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Subscribe and get breaking news, commentary, and opinions on law firms, lawyers, law schools, lawsuits, judges, and more. Only law school gauranteeing every student almost a year of full-time work experience through its signature co-op program where students alternate classes and placements with 900+ employers worldwide.
All unemployed students including those seeking graduate degrees and not seeking employment.
As a result of the Cooperative Legal Education Program, Northeastern law students are highly successful at obtaining fulfilling post-graduate employment. Transparency, National Association for Legal Professionals, and individual school websites. NUSL has a really unique program that really allows you to explore different areas of the law and actually practice like a lawyer.
It has an excellent faculty and the members of the faculty are extremely available to students. Do not go to NUSL expecting a job as anything other than a government or public interest law attorney. Very liberal, public interest focus, emphasis on critical legal studies & on experiential learning (co-op). Seeking to maximize the utilization and efficiency of their existing facility, Northeastern School of Law engaged Sasaki to conduct a program study as part of a conceptual master plan for its campus.
Sasaki converted an 110,000-square-foot gymnasium facility into community outreach clinic space, a moot courtroom, case method classrooms in a variety of sizes, seminar rooms, faculty offices, and student social space.

The main level of Dockser Hall contains the two most important program elements that express the mission and values of Northeastern Law School: the moot courtroom and the community legal services clinic. Careful planning of the circulation allows full and complete use of the soaring ceiling heights. The renovated space was certified LEEDA® NC 2.2 Gold for its extensive reuse of building materials and resource reduction strategies.
Sasaki's plan creates a new campus for the University of Balamand in Souk El-Gharb in Lebanon.
All students work in full-time cooperative (“co-op”) placements with more than 900 co-op employers worldwide. However, what they don’t tell you is how hard public interest jobs are to find, and how very hard it is to make ends meet once you cty land one of these coveted positions. To create a clear front door and strong identity for the school with minimal changes to the building's footprint, Sasaki added a multi-level glassy entry with strong yet simple signage. The tall windows provide copious natural light and campus connection, while mechanized blackout shades darken the room for audiovisual presentations. The project retained 95% of the building's structure, heavily repurposed building materials in the final design, and diverted 96% of onsite construction waste from landfills. Co-op employers include law firms, judges, public interest law offices, including government and service organizations, corporations, international human rights organizations, and more. It also has a strong emphasis on graduating attorneys who are socially conscious, which I think is important.
First-year Legal Skills in Social Context program is imperfect and sometimes frustrating but very, very beneficial (in terms of ability to work well in groups, structure a project with little direction, and accept critical feedback).

If you can get a decent scholarship and financial aid package, it can be worth it assuming you make the connections you need at co-op or if you already had those connections prior to starting (non-traditional students).
The goals for the project were to improve the facility as a means to recruit top tier students, create a new front door and central gathering space, reflect a non-hierarchical, mission-directed institution focused on community outreach, and upgrade building systems, infrastructure, and aesthetics. The podium, controls, and classroom work walls are standardized throughout so that faculty feel comfortable teaching in any room. As a result of the Co-op Program, students forge valuable personal and professional connections while building the skills to be effective attorneys. The open stairs also increase visibility, and the infusion of color breaks up the gray faA§ade conveying a strong, contemporary brand. This design approach was also carried into the lounges along window walls on the upper floors. The palette works with the existing light oak to create bright spaces that support leading educational delivery systems.
I am in up to my ears in student debt and cannot even get a loan to buy a home due to my debt load (and I have always paid on time).

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