to increase your personal and interpersonal effectiveness in your personal lives and at work. If you’re ready to finally say goodbye to your emotional challenges like insecurity, fear, and anxiety that are holding you back from true success, this will be the most important program you will ever attend. Learn to increase your skills in dealing with people and transform yourself into the powerful, confident, attractive person that every man, woman and company is desperately looking for.
Use powerful questioning skills to uncover fears, differences, passion, values and beliefs.
Achieve emotional stability by breaking unconscious negative thought patterns through cognitive restructuring and visual re-patterning strategies.
Collapse negative emotions from unpleasant experiences and events and learn how to tap into your genius faculty for inner peace and serenity. Each delegate will be sent a pre-course preparation kit prior to the course to have a firm foundation of the course prior to attend this state- of- art psychology and linguistics studies of how excellecen people produce results that wanted all the time. You who aim to keep updated with the latest cutting-edge developments in human science, Emotional Intelligence, improved collaboration and conflict management skills. Group Practice (to make sure you internalise the learnings and get maximum value out of the program).
This Part 1: 4 day NLP Practitioner Certification program, it is HRDF claimable course and credits you with a NLP Practitioner Certifications upon passing of a written and a practical exam.
To complete your NLP practitioner level, you will need to attend the following and pass the Practical Test on the last day of the program.

By the end of the NLP Practitioner certification program, you will be certified and receive your certification in the 4 in area below, which you can add to your professional qualifications.
Currently residing in Australia, Kiki bring 25 years of substantial experience in performance-oriented to the training and consultancy for corporate companies and individuals.
Her wide experience in the corporate world and her knowledge in learning psychology have given her the distinct advantage in designing and facilitating corporate training programmes, as she relates well to challenges faced by all levels in the organisation.
Professionally trained in HRM and psychology, Kiki further deepen her understanding of human behaviour and communication in the State- of Are Excellence Modelling Technology- called Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP).
In her trainings, she speaks both to the conscious and unconscious mind, promoting concept in the memory director, improving retention and recall of information and emotions whenever needed. Bank in and then scan the Bank-in slip and email to us before the course commence to confirm your seat. Purium (USA) and Platinum (Europe) offers a 10 Day Transformation system that changed lives of an ever increasing large group of people in my personal and professional world with Global NLP Training.
People tend to loose 5-20 pounds of weight in 10 days and feeling absolutely amazing at the end.
Many of us have done several cleanses now, because we enjoy the process and love the yield. Athletes transformation: ideal for the results mentioned above, but has less of a weight loss focus and is more about building lean muscle, muscle recovery, burning fat. As my coaching students are all over the world I set up 2 distribution channels one through the USA (Purium), and one in Europe (Platinum.) The products are pretty much the same, just marketed under a different label.
Apothe-Cherry: From tart cherries, natures most nutrient dense fruit, and only known natural source of melatonin (helps promote sleep). Super Lytes or Ionic Elements: Mineral drops, or pills, for athletes or anyone in need of hydration or minerals.
Super CleanseR or Black Walnut Pills: these products are unique combinations of superfoods and herbs which will help you detox and cleanse your body to get rid of some parasites. Initially, I considered only giving the gift cards to former students (as in Europe they cost me money), but I am willing to offer it to anyone who reads this blog too and orders a full transformation.
Jak vypovida samotny nazev „Zaklady NLP“ prinasi zakladni pojmy z oblasti NLP a odpoved na otazku, proc je NLP umeni a veda o uspechu. Nyni se podivame, jak pouzivat stejny velmi mocny mechanismus k nahrade nizkeho sebevedomi za vysoke. Chtel bych vyjasnit jednu vec, ktera je z meho pohledu nejdulezitejsi: NLP (neuro-lingvisticke programovani) je predevsim nastroj na zmenu sebe sama. Learn how to sail through your deepest challenges and grab back the controls of your life to make you even more magnetically attractive to people around you. We will show you how to practice small daily steps that will build new patterns in your life and help you break away from destructive patterns.

Learn methods that help you connect so easily with others, communicate effectively and establish powerful relationships at work.
The NLP Practitioner certification accredited by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP is the world's largest NLP accreditation body).
Prior to her full time dedication as a Master NLP trainer, Ng held top management positions; having her last position as the Director of Organisational Development in some medium to large organisations in Asia Pacific region. A lot of her past students describe her as a very creative, fun and lively trainer who sets high standards. NLP is becoming increasing known for its many change techniques, and features in many other types of leadership, coaching and communications, attitude,  behaviour change trainings. Telegraphic Transfer- You can also opt to use GIRO or telegraphic transfer of payment via international banks. The cool thing is I have been doing the 10 day transformation during the NLP training and coaching certification training as well (I do one every 3-4 months or so.) Where I stand teaching and doing heavy duty NLP demonstrations 16 days in a row with only 1 day off, and manage a business in the evening.
Which leave you h-angry, cause muscle loss or stuff your body with processed materials of which the ingredients you can’t even recognize. This may promote a natural detox and cleanse process, break down heavy metals in your body, decrease plaque inside your arteries and regulate cholesterol.
These liquid minerals are high in magnesium and other electrolytes (popular sport drinks have 2 electrolytes, this has 70!).
Was so funny how worried you were about diet coke, and I was about coffee, a glass of wine. Ukazeme si techniky pro pouzivani nasi predstavivosti a znovu ziskame nase prirozene sebevedomi.
A lot of people are aware that I am the only NLP Trainer who sports a 100 pound weight loss (which I did on better food and exercise), but what people don’t know that my physical addiction to carbs never went away, and I gained some of it back. This is because you are allowed to eat from a list of what we call flex-foods, but also because the system is so well balanced. There is a 60 day guarantee on these products, and they will pay you back for any unused products. And yes, I do make money when you order!
I am just massively excited about this product and believe everyone should be doing a 10 day transformation.

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